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A Space for all queer fans of horror films and TV series. Let’s discuss the latest spooky on-screen offerings and your favorite creepy crawly classics! When you enter this Space, feel free to drop a few of your favorite horror titles, or something else that’s interesting about yourself! 😳👻🎃


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Hi all! Big horror lover (and sometime creator) here. This is my best of list for 2022: TOP TEN: 10. Scream 5 9. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 8. Crimes of the Future 7. The Black Phone 6. Nope 5. Barbarian 4. Orphan: First Kill 3. Watcher 2. Fresh 1. Smile NON-2022 FILMS I WATCHED & LOVED THIS YEAR: John and the Hole There's Someone Inside Your House Caveat Titane The Feast Lamb JUST OKAY: Werewolf by Night Violent Night Bodies Bodies Bodies Hellraiser Halloween Ends DISAPPOINTMENTS: They/Them Umma
The horror movies I’ve seen this year ranked best to worst would be: 1. Scream 5 2. Bodies Bodies Bodies 3. Smile 4. Hellraiser 5. X 6. Fall 7. Terrifier 2 8. The Black Phone 9. Unhuman 10. Barbarian 11. Halloween Ends 12. Fresh 13. Pearl I absolutely LOVED Scream and Bodies Bodies Bodies.
All Time: Scream. It was one of the first horror films I watched. I also love the fact that the characters are horror movie junkies too. It’s just a genius concept to me. Most recent: Barbarian. If y’all haven’t seen it yet y’all need to! The plot itself is not the most original but the way it’s shot and the acting makes the movie.
If you want something a little more intense, check her out in last years horror movie “X” and it’s prequel “Pearl.” Two of my fav horror movies in recent memory.
I think Barbarian was my favorite horror of the year, but I also loved Smile and the atmosphere of Men. I HATED X and Pearl. Just not for me. And I really liked Scream 5, but I wish it had more Neve in it!!! Kinda bummed she won’t be in 6.
Has anyone seen that movie “ Grim” on Netflix?? TikTok says it’s super scary but I’m iffy on Netflix horror I’m so desensitized at this point I eat while watching surgeries and anatomy lessons
Hello all! I’m Randy nice to meet you all proper. Favorite horror movie of all time is hard since there are many I really like, but the one that I’ve recommended to people the most has to be CLIMAX The latest horror movie I saw was Smile and I thought it was very meh. I did watch the new VHS movie before that and had a much more fun time with that however.
of all time: Dawn of the Dead the 2000 edition, but only cause that was like the first horror movie I remember loving so don't judge me lol last one I saw: Paranormal Next of Kin, I thought it was horrible and how did what could have been a great franchise fall off so hard and so fast
I watched it last night. Best sequel since the second movie. I agree, seems like was closer to Barkers vision than the later movies.
I just.. really like the concept of re-creating serial killings or horror movies IN A HORROR MOVIE it's so meta *chef's kiss*
I enjoyed the barbarian. I would have to say my favorite horror movie is the shining though
Like the one horror movie I watched where the goth girl was the first one to die
What’s your favorite horror movie poster? I have a framed Nightmare on Elm Street in my bedroom, such an surreal painting.
My favorite horror movie is Freddy vs Jason especially when the one girl is egging Freddy on and then out of no where Jason just ends her :/
Loved The Menu. Not fully horror in my opinion, but hilarious and tense with some horror elements. A great movie!
So I’m hanging out with someone Friday night for a movie night. They haven’t seen much horror, so I thought we could watch a horror movie. Any good recommendations for someone who hasn’t really seen horror? I came up with It and MEgan so far
Favorite horror movie of the year?
I’m thinking about watching Bros. I know it’s not a horror movie but it sounds good.
Good Morning! I lean more into the Gore side of horror so my top 3 would be: 1. The Saw Franchise 2. The Final Destination Franchise 3. The Resident Evil Movies
Last horror movie I saw was dash cam. I hated it so much I turned it off after 15 mins.
What’s everyone’s favorite non slasher horror movie
Yesterday I had a horror movie type moment. I text my friend hoe far are u I check my phone I have a missed call from him I call him back he said hi buddy I’m right behind u turn around
I would call it horror, dealing with zombies lol. Loved that movie but the prequel was trash
My favorite horror movie is the blood Queen
Good morning horror kings and queens my fav horror movie is SCREAM 😱 💀
Do you have a favorite Korean horror movie?
I watched a horror films over the holidays. Gretel and Hansel - 💗 Smile - 😳 the last 20 minutes made it for me. The Ritual - 🫣🤔 The Conjuring - 🤓 Color Out of Space - 🥱😒 Doctor Sleep - 🤓
Anyone have a favorite 2022 horror movie to share?
What’s everyone’s favorite horror movie?
my favorite horror movie is The Thing

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