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find a partner🏳️‍🌈

find a partner🏳️‍🌈

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This is a place for singles to find a partner. And if your poly like go girl

#friends #old #partner #wanna #snap # #hello #chat #pretty #ok #single #bisexual #girl #meet #friend #ask #age #idk #talk #bro #school #life #live #man #watching #men #okay #18 #gay #morning

What you can see in this Space

hi I'm Romeo (15)I'm audhd. I'm genderqueer (butch) and a lesbian and I'm poly and in the aroace umbrella lookin mainly for friends i like: Tyler the creator (duh lol), Videogames like for example Sally face and little misfortune or mistery games like idk a lot of games, i love movies and music and am hyperfixated in musicals (esp for now Dr Jekyll Mr Hyde and hadestown), oh and TOH if anyone wants to talk uh reply to this and I'll put my discord over here ❤️
Hello! I’m new to this app but I’m looking for some new friends. I’m nonbinary they/them, pan and ace. A few of my hobbies are gaming, reading, comics, movies, anime, and music. I’m 24 and I have a pet guinea pig. My aesthetic is aternative/emo. I’m an open book so if you have any questions ask away! Just a heads up, I’m autistic with adhd and depression though. And if you don’t like dark humor I’m sorry in advance lol
hey<3 okay so I'm looking for a partner:) ik I'm new here but i really hope I'm not disturbing. So I'm gender fluid and pan. I try my best to be kind and good listening so if anyone is interested in even being friends I'd love that! My sc is emily_emmy4321:) and if someone doesn't have sc i have other social medias so just write:)💕
hello I'm Hailey or Ley I am gender fluid/pansexual I am 16 yrs old, I like art and hope to go to art school when I graduate, I am an animal person and I have a good music taste I feel I do at least lol
Hi I am Rachel 17 mtf and lesbian. I am from Munich Germany and hope to find a partner here. If u want to message me in private u can use my insta: Rachel just Rachel or snap: Rachelju
hello everyone I'm new er Nice to meet u all I'm male bisexual 37 looking for friends maybe more
okay so y'all know like the mom and dad Friends of the group right you two remind me of those two main characters and a friend group
I know imma sound like a father but I just wanna remind all the younger people (I’m not very old either) but just remember to be careful and don’t just go off of what someone says if that makes sense. Shorter version be careful/watchful of people pretending.
I think it’s not going to reach the youth. I’m 21 live in vine city ATL and it hasn’t reached me. A kid was murdered at my private university and left for 3 hrs in front of the church. We know it’s bad. But telling us over and over doesn’t help sir. Social media outreach works, showing us what we can/ are capable of accomplishing works. Try a different approach.
bruhhh anyway i jus asked a girl for her snap and she told me she has a girlfriend 💀 currently dying of loneliness and second hand embarassment from country queer
I'm Xander, I'm trans female-male, I'm 22 years old just looking for a girl who's willing to stay loyal.
who wants to chat on snap I'm a pansexual female x
hey lesbian 15 years old snap: Alexwill1
any wanna talk on snap or insta
Hey new to the group here to make friends n find a partner 😍
well i mean friends as in like queer platonic (i still consider that being a partner(?)
also why is he on find a partner 💀🙄 no one wants your old ass
I'm male 28 gay and looking for a partner or partners as I am single and poly
Hello there☺️ I'm Lars from switzerland, nice to meet you
Hi! Looking for a partner! I’m 13( agender and bisexual so pretty much anyone)
Hello everyone I am a single man I like girls and I am curious about trans girls
do u wanna add me on snap or insta
Y’all wanna see my goofy ass guy friend failing to paint his nails ? 😭😂💅🏾
u guys r awfully young n I am awfully old. think I've came to the wrong space lol
I dont have homosexuell friends or a Partner, wbu?
do u wanna talk on insts or snap
Hi Freya I am a girl that likes girls but always welcome friends don’t think we match 😏
hi I'm Trevor but my friends call me Katrìna I'm a drag queen I'm 28 and I'm also in the process of transitioning to female
Hi, my name is Robin. My pronouns are he/they. I am poly and Queer. I also like DnD, movies, martial arts, and hanging out with friends
man i wish u guys were my inperson friends

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