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Body Art + Tattoos

Body Art + Tattoos

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A space for tattoo and body modification enthusiasts ✨ Let's share creative ideas and inspiration.



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Omg that’s so funny. So yesterday I went on a little Insta binge of tattoo artists and started following that artist! But I don’t think I came across them until hours you posted this! So funny!!
What's everyone's view on "sleeves"? I love individual tattoos but then many peeps progress to doing a fully shaded sleeve. I don't know about you, but I feel like the individual pieces get lost? What's the verdict: "All in full skin ink" or "sticker book sporadic"??
Speaking of, though, I have a consultation tomorrow with an LA artist who does some super cool traditional color pieces. I have a bunch of fun small pieces in mind that I’d like him to do. May actually get one or two as early as tomorrow, and if not tomorrow, then friday. Will def post some pics after!!
Tattoo addiction is a real thing 😂 Got a couple new ones recently- it's a problem when your bestie is your tattoo artist!!!
What does everyone think about ephemeral tattoos? My sister found an artist in NYC that does "temporary" tattoos that last a year and then apparently the ink gets absorbed back into the skin. Hmmmmmmmm 🧐
Found this new tattoo artist online and really love the use of symmetry and using the whole body as a canvas.
Hey all! Share your tattoo inspiration or work here! I am completely in love with this..... it's elegant while still being a full back piece! Wow ❤️
Loving this tattoo artist I came across in Barcelona
Share your tattoos or favourite styles/ tattoo artists!
This is so unique- this tattoo artist does architectural sketch tattoo designs 😍
There are several things in mind 1) I saw a drawing from the 16th century of a bat. 2) I’d love to get the mushrooms from Fantasia around my arm. 3) the Shotz beer logo from Laverne and Shirley 4) I’d love a sleeve of all the various looks from Cher over the decades 5) the one that is probably the craziest: Sam (from the film Trick R Treat), Snoopy, and Stitch (Lilo and Stitch) sitting around a campfire being taught by Betsy Palmer, Vincent Price, and Elvira. How was that for an answer?🤣
Does matching with a Czech tattoo artist on Tinder count?? 😂
Tattoo enthusiast here! I just got my two forearms done, working my way up to at least one full sleeve one day ☺️
Y’all, is Prague a hub for tattoos? I see SO MANY people with full sleeves, and such incredible quality. It seems super popular here to get big bold pieces.
Who's your favourite tattoo artist rn?
My friend is a tattoo artist... this was her latest💛
I found this tattoo artist in Russia... wowzers I love!
Oooooffff, the thigh tats are doing it for me! Symmetrical but also unique on each side! I gave a similar brief to my artist for my arms. I’m such a sucker for a traditional floral piece!
I found a new tattoo artist that I love
And the plan is to get a tattoo of a full moon in the same style
I’d love to follow some more tattoo artists on insta. Does anyone follow any really great artists??
The artwork is less concerned with the individual tattoo but more with an overall design pattern- so pretty 😍
Hey everyone! Let's share some tat inspirations here. What style of tattoo do you love most?
I have a crown tattoo on my forearm that uses this same style (was my very first one!)
My tattoos are definitely more “sticker book,” like yours, Abby. Personally, for myself, I like the idea of a “sleeve” that’s made up of various smaller piece that aren’t necessarily “connected” if that makes sense?
I’ve decided that today I’m gonna (finally) check out the tattoo parlor near my house and see if I can get some work done today or this weekend
I found this cool artist who has this signature Neo classical style
It's quite cool to see how style preferences have changed (maybe not the BEST when it come to having permanent ink on your body haha)
I still need to post pics of the two new pieces I got recently! But they’re currently in scaly-itchy phase and I wanna wait til they’re fully healed lol
Ya this is true except at least it doesn't include shading, With line work you almost playing it a bit safer, no? But now I'm on a mission to find cool line work tatt artists in LA for you 😅

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