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Bears and Admirers

Bears and Admirers

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This space is dedicated for big burly men and admirers meet, chat, share pictures and organize events.


#gaybears #bears #chasers #cubs #otters #chubbybears #grizzlybears #chasers #cubs #bearchasers

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What you can see in this Space

Oddly it was when my straight Allie’s started calling me a bear. But I’ve never been apart of the actual local bear communities since they snubbed me. Muthafuckas are as clicky as circuit queens towards me.
There’s nothing like a hug from a big tall hairy bear. I’m a short guy (5’5) and a good hug will lift me to my toes. After that I’m basically yours. 🫠
When did everyone learn they were apart of the Bear Community or an Admirer of Bears?
Hey, I have no idea how this app works. Added it while drunk off my ass. Speaking of which, yes I’m a total bottom and single. I live in the Arlington area. Message me and say hey or to explain what this app does. 🤣🤣 No back to your regular schedule programing.
Bigger city is sooooo underrated lol just wish more hot bears used it
This is a safe space to share your stories and make new friends. Feel free to add your friends from the bear community. Welcome again.
Which bear dating app do you guys prefer?
Also I saw George Unda in there who was on Where The Bears Are, did anybody else watch that? I remember finding it in middle school and it was very much a sexual awakening lol
I feel like Scruff is nothing but hairy slim guys. Otter city
Are you guys (bears) into other bears or slimmer folks?
Shared this in another bear room that seems kinda empty
Remember that awful time period where popular tumblr guys would call themselves “bearlebrities”
I know you’re a hot bear with a name like Bubba
Bears in Speedos: A Thread
Oh yeah, I even met those guys once. RIP George
My favorite IG bears
How do you all define bear?
Every guy on that show is hot so that’s some good first time rep lol
Welcome to the group guys!
Afternoon James here 36 behr from Dallas, TX. Hope everyone is having a great weekend
Bears and chubs all the way
New to the group! Daddy 🐻 of color from TX!
Afternoon, Tony here, 31 SA Tx. Let’s go!
How are y’all doing today? I’m about to drink some coffee kick todays ass! (In a good way 😂)
Hey I’m Deon! New to the group from Milwaukee WI
Your good deeds do not go unnoticed! A truly delectable thread
I use Growlr and sometimes bigger city
Actually, Fenty models PERIOD
That show brought me a lot of joy when it was on, it honestly was some of the first representation I saw
I used to live in Seattle! Ballard neighborhood!

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