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Gayest Episode Ever

Gayest Episode Ever

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This is where we talk TV — what you’re watching, what you wish you were watching, and the LGBTQ representation that meant something to you.


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A very random question for you all: Logo plays reruns of Mama’s Family sometimes. Now most of the shows they play on Logo make sense as queer interest sitcoms… but why Mama’a Family? What makes that show gay?
I love that show. Theirs a gay Character named Kenny who pops up every now and again. It’s funny enough that it’s worth a watch. Theirs a great episode with Betty White, too
I would argue that The Mary Tyler Moore Show is the best, especially with the Season 1 lyrics. It captures Mary’s feelings of anxiety, uncertainty, and excitement as she embarks on a new life on her own. A lot of people found it inspiring , especially girls and young women (and gay boys). Apart from the song itself, I also love the ‘70-style editing with all the quick cuts and zooms, and then the iconic hat toss and freeze frame at the end.
This actually pertains to something I brought up recently on one of our episodes. 30 Rock? Mama’s Family? Unsure which, but it’s the trend for gay men in particular to balk at representation that is not squarely them. On one level, I get it. I am someone who demographically should have been into Looking, but I just couldn’t make it through that show. But on another level, I see a lot of gay guys I know turning up their news at gay stuff because it doesn’t feel like it’s for them.
The show wasn’t exactly cutting edge in terms of treatment of LGBTQ issues, but it is an all-time fave. And they did have a “gay episode” and even a “trans episode.”
Not to show my age too much, but modern family might honestly be the first show I remember watching that actually had gay characters
I knew a gay creator of a widely distributed queer show and he said he was judged for not making the show more widely appealing but many gay men said they didn’t like watching it because it hit TOO CLOSE to the mark and made them uncomfortable. So it was a “dammed if you do damned if you don’t” type situation.
So I might be currently binging the show Felicity for the first time, and S1E15 is “the gay episode.” It has not one but TWO gay storylines. Guess they wanted to get it all out of the way at once haha.
Honestly, I have a hard time saying “nah” to any of the episodes of your pod. I love them all. Even the discussions about shows that I don’t particularly watched or identify with. Like the Archie bunker Episode. I don’t identify with at all. But enjoyed it. Especially the spaces discussion. I think that really helped bridge context and continued a great discussion.
Going with Buffy. Dawson had a gay character and storylines (as did Buffy) but Buffy’s metaphors gave queer teens a lot to feast on. Plus it had a musical episode. Nothing gayer than a musical episode.
My Two Dads update: They have four different intros in the first season and randomly go back and forth between two of them. The show holds up pretty well. Found two potential candidates for “gay” episodes to watch tomorrow.
What’s the story on the episode wrap up music? I’m especially liking the current Valerie/Hogan family version. A couple of seasons back I felt like I was watching Too Close for Comfort while drowning each week. Anybody have thoughts on others themes deserving this treatment? Family Ties might be sweet agony…
Okay, big discussion question that I’m posting here and on the Cartoons That Made Us Gay space: What is the first thing (book, comic, TV show, toy line) that you remember latching onto and thinking “okay, this is my thing now.”
As we will explain in the episode that hits the main feed this week, a lot of gays didn’t like Modern Family because 1) they didn’t relate to Cam and Mitchell, 2) they didn’t like that Eric Stonestreet was straight and 3) essentially they sniffed out that it wasn’t necessarily *for* queer audiences so much as it was for mainstream audiences
Last night I was listening to another podcast and they brought up the show My Name is Earl. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it but I think I remember people liking it? After googling it, looks pretty not gay. Anyone seen it?
It’s the best. Just this side of a clip show because they don’t show any clip but they do recreate previous scenes set it Victorian times. Season 4 episode 8.
Well, I never watched either, but in my experience Dawson was watched by a ton of straight women in my circle, and Buffy was the show all the gay men were obsessed with.
And a question for you all: This October our podcast is bringing back a feature we did last year and it’s called Weirdest Episode Ever. We take a break from LGBTQ episodes of classic sitcoms and instead do the weird ones — the times when sitcoms randomly veer into horror or sci-fi and usually end up giving little kids nightmares
I’ve wondered about that too. I would argue that the difference is whether the location changes and whether any of the lead characters from the original show carry over . For example, I consider Golden Palace, Archie Bunker’s Place, and Three’s a Crowd to be sequels (all remain in the same city and keep at least one lead character ), but Frasier and AfterMASH are spin-offs because they star formerly secondary characters who move to a new location.
yeah, honestly I kinda love that Steve Buscemi ends up in trans lesbian relationship by the end of the show. You have characters saying tranny quite a bit earlier in the show, usually in derogatory ways. There’s some jokes about Salma Hayek’s character being born a man. There’s also the plot point where Tracy replaces the TGS dancer with trans sex workers.
We did an episode of Full House last year. It’s as close as they came to doing a gay episode and it’s kinda there? But wow, the Olsen’s are legit non-actors
Has there been a GEE about Everybody Loves Raymond? I happened to catch an episode the other day where the family thinks Raymond’s brother is gay.
I bought every 1.99 used VHS at Blockbuster that had queer characters or even seemed slightly homoerotic. The early 2000s had the reputation for “it doesn’t have to be good it just has to be gay” and I think the stink of that still lingers. Like, “it’s gay” comes before “it’s good,” or maybe people have a harder time believing that queer media can be good. Most reviews of Bros came down to, “No, it’s actually funny.”
My Two Dads: The Update Season one was a bust for contenders. Season Two in with another new intro. Kicks off with a Chad Allen debut and throws in a Bull Shannon cameo. Possible “look they’re not gay” episode. Season 3 starts tomorrow.
A second season “they’re not gay” is my favorite type of episode to talk about.
So our new episode went live this morning and it’s about Nikki, the Nikki Cox sitcom that ran in the early days of the WB. We use it to talk about the gay side of pro wrestling
Did Full House do a “they’re not gay” episode, especially since they were set in San Francisco ? I’m proud to say that I never watched FH .
Also, Golden Girls did a “no they’re not gay” episode in its second season
When I took my deep dive into Buffy and started reading up on Willow and Tara,and what went into bringing this relationship to such a show,I did read somewhere that they thought about making Xander gay first
I thought I had watched every episode of That70’s Show. I don’t remember this one at all

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