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Feeling Myselfie

Feeling Myselfie

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Feeling cute? Good hair day? Or maybe you just need some good ol’ validation. Share a selfie or give someone a compliment. This is a space for positivity. Haters need not join.


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What you can see in this Space

We’ve brought up sports in this group as well. No one objected then. Why not bring up politics? Why is it that politics or religion are topics that no one wants to talk about… because it makes people think and get out of comfort zones in an extreme way. And It’s not silly. Just like it’s not sillly to post about sports. We also have conversations in this space. And we get to do so without judgment and a lot of us are great mediators. And that’s what makes this particular space so beautiful.
Leaning into the Selfie space today, everyone has been an inspiration to me. So I’ve been letting my hair get longer, longest I’ve ever had in my life, finally today feeling that I like it. So close to cutting back short many times. Getting there.
My bestie and I just went to Tennessee on a fun lil trip and this is one of the best pics we got together ❤️❤️
Went on a cute date and they took a cute photo of me 😋☺️💛
A screenshot from a video last night. I was out for dinner and drinks with friends! ❤️
A quick selfie before I play a DJ set in Cape Town ☺️
Just felt cute yesterday ☺️
Felt cute in the park this weekend ☺️
Who needs coffee when a selfie is doing coffee’s job 🥊❤️
I’ve reported the account. I mean, we do have several straight trans users here on the app, but (a) this ain’t a dating app lol, and (b) she’s ticking all the “bot” boxes. Please, everyone, feel free to report profiles you think are bots! ❤️
I was definitely feeling myself after the gym today! A little back story, all my life I’ve been REALLY skinny and during the pandemic I started gaining some weight on my belly and love handles (due to heavy drinking and other circumstances). So I decided to take it into my own hands and change things around. This is the first time in my life that I’ve seen any type of muscle mass in my body and I can say I’m really proud of myself. This is my 2nd month going to the gym.
Hey y’all. I created two new spaces. One is called American Brujería. Which is specifically centered around the practices of mestizo culture and the spiritual practices surrounding that. And then there’s Yassified Mango… a space for Queer Latinidad. Basically a space for all Latinos of all backgrounds to come together and support themselves and each other. Come join if you feel called to!
Thanks. When the new friend came around, we both liked them. And things…escalated this weekend is a rather fun way, but I noticed far more between them than they even realized. Now I’ve somehow been put in the position of having to be the one to point it out to my partner who didn’t even see it, while also needing to figure out if , after 15 years of solid monogamy, I could be ok with a poly situation that’s more V than triangle.
Everyone one is so darn cute ☺️
Yeah. I’m still naked in bed laptop on my lap, submitting resumes, smokin a cig, sharing targét brand apple sauce with the pup, fresh out of the freezer so it’s like a slushee… in the dark cuz it’s too hot for lights… thriving. no I’m not taking a selfie.
You are beautiful!!! ❤️❤️❤️
I hope everyone is having a day as beautiful as you all are ✨☺️🙌🏻💖
Thank you beautiful! ❤️
Aw thank you so much! I took a month break but will start posting videos tomorrow. *hugs* ❤️
I love a good rainy morning🥰🌈☔️
Feeling myself as an out and proud gay dad. This is my youngest and I celebrating our mutual love of Star Wars. The world is gross and I will fight to give him and his two brothers a better life just like Princess Leia and the Rebellion did.
I think we all need to take a beat & realize that politics is personal for everyone—especially if you are a part of a marginalized group. Being mindful is very important. And we need to be aware of false equivalences of “both sides” when it comes to these issues. These conversations need to happen & people have to be willing to listen. & we need to be able to lay it all out on the table because for many these issues are life & death.
Just kinda had that happen to me. Then I quickly realized it was the Love that I poured into HIM… it was my belief in Love that I fell for. Not him. 🤷🏽‍♂️
How would you like to be called out in a public group? Wouldn’t you feel a tad bit embarrassed? I’m not big on the Republican or Democrat parties I could careless for both sides because each side has way too much BS. You have NO REASON WHATSOEVER to call him out on it. Everything everyone in here has told you has gone in one ear and out the other. Learn when it’s time to just shut up.
A picture I like of myself (right) with my girlfriend of 8 years ☺️
Good morning all! ☀️👋🏻
You are definitely a ham that I wish lives in LA so we could get to know one another as real Humans in real time 3D lol 😉❤️😜
Was all ready to go when my date canceled 🤷‍♂️ but I still looked good so I wanted to share
thank you 😓😞 this sucks. massive headache and couldn’t sleep for anything 🤦🏼‍♀️
Nothin better than chillin by the poolside… summer ready! ☀️

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