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A place for bears and their lovers. Save dick and hole pics for “Bear With Me, After Dark”:

Notes from the Spaces team

Queer people taking selfies is an empowering act of self-expression and representation. In a world where queer identities are often marginalized and underrepresented, taking a selfie can be a powerful way for individuals to showcase their authentic selves and celebrate their uniqueness. With the rise of social media platforms, queer people have found a new platform to connect with each other and share their stories. Selfies have become a popular way for queer individuals to share their experiences, express their identities, and document their lives. Taking a selfie can also be a form of self-care and self-love for queer individuals. It allows them to capture a moment of joy, pride, or self-confidence, and share it with the world. In a society that often tells queer individuals that their identities are wrong or invalid, taking a selfie can be a way to reclaim their power and show the world that they are beautiful and worthy. Ultimately, queer people taking selfies is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity. It shows that queer identities are multifaceted, complex, and beautiful. So the next time you see a queer person taking a selfie, remember that they are not just capturing an image – they are celebrating their identity and paving the way for a more inclusive and accepting society.


#GayBear #MuscleBear

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What you can see in this Space

I feel like “bear” has lost all meaning at this point. Any 21+ year old muscle gay with two chest hairs calls himself a bear. With that being said, for me being a bear is all about size. A bear has to be a bigger guy. I don’t think that body hair is necessarily an inseparable part of the definition.
Gay men gone hit on straight men whether they know they straight or not. I post pics with some of my best friends a lot and they tell me the messages they get from gay guys lol so on one hand I’m not a fan of queer baiting from content creators but I already know gay men do not being caring
Do you guys ever struggle with self identifying as bears? I kinda wanna buy a bear pride shirt but I don’t really think I’m enough of one?
ngl i just thought all bigger gay guys were called bear i didn’t really think about the hair side of the classification
Tbh all bear/chub studio porn seems boring to me these days. If I had to pick one I would say Monstercub. Hunter Scott is so hot and usually the guys he has on are as well, but again, the videos themselves are a snooze fest most of the time 🥱
I don’t have a specific definition but I’ve noticed on twitter some dudes will build gay followings (usually on solo content) then out of nowhere start fucking women and then there bio always had “STRAIGHT MALE” but like they ain’t mind using us to get popular
A few years ago. The Aloha Bears Brest cancer fundraiser Bears 4 Boobs! I raised just over $400 in 10 minutes at our bear boat function at Bacchus Waikiki Bar (our official bear bar). It was an awesome day with my boys! 🥰🐻
I also know this model that is straight, says he is straight and is publicly straight… and he gets tons of messages from guys all the time - he told me that a lot of the messages from men are really sexual, he’ll get nudes, dick, ass, hole pics, jerk off videos… so much that he didn’t ask for and isn’t interested in.
Yeah when I think Bear I think a bigger guy, can be muscular but I usually think of Beefy, not defined muscle. And I also think of, at leasttttt a hairy chest, but a hairy body is better
Straight married men are a lot worse than married gay men cuz most married straight guys don’t know what they want and so it’s confusing I’ve only hooked up with a married gay man
I wanted to warn the community about this man. He is not who he says he is. I’m out $100 because of this guy. I commissioned content from him, paid him, strung me along for weeks and faked a car accident to get money from me to help with his recovery. If any of you on twitter have seen him, report and block him. I’m now out $100 because Of him and I am so tired of this scammer crap!
I have to say it’s kind of amazing that he’s an attractive gay bear that is very popular and his nudes have never leaked. Apparently he just doesn’t send any? That’s pretty impressive in this day and age.
Twitter hasn’t had a gay main character this week. I think those guys, and cum-on-face Gay reset the culture
For me Bear is a guy who is bigger in stature and thickness, that can be beefy with defined muscles or just beefy with little to no definition, give or take body hair, but has to be "round" or "curvaceous" body type.
I’m conflicted… gay movies are problematic. I want to support gay films from major studios. Just wish it wasn’t playing into so many stereotypes. The preview when they are at the picnic and the “straight” guys act woke and respectfully back away… things like that bother me. I’d like to see a real gay love story between real gay men… but they have to get butts in seats… conflicted lol
But I hooked up with this gay married guy who told me every other week that he was in/out of an open marriage. 😂
What celebrity made you realize you had a thing for bears or bear adjacent guys? For me I think it was John Goodman haha
Those are good points about queer baiting. I agree the ambiguity is key and also the intention on what they’re doing. I’ve seen some straight guys that straight up act like they’re gay and it definitely feels more like queer bating. Personally, I try not to thirst follow straight dudes.
My ex wife’s uncle is gay and hot hha he has a bear paw tattoo
Our landlord arranged for a guy to come by and pressure wash the house we’re renting. The guy is…a smoking hot bear, and I now feel like I’m a a Bear Films video
You’re not gonna believe this everyone. The guy I warned you guys about unblocked me, told me my $100 video he made for me was done and he wanted an extra $40 to send it to me. When I refused to send it, he said I wasn’t getting it and blocked me again LOL! What a fucking loser!
I do agree that MonsterCub does have some pretty hot porn but I’ve seen some receipts of him being…problematic…in the past. Lol. TheGuySite has some hot dudes but the chemistry between them is like…literally two straight guys fucking for the first time. StockyDudes has some good stuff occasionally.
Well at least he seems cool about it. I’ve seen so many guys that get a gay following and are like aggressively heterosexual. “I am STRAIGHT. Do not comment if you are a MAN”
There’s nothing like a hug from a big tall hairy bear. I’m a short guy (5’5) and a good hug will lift me to my toes. After that I’m basically yours. 🫠
Really into this hot leather bear commission I did recently, got permission from the guy to share. Hope you all enjoy my art :)
I love to fuck a hot throat as well! Can’t speak much for anal though, I don’t have a lot of experience on that front and the little I do has been very varied. My experience bottoming has ranged from meh to wow but I haven’t done it regularly enough to know what I’m doing and how to get where I want to. If only I had a gay sex mentor/guide but sadly they aren’t interested in coaching a late bloomer .
I did. For a very long time. In the 90s, I had a food job and could only wear a mustache. This was back in the Jack Radcliffe era, and as a result most men in the bear community paid me no mind. I also have a ponytail and that has always been an issue. But at the end of the day, I realized that the problem is theirs, not mine.
Then yeah I would definitely check it out, but I wouldn’t go alone. Those events always seem interesting and at least somewhat fun, but then a video will surface on twitter of a swimming pool filled to the brim with bears vaguely dancing and making out and it completely kills any desire in me to attend one of those events lmao.
I highly recommend going to at least one event per year. They all have different personalities and I found TBRU is very well organized by the Dallas community but it’s mostly indoors and centers around the host hotel. My favorite is Lazy Bear which is a non profit and primarily outdoor, summertime event with pools and bonfires. I hear Tidal Wave is a blast!
Hi so I’m actually quite familiar with this guy, I followed the actual dude whose pics were used to scam u. It’s been happening since 2017 I believe. The actual man in those photos is no longer active on IG due to people impersonating him for financial gain. Sadly although he left his pics still circulate the internet

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