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A space to celebrate the gay clubs, lesbian coffee shops, leather bars, and all the other spaces where we found community. Share your favourite memories, vintage posters, the songs you danced to, and all of your embarrassing photos! Created and curated by K Anderson, host of the Lost Spaces podcast (and a big fan of trashy tv!)


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In my hometown of Columbus Ohio there's a coffee shop called "Cafe Kerouac" that has a full bar, small live performance space and used books for purchase. It's owned by a really cool straight guy but because it's close to THE Ohio State University it draws a lot of open undergrads and it's become an alternative, queer, nerd, activist space.
Hello. I’m Jeffery in Dayton, OH USA The first gay bar I went to was called The Coachman in Richmond, Indiana. It was a dive bar in a small town, but hugely important because it was the only queer space for miles.
RE, first queer space: I feel like I’ve encountered at lot of implicitly queer spaces over the years, sometimes without realizing it. The first explicitly queer space I went to was called Rain, and it’s everything you would think of when you envision a predominantly cis, gay, male space.
Good question! The first queer space I went to was la pride this year idk if that counts, but I’m really just interested in learning more about how to find good queer spaces and gay bars
Hello 👋 ! I live in Stockholm ! But I’m French, from Nice. And the first queer space I’ve been to was called the 7! A bar where you had phone on each table on the bar to reach out to your crush
Hiya! I am in London but originally from Istanbul. Really good question. I believe it was Otherside and it was a gay rooftop bar in Taksim, Istanbul. I like the theme of this group as I am a queer event producer in nightlife sector as well. Looking forward to explore and meet! Cheers! 🏳️‍⚧️💃🧿
I am currently in Washington DC. The first queer space that I went to was a book store in Atlanta called Outwrite in 2006. I think it has closed since then. However DC has some new queer spaces that have opened up in the past 6 months.
I’m from Chicago but I live in Florida! I don’t remember the name of the first queer space I went to but I remember it was a bar! It closed by the time I moved tho u_u
Michael in Oakland, CA. My first queer space was The Frontier in Springfield, MA, when I was in college in the early ‘80s. My first queer bookstore (which was a lifeline in the pre-Internet days) was Glad Day in Boston. Some favorite lost queer bars/clubs: The 1270 in Boston; The Phoenix, Esta Noche, The Box, & the I-Beam in San Francisco
Googling The Box in San Francisco will also take you to something misleading. The one I mean was a one-night-a-week queer dance club at a venue called the Kennel Club in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s
Hi everyone! I come from a small city in Spain, very small but very queer, there are even graffiti’s of lgtb icons in the Center of the city, and lots of businesses and bars that were friendly, but since is such a small city you could say the whole old part is the queer space, wherever you go there, it’s pretty comfy
I’m in LA. I ran away from home when I was 20. I just turned 22 last week. I’m a trans lesbian and just tryna survive this mortal realm in general. The first queer space was this hostel I stayed at. My roommate became my bestie and they appreciated me and validated me more than anyone else
That may be true for other spaces like coffee shops. They have started hosting live events like conversations with queer artists, live comedy and more. something that Starbucks may not host. My local book store has started the knitting club and I plan to join them soon.
Hello! I’m Florian, I live in Leeds in the uk and I think the first queer space I went to would have been the queenshilling in Bristol back when I was a fresh faced 16 or perhaps 17 year old
Oooh, i think LA Pride does count! But, yes, we need to get your dance card filled with queer spaces! Does that mean you live in LA?
I’ve never cruised in a bookstore! I don’t want to leave a mess! Ha ha… i haven’t actually frequented many queer book shops. There is one in London (gay’s the word), but I haven’t spent that much time there!
As Dave knows, Akbar here in L.A. is a queer bar that famously has an amazing jukebox. It’s mostly vintage fare tho. I’m not sure it’s had anything new added to it in 20 years lol (which is perfectly fine with me 😎)
Hiii! I’m from Washington state and I do not have a lost queer space. I’ve been out since high school but I lived very isolated out in the country so I haven’t been to many queer spaces.
Oh no! Do you know why it closed? Bloody covid is wreaking havoc with all businesses! I love that your first queer space was with your parents! Was it your way of testing them? Also, i’m going to need a bad-dad-joke example! You know i love bad humour!
Thanks for the welcome! I live in Palm Springs, so I visit queer spaces everyday:) I feel fortunate to live in such a queer friendly city with so many options available to get involved with the community.
Hello. Im Simon. Im from the Central Valley here in California. This is one of the few queer spaces I joined when I made the account. I haven’t been on this app more than a couple times since I made it. Not too much activity on any of the space that I joined. Haha
Hi! I’m in the Chicagoland area. I actually haven’t had much of a chance to be in queer spaces since I came out during the thick of the pandemic and life has been weird with all that stuff going on the world. I have had the opportunity to go to a few concerts for queer artists this year! Dorian Electra, Joy Oladokun, and Brandi Carlile.
mostly cabaret nights / parties at the glory and some other venues in east london. I run a turkish kurdish cypriot queer collective called Harem of No One 💃🧿 trying to slowly diversify and explore other amazing promoters. ❤️
Thanks for your thoughtful comment. Having dedicated a good part of the last few years to talking about queer spaces and understanding more and more about why they are important it’s good to be reminded that not everyone has the opportunity to access them.
Hiya! I am from Philly, but live in the U.K. now 🤘✨and the first queer space I had ever been to was Woodys in Philly!
I’m in Maine. And the first queer space I ever went to, outside of a school GSA, was Le Drague in Quebec City :)
Washington DC just got a new queer owned book store that celebrates LGBTQ+ authors and stories. Amazon and Kindle have resulted in a number of closed bookstores but there may be a revival of LGBTQ+ bookstores.
No. Not really, you’re right. Just a space where it would be OK to cruise someone, I gather. Or did you only look at books at queer bookstores, never at the customers? 😉
Amazon of course. And the apps. Weren’t the queer bookstores a cruising place for sapiosexuals, mostly? Just that neither Amazon or Grindr had replaced them. That’s why we need this app! :)
I thought Queer as Folk was a very good show! Especially considering it tackled navigating the gay world with a disability but also sort of how we all see ourselves at times

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