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Mental Health Journeys

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For discussion of mood disorders, neurological differences, cognitive and emotional issues, neurodiversity, psydiversity, etc, how they affect our lives and how we can flourish. Venting is okay but we are not a crisis line and can’t help with emergencies.

Notes from the Spaces team

When it comes to LGBTQ Mental Health, feeling like an outsider or being alienated from friends and family can lead to all kinds of psychological issues, including anxiety, isolation and low self-esteem. If you think therapy is just for people with psychological damage, think again! Therapy is one of the most effective ways to help members of the LGBTQ community learn to accept themselves. Working through these complex emotions with a mental health professional is an important step towards creating and developing a healthy sense of self. Many people turn to the web and other self-help outlets (podcasts, books, support groups) to fill the void. The internet is full of guides designed to help people make sense of their thoughts and change behavior in certain aspects of their life. In this Space you’ll find a range of thoughtful stories about LGBT mental health, therapy and helping and changing the LGBTQ community. If you’re thinking about reaching out to other like-minded individuals or a mental health professional, you can use some of these articles to find the help you’re looking for. Mental health is an important aspect of overall health and well-being, and it is vital for members of the LGBTQ+ community. The LGBTQ+ community has historically faced discrimination, stigma, and marginalization, which can have a negative impact on mental health. Studies have shown that LGBTQ+ individuals are more likely to experience mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation than their heterosexual counterparts. This can be attributed to a number of factors, including discrimination, harassment, and lack of access to healthcare. In addition, many LGBTQ+ individuals struggle with coming out and accepting their identities, which can lead to feelings of isolation, shame, and self-doubt. These challenges can exacerbate mental health issues and make it difficult for individuals to seek help. It is important for mental health providers to be aware of the unique challenges that LGBTQ+ individuals face and to provide culturally competent care. This means understanding the specific issues that impact LGBTQ+ mental health, such as minority stress, and being able to provide appropriate support and resources. There are also a number of LGBTQ+-specific mental health resources available, such as support groups and hotlines, that can provide individuals with a safe and affirming space to discuss their mental health concerns. Overall, it is important for members of the LGBTQ+ community to prioritize their mental health and to seek support when needed. By raising awareness and reducing stigma around mental health, we can help create a more inclusive and accepting society for all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.


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I’m seeking a therapist as I write this. I believe I suffer from some type of PTSD due to childhood trauma. I never thought about therapy until a few years ago because it was frowned upon in my family. I now realize that this has only added to the mound of issues I believe I’m suffering from. Depression has also been a life long fight. I’m trying to learn how to open up and speak about things that make me uncomfortable. I have so many triggers that life has become very hard to navigate through.
Good morning, I just joined, my name is Orchid and I am a Mandala artist. I create a new Mandala every morning as a way of setting the intention for the day. Because I live with chronic pain I need to find a way to distract myself from focusing on that pain. I have discovered when I'm creating art I'm not focused on my pain at all. I look forward to sharing here and learning from others about taking care of mental health. I have my own personal battles with depression and anxiety.
So far my therapy journey has been really productive in my perspective though I must say it did not start well earlier this year. I finally decided to get some help for my PTSD and wound up at a office where the therapist claimed he could “cure me of PTSD”. He did not, in fact he waisted my time the first two appointments by advertising and the next two he fell asleep as I spoke to him about my trauma.
I’m into my second year of training with my dog , I came across a local person that has been training dogs for people who have ptsd . Unfortunately these trainers are very limited in the country… but I imagine that someplace close to you would offer trainings like what I’ve gone through. Though I will say , given my experience over the 2 years I’ve done this - not any dog will be suitable for this task . Takes a very rigid approach and hard core dedication and discipline
For me starting EMDR made things a bit worse at first for like a month or two but then it got a lot better. Before starting EMDR I was having at least 1 debilitating flashback a week sometimes one every day! Starting EMDR made it feel more raw for a while but it also taught me some really good grounding techniques and ways to process through memories on my own to a point I could set them aside and work on them in my next session. EMDR changed my life and was absolutely worth it.
Hey guys Steve 56 bipolar/adhd/ocd/adhd/ptsd. I think that’s enough lol. Doing great as can be. Thankfully medication and therapy. Bad times of course still happen but rare
I have absolutely HATED this season for the last 8 years now . I lost the most important person in my life to cancer and this season was their favorite, so we always had extraordinarily great times ….. now I don’t have those moments….. and my family has drifted so far apart from each other (moreso after I came out) so I’m just ready for the new year to commence
Hi Papii , glad you are seeking help. It might be difficult to open up and discuss your trauma due to what is referred to trauma bonds created in your childhood ? You are well on your way just for the fact you are aware you have triggers. For the depression try grounding techniques and mindful mediation? Good luck. What state are you located?
Anyone have any success getting a service dog for mental health? PTSD, anxiety, etc? If so what was the process and was it worthwhile?
Hey everyone :) I’ve struggled with depression and anxiety for several years and ptsd has now started to seep in. Here for support and kindness. Happy 2023! I hope it brings you all joy and happiness
I’m having extreme difficulty keeping my anxiety under control, I’m tapering off of the medication I’ve been on for 12 years and it’s been getting harder with each day. It’s interfering with my ability to make rational decisions, impeding my retention level and making it harder to be aware of actions I’m taking. What are your coping tools? How do you keep your breath, heart rate and head level?
I could use some advice or opinions. I came out as Genderfluid About a year ago, but have started thinking I may be trans. When I Told my partner about this he was somewhat supportive. calls me by thr right pronouns, ect. The issue is that he is a cis man who considers himself straight although I'm a boi. well his phrasing "I'm straight, but I'll be gay for you" But if I had a d*** then it would be an issue.
Hi everyone. Cassidy, 22, just had to move back to IN because my mental health declined after my girlfriend left for Spain (she’ll be gone until the summer). I lived in Chicago for a bit and really liked it but was struggling too much to really support myself. trying to put my mental health first now and get my life back on track
I actually don't get into the whole gift buying, food making, celebrating Christmas because I am solo. I live by myself in a van. Can't exactly do all that stuff living in a van. I actually despise the time between Thanksgiving and December 26, I can't wait for it to be over with every year. I don't have any good memories of the holidays when I was growing up. None....
I’ve been trying therapy for my depression but it didn’t seem to work. And I’m dealing with the possibility that my meds are not working. I’ve been crying all the time and I have no reason why. My anxiety is acting up and I’ve been struggling a bit, but I’m trying to be optimistic and keep focusing on tasks to help me cope.
Thank you it’s so hard to even find the grounding to DO something I love. Nothing seems enjoyable or takes me far enough away. Every 2 weeks I’m going down 25mg. Should be off of it by February 17th. I’m starting EMDR on Wednesday. I’m so worried it’s going to make it worse.
Having two therapies for depression behind me (it‘s been ok for the past 10 yrs.), my social phobia turned into a crippling social anxiety disorder which I can not “fix“ myself. However getting a therapy place in a timely manner is almost impossible. Timely manner = under 9-14 months waiting time. However I will get through this somehow. Hopefully.
Good Evening, Ean, 38, currently in ATX, I have depression and ADHD. I was on meds and was seeing some improvement but took a chance to try psychedelics again & have been really enjoying seeing the changes I’ve been able to make. I’m doing great! Still have my bumpy moments but not nearly as bad as they used to be. 💕💕💕💕
Hi guys, I’m Nathan and I have Dyslexia, undiagnosed ADHD, PTSD, (social) anxiety and depression.
Does anyone else love this time of year but get completely overwhelmed with all the things that go along with it (parties, gift buying, food making, entertaining, etc). How do you keep the joy and energy in the season when you want to shut down? I am just worn out already. I was gonna try to make a cookie tree l for a brunch I’m going to tomorrow as a host gift but I’m just “blah” and can’t get the motivation this weekend.
There’s still a lot of stigmatism around mental health. There’s this idea that participating in therapy or therapeutic interventions are supposed to heal or take away pain and trauma and when it doesn’t it just reinforces that. The media doesn’t help with that either. We can’t undo the past and what happened to us in the past all we can do is learn to accept that it happened and incorporate into our present self and learn to live with it.
You should call your primary doctor and ask them for a referral to a therapist because you have some concerns on your mental health. The therapist will then get in contact with you and they will ask you questions as the questions you answer will help them define what type of mental disorder you might inquire
morning musings: trauma doesn’t always motivate people to be overachievers or pull themselves up by the bootstraps trauma, for many ppl its debilitating/life destroying and trauma isn’t just simply being uncomfortable bc of something bad that’s happened, trauma damages the brain esp in children by damage i mean it literally changes the brain we know this bc of neuroscience.
UHHHHHHH OKAY FAM UHM sheesh this is difficult What really bothers me the most is that he cares more about physical attraction than anything YEA EXACTLY So tbh you matter more than this Is there a penalty for breaking the lease? And do you have other places to live if you do decide to leave the residence?
I have mental illnesses, major depressive disorder, ptsd, and anxiety. I also am sober going on 37yrs., with all the stuff that comes with that. Finally, I’m physically disabled with chronic pain and fatigue. The itty bitty shitty committee can start to have a meeting in my head at any moment if I don’t remain vigilant. SO, I really appreciate this space to connect to like-minded people.
Hi good morning. Steve 56 NYC… oh boi… I have bipolar ocd adhd ptsd lol. But doing great… meds really work… 😊
Me, at 6am: i worked yesterday right? I….floated to 3? Neuro? What happened? Who did i take care of? I can’t remember….. *hazy recollection of a single patient, of which i remember “poor prognosis” and thats it. But not the words. I remember the meaning tho.* then 5 minutes later i vaguely remember more. Such is my life
My husband left me after 9 years bc he couldn’t deal with my trauma issues (ofc I tried getting him to understand but he refused to read anything I sent him or respect any of my boundaries). I’ve been working on it for many decades but he continued to trigger me. When I told him such he said nobody is going to accommodate me and I need to work on myself.
I know a little bit about trauma therapy and some red flags to avoid when looking for treatment
Me: googles “how to exercise when depressed” Google “how exercise can help depression” Me: 😑 Me: *finds link to seemingly good site* Website: “start small! Like 20 minutes of walking or jogging! Or a 5k if you are ak experienced runner!” Me again: 😑 I can barely work up the will to walk around the block. And even then i dont have the stamina to walk much farther

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