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Black LGBTQ+

Black LGBTQ+

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A safe space for black LGBTQ+ people who want to just exist and also talk about how we navigate our sexuality, gender identity and expression while being black

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What you can see in this Space

I’ve done a bit of house cleaning because I’ve noticed some people who clearly aren’t black have joined the space. I understand some people may feel like they’re allies or whatever but spaces exclusively for black queer people are needed for us to actually be ourselves and breathe. Please be respectful to that x
Not really exciting, but I do have a busy week. Training a sales team and working on marketing for an upcoming project.
Stressful and exciting. I'm in game dev, and Friday is our vertical slice beta deadline.
Good afternoon 😃 what act of radicalism are doing today ? I’m scanning the pork chop at self checkout for too ramens 😌
I’ve removed a few people from the room because they aren’t of black or of black origin lol
I just wanted this space just for us unapologetically black LGBTQIA’s to just jist
I think my Wednesday was probably good lol. Anyone have an exciting week ahead?
Hey bros, any one in Montgomery County, MD we can chop it up with on a regular? Hit me up.
My weekend was aight. Mostly just coolin’ at home and goin’ to gym.
Hey, Siblings. Happy Saturday from scorching sunny California!
How is your Wednesday treating you
Yt folx be creepy tho
Lol I just woke up crying laughing it’s gonna be a great day 😂
Wednesday is great for me so far
It’s treating me well! How about yours?
New here. Whaddup doe?
Good mornings sorry for being away
And it’s just the ghetto here in the UK
Good day AJ how’s it going?
My name is also Adam
I did the same thing in my group too
I’ve just finished work
Yes they are very scary
Good Mornin’, y’all!
Hey all, I hope everyone had a good weekend

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