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I watched “Last Night in Soho” and why was the scariest moment in the whole movie the scene where she’s back at her apartment with her Black friend and she starts seeing visions of Sandy’s murder while her landlord was banging on the door.
Lol hahaha I’m mostly kidding about the snob part. My film taste is crazy and unpredictable. I LOVE movies like the power of the dog but then I’ll love Josie and the pussycats. Movies are probably my favorite thing in the world. I used to go to the movie a least a hundred of times a year at one point. PLS not that elf film. I never saw tbh. I want to though.
Rewatched the nice guys last night and man I love that movie. One of the best buddy cop comedies out there. Also Russell Crowe is bae ☺️
Also, while i’m glad more queer movies are being made I wish they got to play in theaters not just steaming services, but i will take it. Crush is also another queer movie that came out on Hulu recently that was solid
So: Top Gun Maverick. I went in expecting a bro-heavy 3 star movie. And boy, was I wrong. Best movie of the year so far by a long stretch. Go see, preferably on at an IMAX if you can.
I thought Bros was hilarious! However, I can see some things working against it in addition to homophobia: - if you didn’t tell me what the movie was about and only said “Judd Apatow produced it”, I would have passed. I think he worked out for this one, but IMO his movies generally need more editing - Billy Eichner’s run-on-sentence style of humor might not be something everyone appreciates - I read some articles saying that October is not good for romcoms since everyone is in Halloween mode
I’m really over the whole remaking of every movie that ever made any money in the last 50 years lol especially one like hocus pocus, now they are officially fucking with sacred material. But glad to hear it’s not total garbage at least
The Adam Project, the newest dune movie, eternals and interstellar are all some of my favorite sci-fi movies
Oh guys. I watched Beverly Hills Cop for the first time yesterday and it was so good. Eddie Murphy was in his bag for this movie. Plus it was so cool to see the many well known actors so young. Fun fact: BHC was the highest grossing movie of 1984
As I think about this question more…I want to say Catwoman with Halle Berry. Is it a bad movie yes, but it was a campy good time. Sometimes bad movies are fun to watch.
Last night I watched Spiderhead, new Netflix movie with Chris Hemsworth and Miles Teller.
It’s on my watchlist. I’ve heard good and bad things about this movie especially the gay aspect of Turing. I heard they tried to shy away from it
Yes he was. Crowe has been beefy since Gladiator but recently in the past 7-8 years he has been muscle chub status and I’m loving it. And yesss lol. I said that while watching the movie. Idk why but I think him wearing a MAGA hat in the movie would’ve added more to his character 😂
As soon as I saw the photo of Brenda in the movie theatre, I knew this was my kinda space! I freakin’ love Brenda!! She carried that whole franchise of films!
I’m not exactly a JP super fan, but yeah, I cringed through the entire thing. More than anything I was just surprised at how boring it was, at least in the first half. But I think anyone who has been enjoying the recent trilogy will probably like it. And I guess it’s a great popcorn movie.
I watched that movie and I was like this was so boring and unnecessary. I understood what they were trying to do but it wasn’t executed greatly. Now I did appreciate the horror aspect of it, but that story was ass
I might be misremembering this, but I’m pretty sure his first directing gig was on a movie where he didn’t like the director and he straight up fired him and took over with zero authority to do so. I think they made an unofficial law barring actors from doing that called “the Eastwood rule” or something
Gun to my head, the 1st that comes to mind is “The Dark Knight”. Great villain, breakneck pacing. The movie is on full tilt from the interrogation scene forward.
The final race in Speed Racer where the Wachowski’s just blacked out and gave me everything I could ever ask for in a movie. The training montage in Rocky The final fight in Creed Cap wielding Mjolnir The beat down at the end of Deathproof When Godzilla nuclear breaths the head off the creepy Bug creature in the 2014 Godzilla. Django Returning to candyland and murdering everybody.
What’s the last good movie y’all watched, old or new? I watched “Lamb” the other day and it was great
Loved MOM. Was The first Marvel movie that felt aesthetically different. 100% felt Raimi to me. Hope he comes back for part 3. Wanda was so damn wild lmfaoooooooooooo
I loved it so much. Gave it a 5/5 and still my number 1 movie of the year
Has anyone else seen Pearl or Barbarian? I just saw both in the theater this past week. I love horror movie season. Smile is next on my list.
The best way to see Rocky Horror is a midnight theater screening. People show up in costume and perform along with the characters in the movie.
I watched “The Fly” yesterday and was like “wow this movie is fucking SCARY!”
Children of Men. Total 5/5 movie. Worth seeing in a theater if you get the chance
No judgement lol but the last movie I saw in theaters was US. I’m not a fan of theaters and only went because I wanted to see it with friends opening weekend
I started “The Terminal List” with Fhris Pratt as background noise and was like “wow this movie is long as hell” and then realized it was a tv show and I was actually on episode 4
I loved it, it was prob my favorite movie released that year
Lol the opposite happened to me a while back. I started what I didn’t realize was a movie and by the last 10 mins I was like “damn this is a long episode”

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