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LGBTQ+ Teens

LGBTQ+ Teens

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This is a space to LGBTQ teens to talk about whatever they want! Depression, Dating, Homophobes, or ask questions!

Notes from the Spaces team

LGBTQ+ teens are young people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning their sexuality or gender identity. They may experience unique challenges and discrimination due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Some common challenges that LGBTQ+ teens may face include: Bullying and harassment: LGBTQ+ teens may be bullied or harassed by peers, family members, or community members because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Social isolation: Due to discrimination and stigma, LGBTQ+ teens may feel socially isolated and have difficulty making friends or finding supportive communities. Mental health issues: LGBTQ+ teens may be at higher risk for depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts due to the stress of discrimination and stigma. Family rejection: Some LGBTQ+ teens may experience rejection from their families, which can lead to homelessness, lack of access to healthcare, and other challenges. It's important for LGBTQ+ teens to have access to supportive resources, such as LGBTQ+ youth groups, counseling services, and knowledgeable healthcare providers. LGBTQ+ teens should also be aware of their legal rights and protections, including anti-discrimination laws and policies.

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What you can see in this Space

yea it sucks, but I’ve learned to live with it. when I’m able to sleep tho i sleep really early like at 8 or 9 and wake up at 7 usually (on school days it depends)
Definitely looking for a partner lmao I’m a lil indie girl who likes music, makin videos, photography, boba, idk what else lol I am a lesbian lmao and I’m trans fem if that makes any difference. My discord is Fujiiro#0062 if u wanna be friends/partners maybe? Thx <3 I’m a junior in hs btw
Yea I get that I live in a Christian family who doesn’t like the community but at school it’s better I just don’t care I did get bullied for awhile but idk if it was bc he was racist or homophobic or both or just didn’t like me
As someone who’s been sh free for 3 almost 4 months you need to stfu, Ashe is cute so like don’t even, go get some real fucking friends and leave this chat bro
Before you said you have no friends but that’s not true. This whole space became your friend the moment you joined the gc and you make friends anywhere you go so that means even if the people at home or school suck you can always come here and you will be welcome here.
I never told anyone untill I was around 15/16, my parents had no idea untill last year when the whole school thing happend and I came home totally destroyed
what do I do when I'm put into a situation where I have to choose between girls or boys toilets? (in public and in school) (I'm 15) I pass as a girl because I look very feminine, but in reality I'm nonbinary. do I choose girls or boys or do I go for the disabled toilets? (this is without my teachers knowing because nobody knows in school except some of my very close friends)
also I will leave for now because I met with my friend and we're drawing for school so I will be back later today, always happy to have a talk tho!
a year ago i told my friend i was lesbian and people over heard and everyone knows and a few weeks ago the whole year knows who i have a crush on and that school is not diverse
I have like 2 1/2 close friends and one of them doesn’t go to my school they go to my old school
guys act more gay in my class than me or my friend Arlo. we go to the same school
me and my ex (the one im on call with) were together for a year total and we broke up last year in september then started talking in february and then he ended thing like a week ago and now were friends and not anything more than that
shit at home, school, dating life, friends, this that
I'm in school now and I just had to write about how the government should or shouldn't be more involved and how, it was the best thing ever. I wrote about how they need to protect young kids in school instead of focusing on ruining LGBTQ peoples lives because we choose to live how we do
i dont want to scare you but just be sure cuz my teacher immediately told my parents...i was able to talk me out of month later my cousin came out as gay and he was abandoned from my family so.....
im fucking doing online school next year just so i dont have to fuck with people irl
I’ve told some of my friends at school to start using she/they pronouns for me but I haven’t heard them use them
I went up to my teacher to ask a question about the project we were doing and he made a funny joke so I laughed and smiled because he was a nice teacher to me but some of the other kids said be got a election when I started laughing and smiling at him that kept happening for a bit till one day he was fired to watching icky things in school
well my partner ran away and nobody knows where he went, then school sucks like genuinely but i’m close to graduating, and just lots of family problems lol. just normal things haha
Yea I definitely get that and when I do talk to someone idk if they want to be friends or are just super nice I never really know
If it makes you feel better, I lost my entire friend group and majority of my school (at least my grade) hates me because the friend group is very prominent to the school.
i havent offically came out but my immediate family n some of my extended family know bc of my social media n friends n stuff. they arent negative abt it but they still use my deadname n she/her on me. so im probably going to have to offically come out at some point soon
I am a lesbian and when I wanted to come out to my mother i just started to date a girl and after we broke up and my mom asked me why aren't we "friends" anymore I told her that I am bi and it was my girlfriend
only two in my school know and i want to live my life but i cant come out in school before i do to my parents
Mine is my best friend they are so cute and nice but the sad part I moved schools a little more than a week ago and I miss them so much but we still talk but I really love them they are my favorite person on the planet and they might move schools too so they can see me
at my school we go from 7:45am to 2:15pm on every day besides wednesday’s and on wednesday we go from 7:45am to 11:45am. but then i have like a 40 minute drive back home
it’s like that for me too, but i’m kinda working on trying to make some friends. i don’t wanna seem pushy tho by asking right away like, “do you wanna be friends?”
I go to school from 8:10 am to 3:15 pm and then on Wednesdays I get out at 2:15. I also have 8 classes
Where do you live? maybe there's a kitchen near you. If you go to Krispy Kreme with all As on your report card (they probably won't ask to see it or ask what school you are from, but if you have a card better) they'll give you a free doughnut

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