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The gay TV landscape has drastically changed in recent times, and for years now there have been TV series offering audiences a complex, nuanced portrait of what it means to be LGBTQ in the modern world. Streaming services have made an unlimited number of TV series available to the masses, and binge-watching just-released content is a favorite pastime of many of us. Sometimes painfully realistic and at other times hilarious, gay TV series are an important step towards equality for all, as they provide invaluable visibility and representation. And with the movie industry often not fairing well in its depiction of the LGBTQ community, gay TV is often the only place to turn for sophisticated stories about our community. These days, the amount of content available online and on TV is staggering. Let us help you pare things down, whatever interests you in the realm of gay TV. We've got the lowdown on everything gay coming to a TV or streaming service near you.


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I love “Pose”. They wrapped their final season last year, and the entire series is on Hulu if I’m not mistaken. “Euphoria” is also great. Heavily queer show, but also heavily wild lmao. Same with “Genera+ion” —- both are HBO Max shows although the latter was canceled. They also had a great mini-series called “It’s a Sin”. “Sex Education” on Netflix is also pretty rad. There was another called “Special” which was amazing but was canceled after 2 seasons
Oh man, so many good shows mentioned! Love Pose! Haven’t seen the last season yet because my sibling hadn’t seen it, so I’m doing a re-watch with them into watching the last season. I really liked Wix more than I expected to. The show Lucifer is much like Lucifer the character; very charming, if not much substance. I really wanted to like The 100, but I kept getting annoyed. Umbrella, She-Hulk are on my list (so much love for Page & Maslany!!!) So are HoTD and Interview…so much good tv!
Yes! I watched up until the last season and stopped because my sibling started watching. We decided to watch the last season together, so I’m waiting for them to catch up! I really appreciate a show that knows it ending and is intentional about how it ends or says goodbye. I know it’ll be worth the wait.
Even if Euphoria isn’t for you as a whole show, you should check out the 2 special episodes they made between season 1 & 2. They are both really, really good! The writing is impressive and the acting is incredible! The first really showcases Zendaya’s ability to make that character believable and is mainly a really interesting discussion about being a person who chooses sobriety. The second features the writing and acting skills of Hunter Schafer as her character considers the idea of having the agency to create yourself.
Just finished Ted Lasso, hated the Coach Beard episode in season 2, but liked the show overall. Need to start Loot, just finished Season 2 of Hacks too. It was great!! So is “I Love That For You”, Matt Rogers is great in it!
I loved that show and watched every season as it came out. It was nice to see a show about teen gays being out in school and having “normal” relationships. I certainly didn’t experience that.
My husband and I are fans of Jane Lynch’s revival of the Weakest Link. We followed it up last night with a Netflix game show called Bullshit. Howie Mandel was sure trying, but it elevated This is Cake in my eyes and really made me want another season of the Floor is Lava.
Yesss agree another season immediately the ending was such a hook which I love but it def got me. The dreaded different show popping up at the end when you don’t know it’s the last episode always kills me lol
Also, I just started season 2 of euphoria today and now i know why this show is much more palatable on week to week basis. I’m not looking forward to watching the rest lol
I just finished it and love how they integrated the Elliot Page stuff into the show . I’m not sure if it was already leaning that way at the end of last season but really liked how smoothly it was put into the storyline.
Speaking of specific Doctors, I really loved Eccelston’s post-Time War Doctor, I thought he played it so well. But I’m glad he only signed on for a season, because that angst wasn’t great for expanding the show. I think they needed Tennant’s sense of fun and adventure!
I liked the Dahmer show, I just ended up pissed of at the police and at his father. It was kinda like watching the Michael Jackson documentary. I didn’t feel good after I watched it.
Finished watching the new baking show episode and Netflix is like, “Now, enjoy DAHMER!” WTAF?
I believe that Russell T. Davies is one of the reasons that the Doctor Who (2005) series feels so queer. He proves that with queer writers, you don’t necessarily need queer people on the screen for a show to be queer friendly. We can still see ourselves in the stories, without having to rely on specific characters to speak for all of us.
I caught a bit of this cute Australian show called Darby and Joan. I was just rolling my eyes at hetero jokes when Joan gets on a zoom call with her daughter’s queer family! I totally bit my tongue. I love that cute shows about straight people are including us in their world! Shows don’t have to be about us to acknowledge that we exist! Maybe the straights will be alright…
Yeah, pilot’s are notoriously bad getting a sense of the show. Pilots are often shot before the rest of the season and are mostly to get approval for pickup, not really for general audiences. I’ve seen a few episodes, it seems to me like if the show “Mr. Iglesias” was made for older kids & adults. Seems pretty good though.
I had the same complaint after watching the initial trailer. Shon, I think you said something similar: I just wanted a lighthearted, fun, sexy show about being queer. I didn’t love that they were leaning on trauma. But it gets away from that eventually, IMO.
When I started watching Doctor Who with my Dad, he was about the same age as the Doctor in the re-runs we watched together. That was before the 2005 show started. It’s a show that’s spanned people’s lifetimes. That’s pretty cool!
Ok after watching episode 1 of Go Go for the Gold I definitely recommend it! YES the quality is giving Drag Race season 1 but the CONTENT is well worth a $2.99 outTV subscription. Also it was unclear where they all live. All I will say is I am ROOOOOTING for Ken 😍🤩💍🔥
Literally watching episode 4 right now (trying to take my time through it). As someone who worshipped the movie because it was the only representation I had as a kid, I absolutely adore the show so far. I think it’s fantastic, well written and acted.
I’m watching episode 1 right now. So excited for this season. I do wish that the series was a on a different platform like Hulu……..
I actually stopped watching too. Then I heard that Hunter Schaffer wrote on that special episode and decided to give it another chance. I don’t know anything about season 2, but I am so glad I saw that second special episode (more than once)!
Over the weekend I binged The watcher (new Ryan murphy show on Netflix). I … liked it. Lots of people I love on it. I also watched the first five eps of A Friend of the Family on Peacock. I’m ready for it to be over, but it also has some actors I love in it.
That’s what’s so great about a show with such a long, rich history. There’s old & new tv shows, there’s movies, there’s novels, short stories and radio plays. There’s comics and webcomics! You can add your voice to the many people who tell their own Doctor Who story!
Anyone watching Vampire Academy? J August Richards is playing an openly gay royal vampire with. Husband. It’s a standard horror teen angst show. But kind of fun.
I loved it especially because it’s a beautifully demonstration that there are no better people to teach trans/queer history than trans/queer people! I get that same shiver at some of Dominique Jackson or Angelica Ross’s lines that happens when Crystal LaBeija gives her “I have a right to show my color, darling. I am beautiful and I know I'm beautiful” speech!
Yes! I love the diversity of identity in that show! I’m really impressed by the writing and how the characters get into and resolve the various conflicts. I really appreciate the characters of the parents in the show and how they depict and discuss the ricochet of anti-Indigenous racism. Some of the best queer aro/ace-spec representation I’ve ever seen!!
I watched the first two seasons of Westworld but forced myself to just stop watching during season 3 when I realized I had *zero clue* what the hell was happening lol
I started with the first season when it originally aired and got too freaked out with the first appearance of Rubber Man, haha. Came back for Season 3 (Coven) and enjoyed it start to finish. I’ve watched some parts of other seasons, but never finished.
Last night I got caught up on Loot, which I’m loving. (Maya Rudolph can do no wrong.) And then I binged all four hours of the new Netflix series Uncoupled starring Neil Patrick Harris. It was horrrrrible. But I hate-watched the entire thing. Then I watched the three part docu series “Most Hated Man on the Internet,” which was SO well done. Highly recommended.

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