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Lesbian support group

Lesbian support group

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Space for lesbians to chat and share stories on coming out, everyday life, gay cinema/tv, or if you just need someone to listen to you 🙂

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What you can see in this Space

Hey! Not sure if this is allowed but I just released a podcast with some friends made by lesbians for women loving women! We discuss everything from our experiences coming out, which dating apps we prefer, date ideas and even deeper! Available wherever you find your podcasts! It’s called Dykalicious podcast and insta handle is @dykalicious_podcast
Hi y’all! I just joined Spaces. I’m a non-binary lesbian looking to make new LGBTQ+ friends, specifically in the Dallas area.☺️
Yeah, I’m only looking for more queer friends. Adult life got really busy and it’s hard to get out and make friends for me as an introvert. I figure going on small spaces like this is safer to find friends and not have people assume I’m looking for anything.
I read it a bit more last night and got to yet another unbelievable plot twist. My mind is blown 🤯 I got it at Barnes and Nobel. You must read it!!! I need a buddy to discuss it with because I’m obsessed!!!
Nah I’ve been 15 won’t be 16 till next year March 🤷‍♀️
hello! I've been wondering if anyone knows books about lesbian romances they'drecommend?
I actually was seeking my lesbian tribe and found lots of gay men no disrespect but I was happy to find lesbian women
Maybe you just look in the wrong women 🤷‍♀️
I understand. I go to a lot of queer things and sometimes it’s nice to just be with other queer women instead of the whole community.
It definitely gets better when you take care of yourself and do a lot of reflecting. I still struggle a bit with it all but I’ve become happier trying my best to accept it for what it is. I had a lot of denial which I thought was somehow helping me but nothing helps more than accepting who you are and taking the time to come to terms with it and embrace yourself🙂
Hello, how is everyone. My name is hayley and I’m a lesbian trying to find some who wants to be friends
Yes! I’ve heard some phones don’t support the dm option, so maybe you aren’t able to do it? I’ll try it anyways. If you don’t get it I can give you my insta instead
Also it is a really big and scary thing, understand that there is no rush, you will know when the time is right, there’s a community out here ready to support you through this!
I didn’t really have much community until I created a couple local queer groups and then was introduced to queer kickball. I don’t play but a lot of people just use it as an excuse to hangout
I read a lot of my lesbian romance books on Wattpad if you are into smut I have some good books
simply put, discord is a platform you can use to communicate with just your friends or a large community of people
This community is all about accepting ourselves and knowing that we have support and that we are not alone, and that’s what we hoped to help others realise and accept themselves too
Morning! I’m at school☹️
Yeah I totally feel that! How do you handle this feeling like you’re always the odd one out amongst like your non queer peers?
Good Morning! Are any of y’all dealing with a queer community drought?
Hey guys can I be a non-binary woman and lesbian?
Oh yea he wrote a book and thought he could put it into the schools curriculum but us students protested it and convinced the school board not to
Yea I’m definitely not ready to come out to my parents 😅. It’s not that I’m scared that they won’t support me or not it’s jus I’m scared of how their going to act yk
Some ramen lovers some noodle lives okay okay I see ya. My favorite food would definitely be burritos, mostly cuz I’m vegetarian lol
Telling you bro corny ass pickup lines make women smile
I feel kinda old 😅lol but I’m doing pretty okay I’m excited to start my new job Saturday
ohh how sad, hmm where did she live btw? I think college person is so busy of there studying
We were going to have an open thanksgiving for those that needed it but then my partner’s family had a medical emergency. So for a week and a half I was a sing parent and we decided that since she wasn’t going to be back until Wednesday we would just have it but us and our friend and her kids
Hey I just joined this group but I’ve been struggling with my sexuality lately and I was just wondering if sometimes if it’s normal to get frustrated with yourself because of ur sexuality?
Yeah I actually am still in that mindset right now. I also don’t have a ton of queer friends. I just came out 2 years ago at 21 and finding your community can be hard.

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