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Bulk Products is a space for the burly —— a community to exchange resources, share success, and affirm everyone’s path to take up as much space with their bodies as physically possible.



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Leg day best day. Hitting week 3 of a 5/3/1 today followed by maxing out a leg press for sets of 10, then switching to a two day split with 8 sets of descending pin squats and a 3x3 undulating Buffalo bar back squat series, 4 weeks in knee sleeves/beltless. Have a fun little split squat TKE mashup that destroys the quads to close, most of my lower body work is posterior dominant positioning so gotta give those some love.
I’ve been stressed with school and work. I haven’t had the time and energy to go to the gym more than once a week these past 2 weeks. So as a kind of buffer, I’ve been doing push ups, pull ups, ab and oblique crunches, and I’m gonna add body squats and one legged squats this week to the routine
I’ll just give a timeline: My first time in a gym was in middle school with a family lifetime membership. My first time doing anything with a barbell was probably sophomore year in high school when I learned benchpress from a football coach. From there my brothers who were in football and their friends showed me the ropes of free weights. My first time actively getting serious with lifting was probably in my early 20s when i was working with a powerlifter who showed me the deadlift and helped optimize my squat, that was roughly 10 years ago.
Real talk, I’ve struggled to pack 225lbs onto a 5’9 160lb frame over the last 10 years and thank god for bone density increases but my hands aren’t getting any longer. I’ve got a kabuki trap bar with fat grips to do my farmer’s carries, I get my Kroc rows in, but I no longer feel shame to throw on a pair of versa grips when I need to deadlift some heavy weight and my nature-made stubby ass burger patty with a personality-looking grip implements aren’t up to the task.
A good and complicated question that I think boils down to what you define as “bigger muscles” in terms of aesthetics. Bodybuilder routines almost exclusively focus on building muscle vs functional strength whereas strength training can be build better muscle cells but that doesn’t always translate into bigger muscles. I know 200lbs dudes who can deadlift 500lbs but are more slim/ripped than bulky. Jay - do you have a pic of an ideal body type/aesthetic you’re going for? I’m sure ropeandleather has better thoughts on this 👀
I’ve learned my shoulders aren’t flexible either and my wrists suck ass. I first saw pullmybeard on IG/twitter use that bar and it was love at first sight. I’ve never seen it at any of the small gyms I’ve been to though. I wanna join a power lifting gym but I want someone to join with so I don’t join for like a month and dip lmao
Think about it like this. The amount of gains you’re missing out on these next 2 weeks while your body is healing is insignificant in the grand scheme of things. However, potential damage you could do if something bad happens could seriously hurt your gains in the long term. So as a risk to benefit concept, is it worth it? Absolutely not. The best thing you could do now is honestly focus on diet. Bodies that are well nourished heal faster and better than ones that aren’t.
I’ve been in the process of moving and now that we’re finally done. I’m able to get back into my routine of going to my gym to lift 3 days a week.
Wishing good lifts and good vibes to everyone. I got a little rambunctious with my squats last week and my body was like “in this economy?”. Had to go get an ultrasound over the weekend and I’m not allowed to do any heavy lifting over the next few days 😭
I hear the first thing to do is creating the habit. If you plan on using a gym, just commit to going 2 - 3 times a weeks, even just for 20 mins. After a few weeks you’ll be in the habit of going and probably a little more capable and comfortable with the people/equipment. I can’t give you any suggestions for lifting yet (still otw myself) but I hope that was motivating
I’ve never really bulked purposefully, so I wouldn’t know. The most I do is make really heavy protein shakes like (10 cups worth) as one of my meals for the day. Loaded with bananas, wild blueberries ( great for recovery) , strawberries, fiber, creatine, yogurt, milk, peanut butter, and isolate. When I’m consistent and lifting hard, the results really show after a few months. I gain muscle for sure, but I don’t know if I’d consider it bulking.
Honestly, it’s the omicron surge lmao I’m vaccined, but after NYE the gym has been super packed. Here in AZ, masks aren’t mandated. The only low traffic time right now is 11pm and doing that 6 days a week, then waking up at 6am (because that’s when our puppies wake up) is beating my old ass
Honestly wish I was 5’8 because it’s simply the perfect size to build compact muscle and be as wide as a house. Especially if the torso to leg length ratio is 2:1 lol
Wow what a thorough reflection on the root of the issue. Kudos for honing in that deeply on your body, mind, and form lol I can relate to that second part about warming up. I’m closer to 40 than 30 these days, so I also occasionally forget I can’t just jump straight into any compound lifts without easing my joints into them 😂 Are you going to explore alternatives to squats? I know they’re part of the holy trinity of lifts, so that might be blasphemous to ask haha
I want the bigots to think twice about calling me a slur at the gym. Am I wearing purple shirt shorts and a sailor moon shirt? Yes. Am I also deadlifting your body weight at the same time? Also yes.
I just started seeing one about a month ago and it was a great decision. I’d been doing squats (as in, squatting at work) incorrectly for years. My trainer told me my calves are so big because I’ve been using the balls of my feet to support my weight, lol. Learning proper form, having someone there to correct you if you’re doing something wrong… it’s great. Its way better than relying on a friend to help you. I’m really happy I did it.
Oh, muscle weighs more than fat so If your goal is strictly to lose weight you’re going to want to focus more on cardio based workouts that center around burning calories and keeping your heart rate elevated. Do you have type 1 or type 2?
My back routine: dumbbell rows, wide grip pull downs, cable rows, reverse grip pull downs, pull-ups, deadlift. No particular order, usually pyramid sets. Sometimes 5x5 if I’m in the mood to lift heavy only
Oh, thanks! 😁 Me at early 20s would have just stared at you funny lmao. (And If you say that about deadlifts now I’ll still look at you funny) However, remember that guy with the massive calves I was telling you about? He pretty much never did barbell squats. I’ve also learned firsthand just how underrated lunges are. I would like to not cut out barbell squats if I can help it, just because they do so much more than just work your legs, especially from a metabolic, hormonal, and bone density standpoint.
Heavy weight/power training also has indirect benefits for bone density so if you’re trying to outgrow a small skeleton you can but it’s a lot of hard work for a long time. I know of some power athletes who have the bone density of someone who’s 6’11 packed into a 5’9 frame.
Some guy spotting was being extra loud and dramatic at the gym and screamed out “1 more!” and then a random dude across the gym screamed out “2 more!” and then another yelled out “3 more!” and everyone started losing it lmfao
I’m in the outskirts of Tulsa so I gotta let these other gays in the gym know they have an ally if shit goes wild lol A twink (weight neutral) actually told me he liked my shirt before bashfully scurrying away
The gym I go to now is pretty dope. Expensive but get. Plenty of everything to go around and a super nice bathroom, which means a lot to me as pre-work put supplements usually have me on the toilet before lifting 😂
Hmmmm, (I’m not an expert so take this with a grain of salt) almost inclined to say focus on upper body training that doesn’t require standing, preferably machines to minimize lugging plates and dumbbells around. If the weight on those aren’t a challenge, consider higher reps.
Good question. I’ve always operated under the “eat a decent meal an hour before hitting the gym” rule. Hate lifting on an empty stomach. What do you 5am’ers do?
I have worked with a couple virtual coaches and had really good results. I’m actually in week 3 of an 8 week bulking program now. He sends me full workouts for every day and a meal plan to follow. I send in measurements and pictures weekly and he adjusts my diet or workouts if needed. It’s been a really good experience and much less expensive than an at-the-elbow trainer.
My cobra grips came in and I’m doing day 1 deadlifts right now. I put them on and just KNEW I could lift 405 with them on, I’m not going to because it’s day 1 and I’m not trying to be reckless without a belt, but god I want to be able to rep 400s again. Even so, though makes me feel good. I’m excited for deadlifts again. Now I just gotta tackle this mental block with squats.
I gotta figure out a new rhythm. My work schedule is all over the place because I’m still in orientation for the next couple of months. My goal today is to try and get in 100 push ups in 5 sets, then attempt a box squat leg day
See eating before 5-5:30am workouts never really worked for me. I usually have a protein shake or smoothie after I finish up. But yeah it’s good to definitely move around before you hit it that early. Always warm your body up
Haha yeah, I’ve been thinking the same! It’s entirely non weight bearing for at least two weeks, so that cuts out a heap. Thinking I might do some body weight stuff at home just lightly to try and keep the muscles primed and avoid a little size loss.

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