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For discussion of gay stereotypes, especially for those who don’t feel like we fit the expectations of the mainstream gay and LGBT+ community. Created by Gayish, an award-nominated gay podcast where we discuss a different gay stereotype each week. Recommended by Oprah Magazine, Esquire, Buzzfeed, and more.



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Hi, I'm new to the LGBTQIA+ community, and I have a question. If someone is non-binary or just uses they/them pronouns and prefers a singular gender, they aren't a girl or a boy so they aren't gay, lesbian or straight. Do I just refer to their partner as an SO and not really talk about their sexuality I have a friend who just came out as non-binary, and I'm questioning my gender. I'm very sorry if this comes across as offensive.
i hear you. it started with coming out for me. am i being gay right? do i get to call myself part of the community? what amount of being “involved” do i need to qualify? and being invalidated bc i didn’t know certain things, like bette middler’s music catalog. seattle is a particularly hard place for gay friendship, too, imo, esp after covid. and you start chatting w someone on scruff who only has “friends” and “networking” marked, but they send you their dick. like, sir, your dick doesn’t need to be involved in the networking process.
I never officially came out to my mom before she passed. Back in high school, she found the computer history before I knew browsers kept track of that stuff… and she made my life a living hell for several years. She called me all kinds of names, said she raised a daughter instead of a son, and told me to “quit this gay shit”…
Questions 1. Why is it hard to find a steady bf in the gay community? 2. Why are people so shallow? 3. Why do people complain about not having a bf, despite people reaching out to talk and get to know them? 4. Am I wrong for wanting a bf and not hook ups? I don’t believe I fit in to the in the gay community.
Question for my expansive, global gayish network- I’m accompanying my best friend to Toronto Canada next month for a gay Bollywood event called Meetha. And we’re making an extended weekend out of it. Anyone have suggestions of must see/do bars, restaurants etc ? Open to all things mild to wild! Appreciate any suggestions to help us slut it up for the first time internationally 😜
Look what just dropped! An entire episode on what it means to be a “Gay Republican” is it possible? Is it an oxymoron? How can anyone live in both worlds? We talk to Daniel Zwonitzer of Wyoming to hear how he reconciles living in this space.
Speaking a gay Black man in America, there’s A LOT wrong with the status quo. I also know disabled people and trans people and poor cis het white people who agree. The status quo working for you just means you’re privileged, not that it’s a perfectly fine system.
I really appreciate that I can live in a country where none of the top 5 federal parties (we don’t have a 2 party system) are actively trying to repeal my hard won human rights. But that’s not saying much….that’s why I live near the gaybourhood, where I can vote for a queer poc who represents my interests. I don’t know where else I can do that.
I agree, as a student, most of the gay guys here are just looking for sex…only… and have high standards but besides students, I feel like there are standards unfortunately in the community that makes me feel bad about myself sometimes
Part of my healing has been to start teaching my inner child that two openly gay men can be in a rom com just as much as a man and a woman can. And without any trauma bonding about how difficult it is to be gay or some kind of antagonistic tone symbolizing global homophobia, just an ideal and perfectly safe gay world for 10 and 12 year old me to watch
But who someone wants to sleep with isn’t diversity, queer history isn’t important at all, school systems should prioritize other topics, like maybe expanding world history, or teaching more about the colonization of America, the only notable thing that could at least be mentioned in schools is stonewall, besides that nothings happened. And then we come back to it, you could learn all of American queer history in one or two periods, in such a short amount of time students could work on the mastery of other, more life changing events
Yes! I agree with you all. We need to make sure it’s from a loving place and not a judgmental mindset. There’s enough judgment from outside the community, we truly don’t need nor want that type of attitude here. This space is our safe space. Meaning we should be able to feel vulnerable with each other without fear that someone will throw our vulnerability in our faces. You know as humans we should constantly be striving to show positivity and love, even to those who choose to do us harm.
I’ve worked really hard to just speak about it super casually. And it always catches people off guard. Which I kinda find enjoyable. Where I’m from can sometimes be dangerous to be openly gay. And I figure the more people understand it’s just not a big deal and see others talk as if it is the more likely they’re perceptions will change
Republican values do not match with modern day Americans at all. And much can be said about traditional democrat values as well. To say any of us play into identity politics for the sole factor that oh democrat means gay rights is one immature and two, dangerous. I vote mainly democrat due to the fact that I remember that a good majority of the conservative Supreme Court justices wish for gay marriage to be overturned, I wish one day for a husband and a kid, what’s the problem for me to vote democrat in order to protect that future?
Hey everyone I have a proposal for you. I have been thinking bout this for a long time now. But as a joke, to fuck with the straight community, I want to make Lgbt community membership cards. These will be cards that have different levels. Gold Star Gay, Silver Star Gay, and Platinum Gay. It’s nothing special it just a card that says “I belong to the lgbt community and I am a gold/silver/platinum level gay.” If anyone is interested in expanding on this concept, feel free to message me.
Okay, I’ve blocked William, but the remaining folks who are speaking of violence, please stop. I came to this platform to have good conversations without threats of violence or bigotry, or any kind of hateful conversation. I’m all for having tough conversations, but they need to remain mature and respectful. I’d like to stay in this Space because I enjoy the fun conversations at times and I’m a fan of the Podcast.
Hello. Marco here from Manila, philippines. 🇵🇭 I live in Indiana County, Pennsylvania. I use he, they pronouns. I’m blind, fat, gay, and a brown Asian liberal progressive living in an ultra conservative town in western PA. If there is an oppression pentathlon, I’d get a medal. Haha. Good morning, yinz! When I’m not busy with grad school stuff, my hobbies are sarcasm and pretending to be funny.
Look at everything the Supreme Court has gutted, affirmative action WILL get gutted within the next 2 weeks then gay marriage and possibly interracial marriage. If you read conservative news, they tell you everything they want to do. The democrats are just weak, I hate to say it but had Harry Reid lived and stayed in the senate he would’ve gone after Manchin and Sinema. Manchin is throwing another temper tantrum because Biden called coal outdated-which is true
Hi, I’m León from Seattle! I’m looking for more Hispanic gay friends to talk to since it’s kinda hard to find them in real life in Seattle 🥲
🎉 🎉 NEW EPISODE 🎉 🎉 ✡️🕍✡️ Queer Jews ✡️🕍✡️ This week we go from Gayish to Goyish! Rachael Fried, Executive Director from JQY, joins Mike and Kyle to talk about the intersectionality between being queer and being Jewish.
Got a question for everyone in here. Why does it take a gay man to show their family how to decorate the whole house for Christmas? I decorated the kitchen, living room, bathroom and the outside.
🎉 🎉 NEW EPISODE 🎉 🎉 🎢🎢 Roller Coasters 🎢🎢 Are you a roller coaster gay? Mike and Kyle take us all on a wild ride to figure out what that even means! Keep your hands, arms, feet, and legs inside the vehicle at all times. Strap in and strap on, this is Gayish.
I’ll tell you about current Republican policies stripping rights: There’s policies in Florida prohibiting queer people from talking about their lives in schools (I live here, so I know) There’s policies all over the country stripping trans people of healthcare access (a human right), there are now laws in multiple states prohibiting people who become pregnant from accessing healthcare as well. It’s comments like this that have people calling you a troll. You said something with no factual basis at all. Unless you live under a rock.
I recently watched a gay netflix movie that wasnt trauma related or filled with grievance plot centered around being gay, it was purely romantic and structured similarly to how many other hetero romantic films are. Ive tried to watch this movie before and always became uncomfortable or bothered by the normalization of gay love, as opposed to the fetishization of gay sex. This was a family movie, and for the first time ever, I watched it without flinching or feeling uncomfortable and actually enjoyed it and cried at the end.
Seriously! I mean, fwb are cool and all, but if I’m not whipping it out or otherwise being sexual, I’m cast to the side. It’s hard to make real friends in the gay community. But I’m not going to stop trying.
Maybe this is a silly question I can already answer, but sometimes I wonder.. does anyone else feel like they have to earn their way into the queer community? Of course, there could be so many factors to this like how I present myself etc.. but it just feels so hard to find good, genuine friends in the community. I feel like I have so many good connections through social media but meeting and having friendships outside of that is difficult.
I think something Ive started to process is that I dont consider myself anti-sex at all when I share this, if anything I think the gift that queerness gives me is to be open and expressive to a multitude of erotic practices outside of the vanilla and heteronormative history behind us. But I think that my inner child has wanted a gay representation of the romantic and love filled films that I watched play out between a man and a woman.
I appreciate this. The term “reserve” has a very specific legislative inference and facilitates negotiating the human rights of peoples who were granted sovereignty as recently as the ‘90s. This isn’t ancient history, this is within my life’s that Canada has demonstrated such disrespect around that land it calls home. If we can’t be accountable to our present, how can we be accountable to our future, regardless of the white-declared-country you live in?
there’s no official answer in the episode, but that would make sense. i suspect that, even if the profession is made up by more gay men than most, homophobia means straight people will be more likely to rise to the top, be rewarded, get selected for public jobs, etc.
I relate to feeling not gay enough so much. My friends always call me a horrible gay and make fun of me for being a straight gay because I am not gay enough what ever that means.

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