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Lets talk all things X-MEN! Comic Books, Animated Series (all of them), Movies, & Anything Else X!

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X-MEN RED is a top tier book. Its my fave along with XMEN and Immortal. It was so good! I loved seeing Magneto put it down that they won’t be resurrected (storm and him) because they’re down with the Arrako mutants. I felt that.
Good morning/Afternoon. Re: X-men, the Eternals movie mention the snap back from MCU endgame created energy and there was speculation that this flash of cosmic energy switched on the X-gene. I liked that idea but I guess the multiverse is a cleaner one that requires less buy in. Also, apropos of nothing, there was that Fox show that featured some great stories, including Strickland siblings, Hellfire Club, Mutant underground, and magneto’s daughter! What happened to the series? I loved it!
WHOA thats going all the way back! I mean it depends you can start from the very beginning in 1963 with X-MEN #1 and read those first 66 issues and skip all the reprints after those and continue with Giant Size X-MEN #1 and then the team from that book keeps going in X-MEN #94 (So basically skip all issues from #67 to #93 - all reprints) if that makes sense lol
Big fan of the movies, especially the “first class” timeline. Iceman and Jean Grey are my top characters (i have a Phoenix tattoo on my leg). And I’m still pretty obsessed with the X-Men Legends video game from like 20 years ago.
My issue was the one in New X-MEN where Jean caught Scott and Emma having their psychic affair. She ran through Emma’s mind like a playground. I felt bad for Emma, she was humiliated but it showed Jean’s power even though the phoenix force was present at the time in her.
Ohhh. If you’re gonna skip it then at least read Planet Size X-men and the last issue of the gala. Sets up a new X-men team and a huge change to the mutant world
Good Morning guys & Happy New Release Wednesday! X-MEN #11 is out today! I finally get to pick up my copy of Giant Size X-MEN: Thunderbird and my Free comic book day XMEN / AVENGERS / ETERNALS comic book! Have a great day! 😉
X-MEN’92: House of XCII #2: DAWN OF XCII! With the nation of Krakoa established, mutantkind is ready to defend their new nation from threats of all kinds…but the X-Men have no idea about the mutant whose secret power of resurrection lies behind the entire thing! It's the entire Krakoan age thirty years early, with everyone's favorite '90s X-Men team at the center of it all!
I love that! Its one of the reasons why I felt so close to the X-MEN too without even really knowing it yet and then as I got older the “being fear and hated for who they are” really put it all together for me and made them that much more relatable! We’re happy to have you here in our group. Dazzler and Psylocke are bad asses too, my girl is Jean Grey. When you say Psylocke do you mean Betsy or Kwannon?
OK so I read the final issue of knights of X I can see where everyone didn’t like it but I thought it was awesome there were some major pacing issues I’m not gonna lie and I wish There’d been more of the fight with the X-Men but I loved it
OK so I read the final issue of knights of X I can see where everyone didn’t like it but I thought it was awesome there were some major pacing issues I’m not gonna lie and I wish There’d been more of the fight with the X-Men but I loved it
Any new members please feel free to share who your favorite characters from the X-MEN are and what drew you to the X-MEN? Comic books, movies, animated series, video games?!
The book is super cute! In the beginning it’s got a few essays about the X-men and Jim Lee, and then it just goes through the entire series of cards, first half is heroes, second half is villains. And I think it’s so cute that the front of a page has the front of a card, and the back of that same page has the back of the card, just like the actual comic cards
Grew up with the 90s animated series. A fan of Fox film franchise (obviously some are better than others). Not a comic reader but I am a huge fan of Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men podcast and have been a listener since episode one so I feel like a quasi x-pert even though I’ve never ACTUALLY read a x comic
Awesome! Are you excited for the new animated series? If you want to get into the comics a good place to start is house of X powers of X since they sort of revamped the series and it’s a good jumping point. And planet sized X-men is a great addition too
My first exposure to X-Men was the animated series in the 90s but I didn’t know they were mutant I thought their powers came from a piece of their costume wolverines claws came from the gloves Scott’s optic blast came from his visor jeans telekinesis and telepathy came from the jewel at the center of the headpiece on her costume storms weather manipulation came from something jubilees fireworks came from again gloves
I must confess I have never actually read the original comics (gasp! I’m sorry for being a fake fan). But I am most familiar with the movies, and grew up on three of the different x men animated shows. And I am a nerd about x men lore despite not reading the comics 🤓
I have at least 100 marvel comics in my collection, several are about X-Men like immortal X-men or the new X-Men and a crossover of A-Force and X-men, also got many mutant ones, but I have about 10 comics I haven’t read yet in my collection, I’ll send a pic of the ones I haven’t read yet
Thinking next is just solo series. Some groupings are a bit off probably but thinking it’s X-23, X-Man, Wolverine (there’s hundreds of them), Storm, Sabertooth, Rogue, Kitty Psylocke, Kitty Pryde, Phoenix, Nightcrawler, Mystique, Magneto, Longshot, Jubilee, Iceman, Havok (Mutant X), Gambit, Domino, Cyclops, Colossus, Cable, Bishop (Incl. District X),Archangel (Crimson Dawn) and Apocalypse. Question is could you find the logic this way and find them in the cabinet this way or am I just melting down?
I’ll never forget an issue of X-men from years back that’s always been one of my faves. The cover is of Jean battling sabretooth, from back when he was being kept captive in the x mansion, and she told him she could break every bike in his body just by thinking it. That has always stuck with me. (Which now I realize isn’t her telepathy but her telekinesis lol.)
Eve of Judgement was our first intro into the massive event that’s taking place with the Eternals, Avengers and X-men at the forefront and this book was interesting so far. It’s gonna get crazy especially since this intro book started off with the Eternals kidnapping Sinister and literally trying to teleport a genetic bomb onto Krakoa
Also, the other day I came across the very first comic I EVER BOUGHT! It was this weird one-off issue called X-men vs Excalibur. I should post a pic of the cover and some of my favorite panels!
Like honestly if my character had actually been in a comic book when he got picked for this year‘s X-Men team or made his debut on Krakatoa they probably would’ve said instead of welcome to the X-Men welcome to Krakoa Walden Sauign Hope you survive the experience
For all X-MEN comic book weekly collectors, I’m going to start posting the new X-books (cover photos) being released weekly on Wednesday mornings for anyone who might be interested in keeping up with whats coming out and for whoever is curious and may want to jump on board to a current title that peaks their interest.
Its ok you don’t have to read the comics to love and appreciate our favorite mutants. The original animated series is CLASSIC! I love all 3 animated series though, and X2 and Days of Future Past were my favorite X films. What about you?
Hey guys, tough day for me. I know this group is about the X-Men, but one of my penpals who was a big legion of superheroes fan and admined a group Im a part of passed away today or late last night early this morning.
Hey X-Peepz! This is a slow week for our favorite mutants when it comes to New Releases. Only ☝🏽 book out and its a Gambit limited series back from his early days and first appearance with Little Storm
So there’s a new x-men mini series comic book coming out based on the animated series and House of X for the ‘92 x-men
Which, speaking of, the voice talents on X-Men TAS were all-around SO GOOD. Not to speak for anyone else, but for me characters like Rogue, Storm, Jean, Logan etc will always sound like their cartoon counterparts when I’m reading them speak on a page.
I know that Echo is the new host of the Phoenix Force now and shes an Avenger but I will forever associate the Phoenix with Jean Grey, the X-MEN, and mutants in general.

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