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Mental Health Journeys

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For discussion of mood disorders, neurological differences, cognitive and emotional issues, neurodiversity, psydiversity, etc, how they affect our lives and how we can flourish. Venting is okay but we are not a crisis line and can’t help with emergencies.


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Having two therapies for depression behind me (it‘s been ok for the past 10 yrs.), my social phobia turned into a crippling social anxiety disorder which I can not “fix“ myself. However getting a therapy place in a timely manner is almost impossible. Timely manner = under 9-14 months waiting time. However I will get through this somehow. Hopefully.
There’s still a lot of stigmatism around mental health. There’s this idea that participating in therapy or therapeutic interventions are supposed to heal or take away pain and trauma and when it doesn’t it just reinforces that. The media doesn’t help with that either. We can’t undo the past and what happened to us in the past all we can do is learn to accept that it happened and incorporate into our present self and learn to live with it.
morning musings: trauma doesn’t always motivate people to be overachievers or pull themselves up by the bootstraps trauma, for many ppl its debilitating/life destroying and trauma isn’t just simply being uncomfortable bc of something bad that’s happened, trauma damages the brain esp in children by damage i mean it literally changes the brain we know this bc of neuroscience.
I have mental illnesses, major depressive disorder, ptsd, and anxiety. I also am sober going on 37yrs., with all the stuff that comes with that. Finally, I’m physically disabled with chronic pain and fatigue. The itty bitty shitty committee can start to have a meeting in my head at any moment if I don’t remain vigilant. SO, I really appreciate this space to connect to like-minded people.
My husband left me after 9 years bc he couldn’t deal with my trauma issues (ofc I tried getting him to understand but he refused to read anything I sent him or respect any of my boundaries). I’ve been working on it for many decades but he continued to trigger me. When I told him such he said nobody is going to accommodate me and I need to work on myself.
Trauma Focused - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy are two of the primary forms of therapy. I can get a few more after I get to my job. I have had some training in both of those and are ones I recommend to clients.
I’m not really expecting someone else to make me happy. I’ve never really had anyone in my life that seemed to care much about my happiness since childhood so I do the best I can alone. Unfortunately it also means I just don’t reach out ti ppl much or be very social
It’s usually recommended alongside "western" medicine for people with health issues. For me, I find both acupuncture and TCM helpful especially after my psychiatrist and I decided that I’ve come to a point where I could stop taking medications such as SSRI, NDRI, and Ativan.
Yep! I also just got out of a relationship after my marriage pretty quickly bc I saw she was similar to my ex (and mom). I feel like I’m recognizing the red flags better. That’s the problem. I never knew better. I thought someone isolating me and talking down to me was what was best for me, out of love, etc.
I get that. I so struggle socially. I learned a long time ago that I am insignificant, nothing more than a pawn in my parents divorce and withdrew from society completely. That was reinforced in the army and has continued through today. I go to a party or out with friends and I blend into the background. That is in part why I joined this app so I can connect with others and hopefully grow.
PTSD is a mental health issue, so I’d say you’re in the right place. Among other things, I have PTSD too. Mine is from an abusive childhood and finding my father after he committed suicide. So, welcome.
I didn’t even use the car for all the Ezpass stuff, I had a friend who was supposed to help me after I had my right knee replaced. I couldn’t use my vehicle for like 6weeks/2months, so I let her use the vehicle and she racked up charges. Then they hit my bank account at the end of the month instead of the beginning and no money. Can’t get hold of them…so frustrating!!!
Today was a great day for some tools I used for my mental health, I read the Promises from Adult Children of Alcoholics, then I got some bubble bath and soaked for a bit, took my dog out for a couple walks, enjoyed a corn dog dinner and now watching Hocus Pocus. What tools do you have?
All of my past life experiences, both good and bad, went into making who I am today. Although not fully there, I am learning to be grateful for those experiences. After all no guarantee my life would be better or worse than the life I’m living now if those experiences were different.
I’m curious how acupuncture can be used for, as my case anxiety and dealing with PTSD triggered by over bearing family members. I’m definitely open to it, just wanted to know how it helps with non-physical or disorders of the mind. And thank you for responding.
I think it’s so interesting. My mental issues make it so I take more showers than I should. The running water helps to calm down the ptsd.
I’m so frustrated I lost my wallet and my anger is peaking. I need to breathe and be calm. My anger will do more damage than good. I don’t have to act out like I would in the past. Today I am a different person. A person with recovery and toolsI can utilize. I am safe, I am a good person and I can replace what needs to be replaced if I can’t locate my wallet.
Well I have made the decision to breakdown and finish my doctorate degree after getting burned out, going through a bout of major depression and addiction. Hopefully I won’t have to repeat too many classes and can finish it quickly.
I can relate to this. We are also struggling to make ends meet and we have the same problem with our insurance. It feels like it’s a never ending cycle and doesn’t matter where we cut our budget something always increases and zeros out what we cut. It may not feel like it now but it will get better. It’s hard I know, but I have to believe that it will get better.
A few others that have shown some promising outcomes are Dialectical Behavioral Therapy which is another form of CBT, Cognitive Processing Therapy and Polyvagal therapy.
you definitely don’t have to do it alone tho and that’s important to remember, good therapy and medication can be really helpful for some people along with good friends for support
I think he did the best he could but he also has a ton of things he needs to work through that he’s unwilling to put the work on. I even tried to get him to go yo therapy with me but he just wouldn’t do it
I showered today!! I’m a college student and being at home is a lot harder for me than being at school so even basic things such as showering have been tough but after about 2 and a half days I finally showered again :)
Also I have a significant hearing loss as a result of childhood neglect and he refused to do some of the basic things like look me in the eye when talking to me because he couldn’t be bothered
It just sucks when certain people who’ve never experienced any of this treat ppl like us as if we are “mentally unwell” and their response is to ghost or abandon us further extending the trauma
Ya Tbh that really helped! My brain works super weird sometimes.I’ll message back later when I finish
That it does my friend, that if does. For some it is easier to stay in our little bubbles and not be bothered by anything new or different or to experience something that might scare us. Until everyone is educated or those bubbles are rocked, few will change or go the distance to learn.
I say the same thing to my mom daily for two reasons, to help her find some good in her life but to motivate me to not go down the same path. I thank you for these words. They are much appreciated.
there really is and there shouldn’t be bc the statistics are 1 in 4 people have mental illness
I have been having to learn that I am responsible for my own happiness and not others nor am I responsible for anyone else’s happiness. It hasn’t been easy but it it’s getting there.

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