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A Space for all queer fans of horror films and TV series. Let’s discuss the latest spooky on-screen offerings and your favorite creepy crawly classics! When you enter this Space, feel free to drop a few of your favorite horror titles, or something else that’s interesting about yourself! 😳👻🎃


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Just watched the trailer. I’m a wimp when it comes to horror, so have to watch the trailer before going to see the movie. It looks pretty scary, which makes sense since the guy who plays It is in it
The last horror movie I saw was The Boy 2 but I don’t think I finished it. My favorite part of the movie was that the boy looked like a girl and had a classically feminine name. I don’t see enough boys with “girl” names so I enjoyed that bit :) I do remember really liking the first movie though! I thought the ending was super cool!
The last horror movie I watched was The Mist. It was pretty good. I enjoyed it.
Sorry meant to send this earlier, My top 3 movies in no particular order; Carnival of Souls…High Tension…Devils Rejects…newest horror I’ve watched is the new Chucky series bc my 10 yr old daughter is obsessed with him (I’m partial to Glen/Glenda) and I got so scared it was sexy during The Witch, I cried like a baby at the end of Lamb, and laughed my butt off during The Lighthouse…
Any recommendations for a good date night horror movie. We both love found footage movies. I would normally have something planned out but I didn’t think they would say yes
I thought that movie was funny! I didn’t like it as a horror movie at all, but I thought it was a nice one to make fun of :) But that might just be me. (I’m really picky about which horror movies I like and which ones I watch to make fun of.)
Hey, everybody! I actually watched a ton of horror movies last weekend! Will have to create a little “report” when I have a sec. Some were stinkers, but some I really liked!
(Sorry if I talk or reply too much 😅) I think the last horror movie I’ve seen was probably ‘silent hill’ that movie is so good and the creatures are just ✨MWAH 🤌✨ chefs kiss and I also have the video game of silent hill :)
Such a great day for horror, y’all! Happy October 7th! We’ve got … - Hellraiser on Hulu - Werewolf by Night on Disney+ - The Midnight Club on Netflix I don’t think we’ve discussed that last one, but it’s an adaptation of the same-named book by Christopher Pike, who was my absolute fave teen horror novelist back in the day. For those who don’t know, he was basically the more mature version of RL Stine !
What was the last horror movie (or show) you saw, and what’d you think?? Bonus points if you post the film’s promo image or poster along with your answer! 😎
Hereditary is I think the best horror movie of the last … 20 years.
FAVORITE horror films: in no particular order (subjective): “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974),” “The Changeling (1980),” “Devil’s Candy,” “Black Christmas (1974),” “Psycho (1960),” Peele’s follow-up, “Us,” The VVitch,” “The Exorcist,” and “Hereditary.” Recent horror: Aster’s sophomore adore, “Midsommar.”
Favorite current horror flick: far and away, Ari Aster’s haunting, mesmerizing, and totally unforgettable nightmare of parental guilt and family tragedies: “Hereditary.” Toni Colette’s performance alone is full-frontally assaulting; i was exhausted from it at the end!!!! Talk about an auspicious debut as a writer/director. The right: editing, direction, musical score, acting, and photography; just adds to the full catapult of a catalystic descent into hell!!!!!
Hey! Thanks for the welcome 🤗 my Halloween season is great. I recently watched American Horror Story Asylum and Coven for the first time and loved both!
Umm I’ve seen Kuntilanak, The Whole Truth, The Rope Curse 1 & 2, The Bridge Curse & I rewatched Ju-On. I’ve really been on an Asian horror kick lately. I’m not easily scared by media & these movies are slow burns so I don’t know if they’re good, spooky films. But I really liked Ju-On (oldie but goodie) & The Rope Curse (1st one).
Has anybody heard of they/them it’s a new horror movie About one of those “cleansing camps” for gay people and I’m hoping that it doesn’t have just homophobic stuff in it and I think it sounds pretty cool
What horror movie should I watch tonight? Suspiria, the fog, I know what you did last summer, ouija: origin of evil, or the blob?
What’s everyone’s favorite horror movie of all time? Mine happens to be A Nightmare on Elm Street.
Hey y’all I figured this has been asked regularly but did anyone have a favorite horror movie from their year? Was there any that disappointed?
I haven’t seen it yet but it’s on my list of movies for this month! My roommate and I are watching at least one scary/creepy/Halloween movie a day
What was the last horror movie y’all saw, either new or old?
Yes I know hocus pocus isn’t technically a horror movie, but it’s a classic Halloween movie
It would be cool if we can have a zoom call and watch horror movies or Twilight zone episodes! I'm willing to organize it 😎 anybody here in this group can join us. Love watching horror movies and shows with others that share a passion for horror stuff!
I absolutely love the multiplayer horror games. My favorite is to watch is Devour, and then of course phasmophobia since so many people stream it. I’m too much of a coward to play the single player ones, but I do like to watch them. Like Markiplier’s 3 scary games series? Solid 👌👌
The last horror movie I saw was The Forest
As for best horror film of this year, my two are Fresh and Hellraiser. I LOVED the new Hellraiser, and am super excited at the possibility that it kicked off a new revamped franchise.
What was the LAST horror movie everyone saw, and how was it??
I saw Nope last week and thought it was pretty good. A lot of jump scares and more sci-fi than horror. When the villain was zoomed in, it honestly didn’t look scary at all
Hi!! I don’t have a favorite horror movie (yet) but one I absolutely love is The Lodge
Greetings everyone! I’m a horror fanatic! So glad there’s a space for us here! My absolute favorite horror flick is John Carpenter’s “Halloween”. My second favorite is the 2016 version of “IT” I look forward to sharing, debating, and laughing with you in the near future! Cheers! ~ Cardi

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