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Your location for discussing books with gay storylines or by gay authors.

Notes from the Spaces team

Do you consider yourself a die-hard lover of gay books and LGBTQ authors? Check out what’s happening in the world of queer literature. Despite society’s dwindling attention span, books remain a powerful force when it comes to modern storytelling. They give us a chance to see the world with a new perspective, and they give aspiring LGBTQ writers and authors the chance to express themselves. Gay books also give audiences access to new content that falls outside of what’s considered "mainstream." Some of your favorite books are probably filled with gay themes and characters, which in addition to making them great reads, is also a great way to ensure our community's visibility and representation. Whether you’re into trashy romance novels or heartfelt personal stories about what it’s like to be queer, there are gay books out there for you. Now dive into a pile of them and let us know your favorite.


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So I used to be a big reader in high school but I wasn’t out so of course I didn’t dare read any gay literature that could out me to my friends or family so I definitely have missed out. I’m trying to get back into reading. I just reread all seven Harry potters and the lotr trilogy. But I’d love to discover new lgbtq books. What’s your guys’ favorite all time gay book that I should read first?
Just finished reading Manhunt by Gretchen Felker-Martin. Not typically into post apocalyptic stories but it was a good read and found it to be really entertaining. An interesting take on zombies with Trans main characters. Definitely a good book for spooky season.
I just finished “Boyfriend Material” I swung from wanting to hug then throttle the main characters. Such a great read. I’m def adding “Husband Material” to my reading list among other books written by Alex Hall.
Having a hard time choosing my next book to read any suggestions for queer fiction books ?
Dunno if anyone else is a fan of Anne Rice? The day she died, I started re-reading my all-time favorite novel, The Witching Hour, which def has a bit of queer content in it. I’ve probably read it five times or so (no easy feat, as I think it’s around 1,000 pages), but I take something new and amazing away from it every time. Plus they’re currently working on a tv adaptation of it, so I’ve been excited to check out new casting news every now and then.
Not fantasy, but Red, White, and Royal Blue might be my favorite book, and it has the most humanly fleshed out characters I’ve ever read; the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo is also fantastic.
Hi! Good thanks! Just looking for recommendations. I’m a bi guy, there’s plenty of romance fiction out there (which I don’t think I could ever make my way through it all because there is so much new stuff!) but currently looking for sci fi/fantasy with some good queer rep! I don’t mind a bit of YA too as it’s something my whole family likes to read. We all recently blasted through Heartstopper, I wish it was around when I was younger, glad my kids have things like that now though.
I just read Sam J Miller’s Boys, Beasts, Men, which is a fantastic new collection of very queer fantasy, horror and science fiction short stories. He is a favorite writer. Anyone else a fan of new-ish queer sff?
So I fished Ace last night. I strongly recommend it. Angela Chan does a awesome job of providing a snapshot into the lives of Ace individuals. But the book does more than that. It calls us to question compulsory sexuality and how it dictates our norms. The author allows us to see how the constructs around sexuality do us all a disservice and how they act as barriers for Ace people. It was very good read
Finished two gay teen books today: A LITTLE BIT COUNTRY by Brian D Kennedy and THE 99 BOYFRIENDS OF MICAH SUMMERS by Adam Sass. Both cute and heartwarming - both a bit predictable. Sass’s book I felt he didn’t fully develop one of the characters and let him off easy. Missed a good opportunity to address both some mental health issues and some toxic relationship behaviors.
Recently I read “Less”, which I loved, and I’m halfway through Giovanni’s Room by Baldwin. Which got me to thinking. What are your favourite literary fiction queer novels. That don’t have the “tragic/sad/confused because I’m gay” undertones that earlier queer literary fiction seems to have?
Just finished reading The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo.. this has easily become one of favorite books such a good and emotional read
Thoughts? My best friend loved this book and read it at a formative time. He has kind of changed his mind about it in recent years. Says he’s conflicted by the challenging themes. Would love to hear people’s reactions. I truly loved the movie. I know it’s kind of cancelled because of Armie Hammer, but I left the theatre devastated in the best way possible. Have to read it.
Some of my queer favorites are When You Call My Name, Juliet Takes a Breath, and Yerba Buena. Other fiction I love are Blake Crouch books like Dark Matter, Recursion, and Upgrade. And my most recent read that I loooooved was Lessons in Chemistry.
Hi all! Excited to talk books. One of my favorite queer reads this summer was When You Call My Name by Tucker Shaw. Has anyone else read this?
What sorts of genres you into? If you like fantasy, I’ve seen The Tarot Sequence recommended often. I’ve bought the first book but have a bunch ahead of it in the queue and haven’t read it quite yet.
I’d first read about it in Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall. One of the characters in the book talked about it.
I recommend The Last Sun by K.D. Edwards! It’s a great read and I’m on the second book right now and it’s also amazing!
I’d recommend The Blade Within by Sam J. Miller; he also has an upcoming collection of short stories called Boys, Beasts, Men. I haven’t yet read Summer Sons by Lee Mandelo or Manhunt by Gretchen Felker-Martin, but I’ve heard good things.
Hi! Any recommendations for gay fiction books? So far have read one and I really enjoyed it.
Hey everybody! I read “Out of the Shadows” by Walt Odets earlier this year. It was thought-provoking and made me reflect on how the HIV epidemic shaped my (and many others’) understanding of what it means to be a gay man. There were more than a couple stories of Odets’ own friends, lovers, and patients (he’s a PsyD) that moved me to tears. I really liked it!
I definitely want to check it out. I feel like it is “THE GAY” book everyone should read
Just finished YES, DADDY by Jonathan Parks-Ramage. Oooof. Quite the rollercoaster and more than just the thriller the description leads you to think it is. There’s a lot going on in it. Got a little too Jesus-y for a little bit for my taste, but it all made sense in the end. Great read. TWs: rape, sexual assault, psychological abuse, religious abuse, suicide
I’m currently reading The Affair of the Mysterious Letter, which is a fantasy with a gender-swapped queer Sherlock (here a sorceress) and a gay transmasculine Watson. It’s written by Alexis Hall, who writes queer romance, and it’s just delightful. You’ll love Song of Achilles, if you are anything like me.
I don’t like to ruin the story for people but it is a very sad and romantic book that I’ve read in a while
I haven’t, I’m actually not really into pure romance stories 😅 especially w high schoolers bc I’ve graduated. However a friend of mine read it and absolutely adored it so if you like romance I highly recommend
I don’t normally read Romance but I have find some of them I have been reading is really good! the first one I have read was “ A complicated Love story set in space” I recommend it.
Hey guys. I just started reading At Swim, Two Boys. Anyone read it? Please tell me it gets better soon. I’m on Chapt 4 and starting to lose hope…
It’s a good series. I just finished an NR Walker book called Davos. She’s one of my fav authors of gay fiction.
Those are all on my list. I just finished As Far As You’ll Take Me by Phil Stamper. I wouldn’t say it’s funny, but it’s a good read about self discovery.

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