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Lets talk all things X-MEN! Comic Books, Animated Series (all of them), Movies, & Anything Else X!

Notes from the Spaces team

The X-Men franchise has a history of addressing and exploring issues related to homosexuality and the LGBTQ community. The franchise has been praised for its representation of LGBTQ characters, including Northstar, who was one of the first openly gay characters in mainstream comics. Other LGBTQ characters, such as Iceman, Mystique, and Shatterstar, have since been introduced in the X-Men franchise and have helped to increase the representation of LGBTQ characters in comics. In the comics, the X-Men's struggle for acceptance and equality has often been interpreted as a metaphor for the LGBTQ community's own struggles for rights and acceptance. The franchise has explored themes of prejudice, discrimination, and acceptance, which are also relevant to the LGBTQ community. Through the representation of LGBTQ characters and exploration of these themes, the X-Men franchise has been seen as an important platform for promoting acceptance and understanding of LGBTQ individuals. The X-Men franchise has been a pioneer in LGBTQ representation in comics. Here are some notable examples of LGBTQ characters in the X-Men universe: Northstar - one of the first openly gay characters in mainstream comics, Northstar is a mutant with superhuman speed and flight abilities. He is a long-standing member of the X-Men and was one of the first characters to openly discuss his sexuality in the comics. Iceman - originally depicted as heterosexual, Iceman was later revealed to be gay in a 2015 storyline. He is a mutant with the ability to create and control ice. Mystique - a shapeshifter who has been depicted as bisexual in the comics, Mystique is a long-standing villain and ally of the X-Men. Shatterstar - a warrior from the Mojoverse, Shatterstar has been depicted as pansexual in the comics. He has been a member of X-Force and the X-Men. Anole - a mutant and former student at the Xavier Institute, Anole is depicted as gay in the comics. He has been a member of various X-Men teams.

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I first started collecting comic books in 1981. The X-Men were my first. As the years went by I branched out to different titles. X-Factor and X-Force were some of my favorites. As for my favorite mutants: 1. Storm 2. Bishop 3.Cannonball 5. Cypher 6. Magik 7. Colossus 8. Legion 9. Iceman 10. ?
I am a big fan! Got some comics and loved the 90s animation cartoon! I like Jean Grey. My favourite tho is Cyclops, Magneto and Emma Frost! I loved the uncanny x-men comic books after the AvX events
Well I grew up on 90’s x-men and comic book stores, and I am the youngest of 4 boys so they would buy comics and I’d read them. Plus I watched the tv show and had the action figures. My favorite is Cable, he’s so fucking bad ass.
Jean Grey, Nightcrawler (although not so keen on what’s going on with him right now), Cyclops, and Iceman. I’ve read and have access to almost every X-men comic that has been written and have been reading them since the mid 90s. Super excited for the return of the cartoon on Disney+.
Absolutely! Welcome to the group! Feel free to share some of your favorite X-MEN and are you a movie comic book video game or animated series fan or all?
It may sound cliché, but my favorite will always be the Phoenix costume in any color. I loved when Jean went by Phoenix in the late 90’s and wore the costume without having the Phoenix force. I like her modern costume too, tho I wish it had some personal tweaks. Loved her Whilce Portacio Xfactor costume, and her 90’s for pure nostalgia. I also loved her new X-men Morrison era clothes with the long coat and X boots. I’m a huge superhero fashion freak and live for the galas. What about you?
I was obsessed with the 90s animated series. Then x-men evolution became one of my favorite cartoon. Love the movies as well. As far as comics goes I have only read House of M and Avengers vs X-men.
The immortals title is so good, I love this detailed look on destiny and mystique, but I’m obsessed about the Red title and so excited for the storm and the brotherhood run cause the arrako stories and characters are literally the best! And I love the X-men run *whispers* I may be getting a little bored with cyclops and baddie Jean lol but I love synch so much and want to protect him at all time!
Well I think it’s fact that all the best X-Men are women lol: Storm is my number one, but love Dazzler, Emma, Rogue, Jean, etc too. I love all the media, but I’m an old school X-Men comic collector at heart: Silver Age to ~1992ish. Ran an IG/podcast about it for a while: @ tomemyxmen
Thanks for the welcome. I use to read the comics but I haven’t had much time due to work. I’m slowly getting back into watching the animated series and the comics. My favorite x-men has to be wolverine.
I think so! All the confessionals were from different mutants about making it on the new X-men line up before and after the vote and what stood out to me specifically was armor and surge both having “maybe next time” story lines which is crazy because you remember that screenshot of the timeless book we read? I think that image of bishop surge and armor was a look at the next X-men iteration or at the very least they’re gonna be a new X-team!
Good morning! Welcome Ron. This morning I was reading Prelude to Schism! I am a fan of Magneto and Cyclops, so seeing their interactions in this series was really wonderful. The prelude books are covering/retelling a lot of the early days of X-Men.
I’m voting for Prodigy because he has not had a prominent role even though he’s literally perfect for the team, he’s not a main player in any current xbook and the mainstream representation of a black queer genius on the team, his similar powers to synch but their abilities together would be sick if they kept synch on the team! However he’d be a power house with any other X-men! I’m rooting for my man my man my man!
Oh I was into the FF too! I’m more an old school FF and Avengers fan now vs the newer stuff unless it has to do with the X-MEN. So even though this is an xmen group whos your favorite avenger and FF member and what xman would u like to see join the avengers or sub in the FF for another member?
Ok lets get into this week’s new releases and see whats out X-related and I’ll also include Dark Web tie ins and any other Marvel book that have any of the X-MEN or mutants as featured for the week.
Love this question, yet it is so difficult 🤣 Iceman Bobby is an icon and a legend, he is near and dear to my little gay heart 💙 I am into the movies for sure, the cartoons (favorite was X-men evolution), and I do read x-men comics but I have fallen a little behind
Okay all the X-men books are so heavy! Like they all sound super serious and high stakes and then the dark web tie ins are “shes tryna fuck spider man even though she promised mj she wouldn’t and Mary Jane won’t tell her how she got her powers” 😭😂
I hated how they nerfed Jeans powers hoping for a more comic book related Jean for X-MEN ‘97
Gambit and Iceman are my all time favorites! Recently I’ve really liked Eye-Boy and I’ve been drawn as him several times. I am currently reading all the Krakoan era comics but I’ve been reading since I was 8. Used to collect all the trading cards too! Ive seen all the movies several times and played many of the games as well. Also have almost every X-Men Funko Pop they’ve made so far!
AND, Captain Marvel has a dope storyline running in her book right now with the Brood and some of the X-MEN. I’m reading it. Here’s part two in case of any of you guys want to grab part 1 and this issue and keep up with it.
Top 3 X-Men - Femme/Male/Overall 1. Storm 2. Jean Grey 3. Mystique 1. Sunspot 2. Banshee 3. Quicksilver 1. Wanda 2. Magneto 3. Magma
Hi!! Does anyone know what happened to ben Reilly to kick off the dark web event? And where was I to read this issue? (As I said before I’m exhausted of Spider-Man stories lol) I’m just curious (sorry I know this isn’t explicitly X-men related)
These are my Favorite X Men Jean Grey aka the Phoenix Storm Rogue
I’m really happy I started this group where we can all geek out and nerd out on our favorite Mutants of Marvel and be our authentic selves! To more X-Peepz joining our ranks here in the group and more great X-MEN stories and media to come!
Hey all. To answer the X-Men ice breaker: Comics mostly. The MCU is good, but I've been slacking lately. Still haven't finished the first Black Panther. Never kept up with the animation stuff. Bonus: Favorite X person is Storm, with Beast and Rachel Summers coming in at two and three.
Hi guys, I’m new here. My favorite X-Men are Rogue, Storm, & Gambit. I loathe Jean Grey lol.
I mean- when you go dark magic it just sticks around- usually eternally- I just like this and X-men green making me think about not knowing how to protect everyone when demons or mutant powers with dark choice parameters like with Curse- are what you are dealing with- basically Xavier attempting to save Sabretooth from his own nature. These characters get so tragic and I just finished White Lotus Season 2 so I’m prolly emotional stilllol
Sweet! Totally a comic fan and loved the animated series. Also a gamer so any X-men game I’m down for lol
Top 3 X-Men - Femme/Male/Overall 1. Jean Grey 2. Storm 3. Rachel Summers 1. Bishop 2. Synch 3. Iceman 1. Jean Grey 2. Bishop 3. Rachel Summers
Top 3 X-Men - Femme/Male/Overall 1. Wanda 2. Jean Grey 3. Jubilee 1.North Star 2.Logan 3. Remy 1. Wanda 2. Betsy 3. Ilyana

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