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40 Plus: Gay Men Gay Talk Podcast

40 Plus: Gay Men Gay Talk Podcast

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40 Plus: Gay Men. GayTalk. - is a short format podcast that challenges gay men to do the stuff that scares the crap out of them, even when it's for their own good. Not for the faint at heart, each week host Rick Clemons - a brash, bold, loving Daddy Bear of a guy - kicks butt, diving into muck of gay men with 15 - 30 minutes of raw, real talk about gay men's junk - the penis and balls between your legs to the junk between your ears, we explore the size of every thing that matters...because the size of everything in your life does matter! From sex and relationships, to fears and vulnerabilities, career challenges to body image, it's a no holds barred approach guaranteed to get you uncomfortable in your gay self, so you can strip away the toxic, gay man's rules we keep in the closets of our lives that truly do not make us as fabulous as we can be.


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What you can see in this Space

Good morning fellow 40+ men. I’m heading out to Transgender Pride in Orange County this weekend. As a proud cisgender gay man, it’s my pleasure to show up as ally for all members of our community.
Welcome everyone to the 40 plus Gay Men Gay Talk podcast space. Tell me what you love about your 40+ gay life?
Into the Woods is my favorite Sondheim now, particularly “Moments in the Woods” … but Dick Tracy came out when I was a kid and there are three Sondheim songs from that left their mark on my soul: 1) What Can You Lose? 2) More 3) Sooner or Later
Tom has joined 40 Plus: Gay Men Gay Talk Podcast!
I love being at the point of my career that I have the means to vacation and enjoy life a little more. I didn’t have an opportunity to actually take a vacation until I was 35 years old. It sounds dumb and probably quite privileged but I always dreamed of traveling and didn’t really think I would ever have the opportunity.
So how Stephen Sondheim influence your life ? Went to a wonderful performance that i think i was the youngest single gay in the room …
My go to queer sport in high school was cross country, marching band, and dance . I didn’t qualify for swim team but didn’t mind just watching.
I love that I am at a point in my career why are people actually take me serious as an authority on most subjects. I also love how that bleeds over into my personal life, people taking me as an authority on something.
Welcome to all the new folks in the space. @Jamie, @Perfectly Frank, @Jaybabbles, @C90014, @Mg72, @funforfin? @Cavin, @ryan. So glad to have you all here
The recent episode had all the makings to refer to the movie “but i am a cheerleader” since been really happy to see some of the adult cheer squads that still include the tumbling routines.
Still in my 20’s but I feel over 40 haha. hopefully nobody minds.
Trans Pride in Orange County was a lot of fun. Frank (he, him).
Have you done a post or podcast on the trend of ice coffee?
Favorite song is ‘Giants in the Sky’ from Into the Woods
What happens when two queer Seth’s enter a room?
Loving the podcast! It’s my new listen for my commute home 😊
Into the woods blew my mind - I love a good story mashup
Hey all sorry for not responding all the new people sooner. Stay tuned for more podcasts coming your wsy
Made it to 40+7 today 🎂
Happy Birthday Seth! 47 is a good age to be!
Got behind with posting so catching up guys
So when does this podcast happen?
That was a fun album. I always loved Hanky Panky
Hi sorry guys. Sorry I’m really far behind on getting episodes posted. How’s your weekend going?
Happy birthday Seth!!!!
Hey gents. 41. Pennsylvania
Hahah this is great!! No one minds for sure!
Hi Captain welcome to the soace
Hi Fenrir welcome to the group
what’s up cycle daddy

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