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Does anyone here play Soulsborne/RPG, or MMO type games like Elden Ring or FF14? Currently play Elden Ring, FF14, and Destiny 2 on PS5. Also playing Back4Blood and just picked up Evil Dead if anyone wants to play?
That’s a very fair point bc I’m typically the same way with open world games Rex but for some reason I found apex fun also Rafael that makes sense I mean I would say one thing some of the legends(Characters to play with) are very relatable and some voice lines are so adorable and loving
I think it’s a great game. It is easy to pick up. What other switch games if any do you guys play?
HEYY y’all I just finished billing my PC I play Fortnite dead by daylight gentian impact and much more I’m starting to stream on twitch If you wanna give me a follow bad_karma252 is my Twitch user and when I’m life I’ll let y’all know and if you guys play these games you guys can join me
Nice! Ive heard nothing but good things from my community members about Elden Ring. Its been everything that they’ve sought in a souls game! Ive personally dont play, but the hype seems to be deeply deserved. Whats been your favorite aspect of it? Im personally addicted to Lost Ark atm - as someone whose waited for a long time its been everything i wanted!
I’m kinda a one game guy. I like playing one thing until I’m done, then I typically don’t play anything for months at a time. I probably haven’t turned on my PS5 in eight months. 😮
I am curious for those who play fallout 4 is there any character in the game that you will refuse to kill no matter what type of playthru you were playing
It’s tons of fun. Honestly, i put the video and audio settings to Kurosawa mode and had a blast! But i don’t know anyone else who played it like that. They’re all like “why would you want to play a game in black and white?”
yeah apex does that to you it’s stressful but i have a love hate relationship with the game and omgg yess i love borderlands 3, which one is your fav relic? and yeah are used to play on switch so I know how it feels
Currently playing elden ring on ps5 just wrapped up horizon forbidden west and then bout to play the Jurassic world evolution again after they drop this new dlc for the movie lol
Just got back into playing Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Have also picked Destiny 2 back up for a bit. Have mainly played Destiny by myself however would be nice to play with someone.
As a younger sibling, I got used to watching my brother play when we were kids. There are definitely certain games that he was better at playing, but I got to experience them since I would just watch him play. Like I’m terrible at action and stealth games, but my brother is good at them. Lol
Like a Dragon is a great game to play. Unless you care for the story of it all, you might wanna play from the beginning. but Like a Dragon was my second game of the series and I was still able to follow along pretty well.
Does anyone else find more joy WATCHING someone else play certain video games rather than playing them? Keyword “certain” games lol I find that the more visually appealing the more I want to sit back and take it all in.
Does anyone play Pokémon unite? I have recently connected with the game again after taking a long break. I’m at a point where I’m in need of consistent, capable players to move up the ranks. By no means am I the best, but it would be nice to have a consistent team.
Dang. I never was really able to play Xbox growing up bc my brothers so I suck at all games and it’s hard to find people to play with bc they say they don’t want to “carry” me. But my partner doesn’t mind so much lol and we only have 1 Xbox
ohh lol i mean i play it sometimes but i love playing roblox and just playing scary games
Mostly single player long stories, such as God of War, Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, Assassin’s Creed and such. Played FFXIV and Destiny 2 for a long time but got tired and stopped. Looking for a new multiplayer to play. Didn’t find anything I actually enjoyed so far.
Oh cool! Well if you ever are on and wanting to play with some, let me know! I really want to get into this game more but I’m kinda bad at making friends with people online.
I plan on selling my Switch to a friend but in the meantime, I’ve been thinking about playing Life is Strange. I definitely want to play True Colors but is it worth it to start from the beginning?
Very much! I loved the game when it came out and fell off due to some mechanics. I’m hoping the leveling changes can keep me a little more consistent, though I already suspect the integrated crossplay will do that (allowing me to finally play with people I know, whom all seem to play on PS)
Lol I just never used it so I was waiting for the holidays n idk what games to play I’m new to pc gaming n steam
What are y’alls favorite type of game to play mine is Fantasy/apocalyptic
If I get an Xbox soon wanna play with me. I’m not good at games but I enjoy them and my commentary is funny
I play Fortnite, Dead by Daylight, Minecraft or any game that catches my eye, I am on PlayStation
I’m assuming you’re replying to message lol. We played quite a few RPG games and FPS games. But we’ll play anything as it’s enjoyable and have a good story
I play Fortnite,Minecraft and other fun games
u need people to play with not everyone takes that game seriously and u can just have fun
i used to play that game and then i stopped but apex had a new season today/tomorrow
I don’t play online competitive games because I’m sick of being yelled at. If anyone wants to play animal crossing tho I’m down

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