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Kinda all of the above. I’ve always loved the Burton Batman, particularly Batman Returns. I think the best of the genre is the DC Animated Universe. I think everything about the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited was just pitch perfect. Also enjoyed Teen Titans and Young Justice. For live action, big fan of season 1 of The Flash, Doom Patrol, and Stargirl. Just recently got into reading comics. Enjoying Superman son of kal-el right now.
The only non DC related comics I’m reading currently is Something is killing the children. Nightwing, Superman Son of Kal-El, Wonder Woman are gonna be on my pull list as long as the current writers are on them
Who’s y’all’s favorite character? Comics and movies? For comics, I’m really getting into Damian a lot more lately. I wonder if he’ll ever show up in Titans Movies, I’ve really enjoyed Harley’s arc. She’s had crazy growth in theee films with her psychotic ass. “Birds of Prey” is soooooooo underrated
I don’t understand how the DCAU can handle the material so perfectly, and live action films simply cannot lol. Although, Snyder’s JL was lowkey fire. Aquaman, WW1, and The Suicide Squad as well. Shazam was meh for me, BvS was a dumpster fire, and MoS just didn’t understand the character enough for me. Comics wise, I’m a nerd. If you’re just getting into them, Grant Morrison, Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer, Garth Ennis, Mark Millar, and Warren Ellis are great writers imo. Bendis is good but mostly for street level stuff.
I mean as a huge Batman lover I get it, but it’s also what sells. I loved the Naomi show, but no was watching which is why it got cancelled. There’s Doom Patrol on HBOmax that I love and is wonderfully weird. The GL show seems like it’ll be right up my alley and hopefully they go all in with Alan Scott being a homosexical. Jessica Cruz GL has become one of my faves in recent years.
I enjoyed Naomi, but they definitely didn’t need to drag out the season like they did. Her whole arc is literally 6 issues in comics so we end up not getting a whole arc in the show because CW be canceling left and right.
for anyone reading the comics what’s been y’all’s favorite runs so far? i haven’t really touch dc since new 52 and even then i never completed a series
Zdarsky taking over Batman, Ram V and Rafael Albuquerque starting on Detective Comics this week… finally some good batfamily food that isn’t just the Nightwing run
Tom Taylor anything, James Tynions Detective Comics run, All rebirth Wonder Woman and Infinite Frontier Winder Woman, Nubia has been great. So May more. Aqua man The Becoming
and i finally watched and finished season one of the sandman it was really wonderful and i’ve always wanted to read the comics but not i’m totally really to start i just need to figure out if i want to get the Omnibus or Absolute versions lol
The only one I’m currently reading is Superman, Son of Kal-El. It had one crossover with nightwing but there was not any larger event that was suggested in that run yet.
Is anyone in here currently reading the comics? What’s going on in the world of DC? Any big crossover storylines?
100% with Poison Ivy. Have you read issue #2 yet? Also Mr. Zdarsky came out swinging with his first issue in on this Batman run.
When I think about all the titles I’m currently reading I’m like wow I am reading a lot. Growing up being unable to afford comics and even bootlegging them in my early twenties I came back with a vengeance and am making up for lost time lol
Re-reading Grant Morrison’s Justice League run and man, dude’s ideas are so wild
Cool, cool. I’ve never read his comics either tbh I mainly like Ted because he built his own company from the ground up, he made his own gadgets, he’s best friends with Booster, and I think in the current comics he’s a mentor to Jaime. Which is really amazing!!! Also, he’s really handsome and cool.
Whooooa never realized that. Green Lantern is my favorite DC hero. The scope of his mythology is insane (although I do feel like they began overusing the spectrum, and in turn slowly diluted the specialness of being a lantern)
All valid. You shouk definitely check out the Blue and Gold comic that came out last year. It's a fun read
“The Suicide Squad” was my fav film last year until NWH came along. Peacemaker is a top 5 CB show
Who DO you wish had a movie or tv show? DC has so many great characters that have never seen the light of day
I do!! I got dc infinite about a year ago and am trying to devour as much titans and doom patrol as I can while i build a spec episode for fellowship apps
I am so behind on comics but I’m looking forward to the fat stack of comics waiting for me to pick up tomorrow at my LCS. Has anyone been reading anything they’ve enjoyed recently?
i watched it, I’d say it’s great that this series handle mental health issues and the display of grief and trauma the characters endure i just think earlier seasons handled them a bit better. this season just felt a bit disjointed to me with all the arcs
Just finished reading, it’s pretty nice. I’m curious where the mystery element is going but i enjoy the character interactions. I’m pretty much jumping in blind to the character and what happened in other stories but it’s not that hard to follow and understand what’s happening
Hey, Allan. Are you a comics fan, tv show fan, or films fan 👀
I’m obsessed with titans (tv live action series). I enjoy it immensely and the bonus: actors are very easy on the eyes! Has everyone watched peacemaker on HBO. It was good anddddd funny af!
I should defo read young justice comics too. I absolutely love them
Ohh yaa! I loved that movie, I haven’t read the comic yet tho cuz I’m too broke to buy it lol
Not yet, that’s the plan for tonight. And ooo really. I haven’t read Batman in a bit so I’m really excited to jump into a comic team.
Yeah, I was a bit late to join the fun of his run. But this new story that’s happening is real good. I haven’t read his suicide squad yet. I actually didn’t know he a run.

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