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A place where we can just talk and meet new people and a place that you can just talk to anytime of if need help with anything like HW or what ever


#LGBTQ+ #newfriends

#trans #cuz #girl #ok #instagram #mari #chill #guys #attention #fuck #spaces #dude #okay #seeking #talk #room #annoying #bro #nah #ur #support #add #place #bored #man #bad #giving #please #snap #men

What you can see in this Space

Okay, Thomas, bub, seriously, giving major attention seeking. Chill the fuck out. We’re faggots and trannies. We’re weird. Ur boutta make me go insane w this shit. Chill.
i’m a trans girl too chill it’s ok
I had a knife held to me by a texan cuz I’m trans bub im calling u out for being a fuckin loser we ain’t the same
Us? Haircut, binding, packing, trying to make your figure more masculine (some people try to get more plump, some people work out). Trans women? Growing hair out, makeup, stuffing, tucking
Personally it’s not cuz I’m trans I just have a lot of mental issues cuz I always go for trans people anyways
i dated a trans man for like a year and a half and he made it sound pretty easy
Really quick I wanted to inform you that if you have snap I have made a gc for all of us and more people are joining if your interested. It’s just a safe place, meeting new friends, etc. So if you guys are interested add me @andrellava and let me know that you want to be added to the gc. Currently we have 9 people in it and all is welcome
I mean there’s binding packing and bulking (aka working out) but like. It’s so easy for us compared to trans women
So one time this older dude with anger issues got fucking sick of them and went the fuck OFF while we were in the day room and stormed out. And we all looked at each other and just started clapping
So there was this rlly annoying 12 year old named charlie, that actually had me on their hit list but anyways. Everybody hated them
Can we talk ab how hard it is to be in a solid relationship as a trans person or is that just me?
i was born a boy but now transition into a 14 year old girl sorry If I am wired
I was just like “oh okay he’s trying to knot a sheet around his neck give me one second *HEY TECH WE NEED HELP AND PROBABLY TEAM SUPPORT SOMEBODY NEEDS TO HELP THIS DUDE* oh okay they’re tackling him now. So how’s dad doing?”
I’m here working with 5 pound dumbbells cuz mommy dearest won’t spend money on more expensive ones
People in there thought I was insane cuz I was really manic so I would laugh maniacally anytime anything bad happened
Cuz they were being attention seeking
The difference between being a trans man and trans woman is huge, it’s just different types of struggles
Which is rlly surprising cuz I look like a cishet dude (at least I think so)
I started cleaning my room because I was bored, got bored of that, then spent 3 hours on a makeup container, ADHD be doing the thing frfr
basically I was born a boy but always felt a girl but transition into a girl now but taking ages sorry for being wired
just message the instagram girl this isn’t where you need to be
I think that’s why there’s so few trans women compared to trans men
ok cause it seems pretty fuckin bad
Message the insta and leave cuz this is giving me entertainment
I'm ok,I'm working on a cool art piece, it's kinda wierd the years almost over
Hey there so if you want I wanted to inform you that if you have snap I have made a gc for all of us and more people are joining if your interested just a safe place or a home if so add me @andrellava
Bro I’m younger than this girl and she’s acting like a toddler I’m boutta go loco
ok let’s talk there fuck this app
No you’re so okay cuz I actually start these conversations cuz it’s so true

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