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Cats! Cats! Cats!

Cats! Cats! Cats!

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For photos and tall tales of our adorable fluffy (unless you are a sphynx!) purring felines!! A place of sheer unadulterated love for kitty-cats! No Haters! Dog lovers will be, at best, tolerated. Joking aside, this space is all about love and understanding. It does not always have to be fun and frivolity. If your cat has crossed over the rainbow bridge and memorializing here helps you, then by all means share your beloved kitty photo and I’m sure you will get an outpouring of love. ❤️

Notes from the Spaces team

Queer cat lovers are a wonderful and diverse community that share a passion for feline companionship and all things LGBTQ+. Cats have been a beloved part of queer culture for decades, often appearing in art, literature, and media as symbols of independence, mystery, and individuality. For many queer individuals, cats offer a source of comfort, companionship, and unconditional love. They provide a sense of stability and grounding in a world that can often feel overwhelming and uncertain, and offer a non-judgmental presence that can be deeply healing and empowering. Moreover, the connection between queer individuals and cats runs deep. Many queer individuals have found refuge and companionship in cats throughout history, whether it be through the companionship of their own pets or through the representation of cats in art and media. For queer cat lovers, the community also offers an opportunity for connection and support. From online forums and social media groups to in-person meetups and events, queer cat lovers can come together to share their love for all things feline and to connect with like-minded individuals who understand the unique bond between queer individuals and their cats. Overall, queer cat lovers represent a wonderful and unique community that celebrates the power and beauty of the feline-human bond. They offer a source of support, companionship, and inspiration for individuals who may be struggling with their identity or looking for a sense of belonging. With their love for cats and commitment to LGBTQ+ inclusivity, queer cat lovers are helping to create a more welcoming and accepting world for all.


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What you can see in this Space

I am really lucky. When I am away from home, I have a crazy cat lady friend who looks after my cats. She is even more mad about cats than I am. And she is totally ok with all their problems. Prince gets terrible separation anxiety. Zoe gets very grumpy without me. Sannox jumps at his own shadow, even at the best of times.
Hey Everyone! It’s great to see the new members. I love being amongst fellow cat lovers. Just a reminder that this space is for us all to share photos and tales of our cats. This space is open to everyone, the only requirement being that you must love cats! A polite request not to share cat memes. Too many of them (IMHO) have a cat in distress just so that it does something “funny”. Thanks and welcome again to everyone!
Oh wow! That is one beautiful kitty! Gosh cats are just so darned cute!! There is no such thing as an ugly cat. They are literally perfect!
A huge welcome to all the new members! Just in case you had not realized, this Space is allllll about cats! We are all massive cat fans here and we all love to see your photos of your cats, or the neighbor’s cats or just the local street cat!
The shelters here in Vegas are overflowing with kitties. I am desperate to rescue another. I’d love to rescue a senior with problems. Give them a last few years of comfort and love. So they don’t have to see out their time as the “shelter cat”. But I’m so torn. I already have 5. And the hubby is not keen on a 6th. And Zoe hates other cats. Sigh.
I’m Gerry and I’ve got five cats. I love posting photos of them. I’ve grown up with cats my whole life. My mum was a cat whisperer and could nurse the sickest cat back to health and socialize the wildest, hissin’ spittin’ ferocious alley cat and turn them into a purring fluffball!
@Erik I highly recommend it. I buy them on Amazon. Not sure if the exact product will be available in your neck of the woods, but, there are many similar products. They are not technically designed to be wall hung, but, it is easy to do that with a couple of shelf brackets. They are super sturdy and can cope with a bunch of cats jumping up and down in them. I’ve got various types of cat shelves and my cats all prefer the cardboard scratcher ones like the one in the photo.
One of my favorite cats of all time was a dark tortie. She was an “ugly” kitten. So ugly that no-one wanted her at the shelter. I was adopting her mom and they asked if I would also want the last remaining kitten too because no-one wanted her. Well how could I refuse? She was the most loving cat ever! That was quite a long time ago and she passed away over 10 years ago. I still have many fond memories of her. She was my little “ugly” cat that I loved to bits!
Cats enrich my life so much and this space is kinda a way to glorify all cats! So let’s hear all your cat stories and see all your cat photos!
I am desperate for another kitten but Zoe is so grumpy and she hates all other cats. If I brought another cat into the house, I’m sure the stress would be too much for Zoe. She would never forgive me! She already spends half her time in the garage, just to get away from the other cats!
Loving all the cat photos!! My cats only go outside now in the mornings and evenings. It’s summer in Vegas so it’s too hot for them during the day.
I’m traveling home today from my work trip. It will be an arduous journey (long haul, multiple flights in economy) but I cannot wait to see all my kitties again! My husband joked that I am am looking forward to seeing the cats more than I am looking forward to seeing him. Obviously that’s true, but we can keep that a little secret between us cat fans! 😝
So we are just a kitty-cat household. I am desperate for more, but the other half says no. He says if we had 6, we would be spending the whole day cleaning up cat puke. Cats sure do loooooooooove puking!
Cats! Cats! Cats! Is what this space is all about. Share your stories of your cats, share your photos, ask cat related questions! Essentially anything cat related!
One of the best things about multiple cats is incidental cat parts in photos of other cats 😌 blessed
Let’s all share as many cat photos as we can. A reminder not to share photos of cats that may be in distress. Thanks!
That is awesome! We would love for you to share some cat photos. We all Love cats here.
So ideally if you have just one cat... you should get another one to keep it company 😉 When I go away I have someone come and cat/house sit for me to avoid them thinking I've abandoned them. (Obviously this person must love cats and want to love them like you do!) Also, cats are territorial- Never take them to a cattery or somewhere away from their familiar comforts. This is super traumatic for them.
Love the results of the poll! I’m glad to see that I’m not alone being a multi-multi-cat household. I was once told by a veterinarian that a household should never have 3 cats. Either have 1, 2 or 4, but never 3. He never gave a reason. Seems like the user base of our group agrees with him! 😊
I had a tenant who would walk her cats around in a baby carriage (with a screened hood). The looks on peoples faces when they realized it wasn’t a baby and was in fact a very large cat inside was priceless.
My previous cat (now passed away) used to drink from the pool. It always terrified me. But she never once fell in and the water did not appear to cause any harm. In our current house we don’t let the cats go near the pool.
So, my cat Zoe pawed me awake at 5am. She has developed this new habit of poking me in the face, claws engaged, to wake me up!! She wasn’t hungry or thirsty. She just wanted some attention. Anyone else’s cats have annoying habits like this??
So cute! In his cat tunnel. I have them also. 2 of my cats love the tunnels. They are such a good cat toy.
Anyone else’s cats obsessed with cat rides? Her favorite place to go is a local coffee joint that gives her whipped cream 💜
Oh, absolutely! Your cats are wise wee things! Luckily they have cat hotels here with volunteers who put out food and water, so hopefully this one plucks up the energy to go get some soon
So, I’m at a campsite and there are the usual dogs and children. However, I’m noticing more cats. Normally they are confined to the camper. But I’ve seen one out on a leash, going for a walk. Anyone else ever taken their cat on vacation?
All your cats are gorgeous Alexa! Love the cat towers you have.
I wish there was a way to post pics of my cats in here too... so hopefully when that feature happens we can have a cat- frenzied page. 🐈🐈‍⬛🐈🐈‍⬛🐈🐈‍⬛
I bought a cat tent since my cats like being outside but are not outside cats.
We are always very keen to see photos of your kitties! Please post them here and allow us all to adore them! This is a cat lovers safe space.

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