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LGBQT Nutrition, Food and Wellness

LGBQT Nutrition, Food and Wellness

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A space to learn about and discuss general nutritional wellness, share and get recipes and learn about nutrition for specific issues (gut health, stress management, weight control, body goals and general hormonal health including for those transitioning). Hosted by a registered dietitian / nutritionist with more than 15 years experience


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What you can see in this Space

Light salad but oh so yum 80g Exotic Tomatoes 30g Baby spinach 15g Rocket 3/4leaves Basil (finely slice/chiffonade) Salt (to taste) Pepper (to taste) 1TBS Apple juice (if you would like you could finely slice up some apple) 1TBSApple cider vinegar 1tspOlive oil 1TBS Roasted pumpkin seeds Variation Additions: -Cottage cheese/Mozzarella -croutons/slice of crunchy rye toast (lovely lunch) -micro herbs (nutrient dense)
I made a super healthy pasta salad today with lots of chickpeas and herby goodness. Heat wave = need more no bake options that can feed me & the 15 year old man-cub for low-cost with high nutritional value & I felt like I won that today! It's been great to be able to tell him (and know for me) that something quick, easy, health-ish, and COLD is in the fridge! 😂😂😂
Thank you for saying that. I want to share an eating out win this morning. A friend offered to take me to breakfast and I'm proud to say I stuck with a healthy omelette full of veggies and a side salad with a cranberry/lemonade. In future - I would have cut the omelet in half due to the high fat dairy, ate more of the salad and gone for a water and an unsweetened iced tea!
Hello fellow foodies! I’ve fallen off the healthy nutrition wagon over the past 6 months (depression, anxiety) but I’m slowly but surely getting back into a healthy routine and would love to get inspired about how I can incorporate more nutritional value into my diet, instead of going for the easy option which is usually ordering takeout or eating out 😌
Hey lovely! Welcome! Your meals you've been posting in Food Envy look incredible though 😃😃😃😃 I empathise. When I'm depressed I eat and when I eat and eat I get depressed 🫠 Anxiety is also my very old friend and messes with my system terribly! I either live on tinned foods or take aways and seriously need to change my habits 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫
Thanks my friend!!! I need to still come eat at your spot. Only you could make "vegetarian clams" sound delicious😅 I know I'm terrible with tinned food. I just battle with time 🫠🫠🫠🫠⚖️⚖️⚖️
Will let you know when we launch the dinner club those will be fun and have more exciting options available - I like the concept of something you’ll never have again ✌🏼 Cooking for myself never have time but regardless - My body hates food and right now I don’t know what I can and can’t eat - it’s been a sad story. So I feed off others enjoyment of food. 🤩🫠 On the plus side you have worked out quick go to options that you enjoy and atleast provide some good nutritional value 👍🏼
Holy cats! Thanks for that link. Food that gets processed in a factory often has not-food in it. Processed food is always a health risk. I know capitalism makes it hard for people to cook for themselves, making nutrition quite difficult.
Hey @ash! Been feeling so bloated lately - do but butters cause this? Thinking what it could be from: either cashew nut butter/avo/ Vanilla coffee? The rest of the day I've eaten the same as I usually do ..... ❤️
I often replace breakfast with lots of coffee but if I do manage to sit down and eat it's usually eggs, avo, spinach and salmon if I'm lucky ❤️
if you’re in LA highly, highly recommend Earthbar smoothies. they have them in most Equinox gyms (not that I can afford that). but they’re usually primarily coconut and cashew based with vegan protein powder added and the coconut meat adds natural sweetness. sometimes agave or banana or dates for additional sweetness. they use a lot of adaptogenic supplements as well. 10/10
Hemp seeds are a great source of protein and vitamin E. They’re also rich in two essential fatty acids. Last, because they contain high amounts of the amino acid arginine, they may reduce your risk of heart disease.
I’ve been making a protein packed smoothie lately with peanut butter flavored whey protein, almond butter, almond milk and a touch of honey. Super delish
It was a little something I have been working on at my little restaurant - I have a fine tuned variation coming to the menu ♥️ Working on creating balanced meals that keep you feeling good and nourished. 🙏🏼 Also light meals for those that prefer easy digest meals throughout the day.
Wanted to try Daily Harvest until I learned some people had to have their gallbladder removed after eating their lentil, looking at other Sandra Dee type "Semi-Homemade" options for cheap and healthy meals. 🙃
I can eat a tub of any nut butter at any given time haha. Along with a jar of honey. Totally satisfies my sweet tooth..::
Hey Ash! Thanks for the wealth of knowledge. What's your tip to staying healthy this winter in South Africa? Vs getting fit for a summer in Europe? 😋
In your experience, for weight loss, which have you found to work better … small meals throughout the day or intermittent fasting that has you eating, say, one meal per day
⬆️ is mine. Also incredible the next day toasted with melted butter and honey.
Pasta Salad: Fusilli pasta, chickpeas, green beans, corn, sweet peas, vegan mayo, 🧂/ Pepper and Trader J's citrus seasoning. Delish!
Thanks for the insight! Someone once told me that arginine-rich foods are bad for someone like me who's prone to getting fever blisters... I wonder if this is true?
No but it looks delicious!!! I heard it's an eat with your hands situation? Sounds yummy and fun!
Interesting that they mimic oestrogen... is it advisable to eat lentils if I have say too much oestrogen production in my system?
High levels of arginine can increase lysine requirements this is true. So might be worth taking lysine if consuming hemp seeds in high amounts
Hello friends! Tomorrow I start a journey to prevent diabetes and fatty liver! All low calorie, high volume snacks, go-to easy dinners, and encouragement welcome! Pm open also. Thank you.
Hi Sarah! As an herbalist and wellness coach, I loved seeing your intro! Health at every size and intuitive eating for the win!
it’s definitely helpful to focus on health and wellness. but diet culture is toxic and reinforces systemic fatphobia
their shilajit resin helped me balance my hormones in a way that allowed me to start menstruating again after not having a moon cycle for 5 months (PCOS) and their magnesium threonate supplement is the best magnesium product I’ve tried so far
Toasted with butter and honey is always the go to but Kitke French toast is always a win too 🤩
Does anyone find intermittent fasting helpful for overall well-being & energy? NOT talking about calorie restricting or dieting. Just purely the mental/physical benefits. I keep reading articles about it and my interest is piqued

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