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LGBTQ+ Bears

LGBTQ+ Bears

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Bears come in all kinds of ways. Colors, Shapes, Sizes, Textures, Genders, Sexualities. This Space is for ALL Bears (& their Admirers), including the entire Animalesque Pantheon such as Otters, Wolves, Seals, Walruses, Manatees, Foxes, and yes even Unicorns. If you are a Bear or if like Bears, welcome home.


#Bears #LGBTQ+ #AllAreWelcome #ButWhatISaBear?

#morning #bear #hello #working #listening #beach #night #hpv #warts #bears #michigan #home #isn #guy #play #evening #favorite #south #played #plans #grown #group #chat #thinking #ready #seeing #afternoon #guys #playing #hot

What you can see in this Space

Hi friends, is it me or on twitter and on here I see guy’s assholes and guys eating ass BUT the assholes show signs of having anal warts. I’m not an MD but are guys not worried about them thinking that PREP will protect them?
Honestly, 3 isn’t my favorite. Manny, you would need a Playstation for KH, but tbh, the Zelda games are a Nintendo product that started out on NES and has just grown and grown… my favorites were played on my Gamecube!
But it’s also really important not to shame people for their medical conditions, period. People don’t choose to get STIs or other illnesses if they’re given a choice, and the same shaming behavior and stigma that applies here is exactly why people are afraid to reveal their status casually, because often their honesty creates fallout that frankly isn’t kind.
Also anal warts is not really what you mean. As there can be “warts” caused by both STI and non-STI variables. External hemorrhoids often look like warts. Trauma to the area can can a wart like lesion or scar. What you mean is HPV or maybe herpes.
Dropping in to say HELLO! Proud bear here! I just finished teaching a Zumba class and I’m ready to leave for Vegas in a few hours! Have a great weekend, y’all!
Lol nice, no plans here really. My husband's working a bar that night so I'll probably be playing Breath of the Wild until they get home
Hello. 38 Michigan chub/bear here
Good morning from a snowy Michigan here as well. ⛄️
I have a bottle of bubbles in my basement that might get opened at midnight… or it might be for brunch Sunday morning
Good morning from snowy Michigan
It was bear underground was the site I was thinking of got confused
Hey, I have no idea how this app works. Added it while drunk off my ass. Speaking of which, yes I’m a total bottom and single. I live in the Arlington area. Message me and say hey or to explain what this app does. 🤣🤣 No back to your regular schedule programing.
Good morning from Michigan
43 in Savannah Georgia this morning
Any suggestions for face products? I seem to go along with no plan, and grab the first toner and moisturizing sunscreen I find and call it a day. Suggestions? Favorites? I’m trying to take care of my skin but have no clue.
South Carolina bear here
Oh man, I'm WAY behind on Kingdom Hearts, I haven't played anything since 2 lol. Love those first two main titles though!
Good morning Happy Friday ☕️
still morning here, west coast
Good morning from Washington.
Good morning from NC ✌🏻
Good morning from Georgia!
Greetings from Houston TX fellow bears / cubs :-)
Good morning from GA!
I posted a thread in the other bear space about my IG crushes with a link to their profiles. I’m going to share it here too lol
Good morning from Maryland
LOL, I hate the beach… I didn’t miss it at all when I moved here from South Florida
I respect it but I think my nostalgia factor on Addams family is gone cause it felt like a teen show lol and it was cute just couldn’t get into the dialogue
24 M Bottom . Looking for some good friends and maybe even a partner . Live in NC so if you’re close hmu!
Probably gonna end the night watching a bit of tv but just wanna sit a bit

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