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Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!

Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!

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Share photos of your favorite pups or just come for the cuddles. And when you join, share a pic of your pup and introduce the fuzzy one with a description of their personality!


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That was totally our dog, toys did not last past 10 minutes, even the supposedly “indestructible” ones. 🤦‍♂️😆. He was a Jack Russell/Rat Terrier mix. He died just as covid hit in ‘20.
Hey there! Here are my boys, the first one is Carl and the grey one is Arthur! Carl is a super lazy pup and wants all the love in the world and Arthur is the best guard dog lover boy around! Both are amazingly sweet boys!
I have a question for the group: Oral care. What does everyone do? Does *anyone* have a dog that actually lets them brush their teeth? Special treats? Sessions at the vet? My little boy turns 3 in a week and is finally starting to need some dental work.
Hehe. My dog is so annoyed by me. When I work from home I rarely see her during the day. And if I let her up on my bed in the morning she will position herself so she is facing away from me at the opposite corner. I think she likes to imagine that she has the whole bed to herself.
Hehe! I wanna make a dog space and call it lazy dogs and just have it be pics of sleeping dogs.
He really was enjoying the show and did not allow me to grab the remote, 🤣. Meet Jackson. We lost him at the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2020. But up to then, he was the best dog to have lived. He was certainly a character and spread love everywhere he went and never met a good human he didn’t befriend. I miss the little guy, everyday, but his memory will forever live on and remind me that love can be truly unconditional.
Mostly for my dog to express what she wants outside vs food. We used to have our dogs trained to ring bells to go outside but that was before her time. Right now she just nudges us and we play 21 guesses at what she wants. Haha
Anyone have any toy recommendations (specific toys or brands) for puppies that have a constant MO to see how fast they destroy a toy? We’ve gone through a lot of casualties 😥 and the only ones surviving are his KONG tire, his Nylabone teething Dino, and most recently a KONG stuffed bear that lasted maybe a good month. He’s a small dog btw
I totally get that feeling, even though i don’t have a dog. But sometimes i’d babysit Percy, a Boston terrier, for weeks. And then when his owners take him back, I get very sad and keep thinking about him and wanting him back, and i miss his night snores 🥺🥺
Hey all! Question / topic for the group: what is everyone’s “treats policy”? 🤔 Do you give your dog treats every day? Multiple treats per day? Does your dog get them just for being cute (guilty!) or only after doing something good?
Here’s a question for the group about bedtime: What’s your nighttime situation? Is the dog in the bed with you? In their own bed? In the bedroom or a different room? Any specific bedtime routine?
Finally a dog owners space! I was going to create one myself but you beat me to it! ❤️
Our two dogs could not be more different. One does not care if I touch his mouth. Dental care, no issue. Just need to remember to do it. The other dog…is not cooperative. And as a result, yeah not doing great with her
My little lady is 2.5 and just had to get some teeth pulled cuz her daddies were slacking. Now we TRY to brush her teeth every night before bed, and then we give her a greenies dental chew. The vet recommended a different chew, but we’re gonna finish what we have before switching. I haven’t used any of the water additives, but I probably should 😅
Here’s my dog! Tucker is his name. 5 years old, rescue, and goofy
I am thinking of getting my dog the talking buttons. She already is fluent in 3 languages (English, Urdu, and ASL). Anyone tried the buttons before?
Every dog needs a toy artichoke
Aw your dog is so cute! <3
I’ve always been curious whether, compared to other dog owners, do I give my dog treats too often? Not often enough?
My dog Jasmine turned 3 on Sunday. I got her a beef knuckle as her present.
The Aussie is my mom’s dog. She’s a sweet girl.
Oh my gosh, I could see that pup licking my face like my dog used to, haha, so happy
And I know the vet can do teeth cleaning, but I think they put the dog under to do that, which seems excessive.
My son Benjamin has a dog is named Finn. We call the dog Finnjamin cuz it makes us all happy.
Just the small one. This is my best friends dog Yvie.
Here is my baby, his name is Wally and was a rescue dog.
I may have had a realization / breakthrough today … I think I demand my dog’s attention and love more than the other way around! 😂😂 Half the time I go to cuddle with him, he audibly sighs or groans, the little punk! Haha
Took my mom’s dog to the dog park and he made a friend.
Also, I feel like a dog named Lionel should wear glasses, so that makes sense. 😎
Lolol. He also likes to go limp to avoid leaving the dog park

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