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Foodies and Recipes

Foodies and Recipes

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Share your love for your favorite recipe, place to eat, queer friendly restaurants and other things


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I had hibachi last night at an outdoor surprise party for a friend of my partner’s. The chef cooked all the food in front of us. I got the ahi tuna steak & lobster tail. My partner got shrimp and scallops. With fresh fried rice and veggies, it was a nice change after a week of hospital food.
Meat and cheese roll ups? You can use cream cheese and fruit to spark their interest. Or if vegan or vegetarian, making raisin necklaces. Have multiple dried fruit options and use a very blunt tapestry needle with some waxed string.
Had cafes restaurants and coffee house for twenty years. Once I left those kitchens I rarely cook anymore. Luckily my partner is an inspired Philippine cook. I’ll share some of his stuff. If you haven’t tried lumpia it’s a must try. With a hot and spicy dipping sauce.
Anyone have any recipes for 2&3 yr old lol… my grandsons are coming for Christmas Eve and staying the night, and I wanted to have some arts and crafts and making easy snacks or treats.
Last night I made Prawn Pad Thai. The prep is a ton of work but it turned out really good. The only shortcut was store bought sauce by Lee Kum Kee.
Awesome. I did farfalle with veggies and a quick cheese sauce. It’s super cold and I’m over soup.
Hear me out: use a blueberry bagel as the bread for that egg and cheese sammich for a sweet and savory flavor.
Howdy everyone! I am Tyler and I love to cook! I am a home ec teacher at a middle school and super excited to learn and talk to all of you!
ive done that before use a sweet bagel for a sandwich ur I usually use a cinnamon raisin instead but I'll try the blueberry one day
My mom had Ben n Jerry’s for dinner. Then stole some sweet potatoes. She doesn’t do red meat
Focaccia toast w/Parmesan and sun dried tomato baste, Caprese salad, grilled zucchini, rotisserie chicken leg
Blue apron steak tacos and sweet potatoes. Good but not amazing. Twix wants his share.
anyone know a good sauce to make to put on an egg an cheese sandwich?
 for Thanksgiving covered dish I made sweet potato casserole with pecans streusel topping
My wife is the cook who guided me. We are an awesome team in the kitchen!
I love making fermented things and pickles but I haven’t tried kimchi yet! Thanks for the inspiration
These San Jamar oven mits are some of the best things I have ever bought. They make great gifts. They work for extra high heat. You will never want another pair
That’s a favorite at our house too. I cheated and got the turkey precooked from Sprouts this year. But I did make some sides and apps.
Last Monday I did turkey thigh with mashed and gravy and green beans is really good
I just want my grandsons to have fun when making a fun recipe
We have the flu! I’ve been down since Wednesday night here. So I made Posole Rojo in the instant pot
Just made mushroom risotto for the first time for my wife and I. Turned out good.
Breakfast for dinner. Pumpkin chip oat waffles
also the risotto looks delicious.
But will definitely do the meat and cheese!💕
Pumpkin cheesecake pie from King Arthur Baking website.
Black bean and pepper soup for dinner
I made homemade kimchi the other day and I’m super excited about it
It was surprisingly easy and delicious ☺️
That looks delicious

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