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Gym and Fitness

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A space for bodybuilders, athletes, and even casual lifters. From newbies to experts. Come chat, receive positive affirmations or ask questions.


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I guess my question is, how consistent are you? 5 days a week, 3 days a week? Are you taking pictures weekly to see how your body is changing? Do you have your days segmented into push / pull or body parts? If you’re saying yes to all of those things and not seeing a difference my first thought is diet. No amount of gym can fix an imbalanced diet. Second is maybe a personal trainer or coach to help you start making sure you’re targeting your body in the right way.
I’m at the peak end of my training (show this Saturday). I do weights (2 body parts and abs) for 90 minutes. I usually break it into chest/tris shoulder/legs back/bis - followed by 20-30 minutes of light cardio. Along with a handful of 1 mile walks throughout the day. Also: once a week HIIT, twice a week Zumba, once a week yoga. 😊
I would always say, stay Smart. If you need to lose 50lbs by September, that’s roughly 15+ lbs a month. That’s… a lot. I would get more specific. Plan for July 24th. What’s the realistic goal there? Can we do 10lbs by then. Maybe. Roughly 2lbs a week. Some smart eating could easily get you there. Specific - 1 month Measurable - yes Attainable - yes Realistic - mostly Time table - done If you plug that for 3 months, attainable and realistic goes into question. You always want reachable SMART goals
I just started my fitness journey. I’m working with a personal trainer 4 days a week, and doing paleo diet for nutrition. I’m so tired of looking like I do. I can’t ever find a boyfriend, because I don’t look like a model. I’m scared, but I’m so pissed off from being fat, that I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror. So, here goes nothing.
How’s everyone doing this week? Any goals for the summer. I’m actually working on legs extra and a small weight gain before my next competition in November
Welcome everyone. Hope everyone has a great week. Any big goals this week? i’m 11 days out from my competition, so I’m Decarbing for the next 6-7 days.
My current macros: 2700 Cal P: 203 C: 270 F: 90 Used my lean mass body weight instead of my overall mass. I see it as more of a budget; I can see eating less some days and eating close to all of it for others.
I got that number from Noom and it works wonders for me. Granted, I’m not doing any heavy lifting, and I exercise only 30 min/day, 5 days/week.
Oh this is exciting. I found this gym and fitness space. I am a first degree black belt in karate I have my personal training certification Kickboxing certification Refit revolution certification (dance) Working on getting my corrective exercise certification Working getting therapeutic exercise certification as Well as nutritionist certification
People at the gym are nicer than you think. If the whole gym gives you anxiety, might I suggest group fitness classes for a warmer environment. Most gyms offer a free personal training session. That helps so you can navigate the gym floor with confidence.
I finished my 6-week Centr program! Loved it! Gonna take it easy this week and then start one of the weight programs next week.
Would love folks opinion: should I use my full body weight or muscle mass/lean body/fat free weight when calculating calories? I weight 255, so the numbers seem high. They seem more manageable when I use the other numbers. Thoughts?
It’s actually cheaper per month if you pay a year upfront, and my job reimburses fitness fees, so I might take the plunge next week!
Another question: I’m pretty athletic, but after injury I’m looking to lose at least 50lbs by Sept.24. Do you think focusing on fat loss or body recomp (building fat + muscle at the same time)? A good portion of this is still muscle, I was around 220 before I got hurt.
Welcome everyone. Anyone have any goals for the week? Im trying to stick to my regiment. Was mostly good during last week but I know I could tighten up on the food.
Welcome everyone. Hope everyone had a good week. Tomorrow is my weigh-in for my competition. Don’t know how I’ll make it to 6pm on a fairly empty stomach
Fruit is in a container for the hubby. Salmon is had twice a week as an easy dinner.
Hey everyone! How are we holding mid-week? Weight dropped too much with my decarb so I got to pig out a bit today which was great.
Definitely will be able to show pictures. There will be plenty. After I’m done with bodybuilding in a few years I definitely want to get into pole dancing. A nearby yoga studio offers that and every person who walks out of that is totally ripped.
I wouldn’t say power lifter, more of body shaping and weight training
I’m interested in bodybuilding. I’m concerned about a couple of things 1. Being type 1 diabetic. 2. Having to stop some of the other athletic activities that I love to do (tennis, CrossFit, etc.)
If you need any specific tips, I can help. Small goals are always best. Especially if you don’t know where to start. I’d like to think this group is here for everyone! Stay strong one step at a time
I found my current husband on grindr and were total gym bros. 😂 Grindr works but you might also consider attending a class and seeing if you can find any like minded guys.
I would ask, why 50? It seems oddly specific. Again, if no competition. Plan for a month out and see where it goes, then you can adjust accordingly
hi hi, i’m very new to the fitness world and want to work on my body but i’m not sure where to start in terms of workouts or nutrition 😅
Nothing crazy, may head to a winery (hoping to not spoil the week’s gainz) 😂
That’s great LB - glad to hear it. I’m in the midst of gain season so my body is adjusting to the extra calories
Made this space for Queer individuals looking to chat about fitness. Got my second bodybuilding show June 4th.
It’s about 2 servings per container. One serving is 200 cal. The whole container is 520. To make the numbers actually work, the “about 2 servings” has to actually be more like 2.6 servings.
Hello all looking to start getting back into shape. I’m currently 270 lbs and want to get to about 200 what are some options I have minus going to a gym right now. I’m 6’4”.

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