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Non binary individuals come chat ❤️


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I, as a non-binary person, face this all the time. I have ignorant friends who are unaware of the biological and social variances of human identity. Being from the black community, you must break down stubborn walls of indoctrinated conversation for people to understand. So I have to explain why my gender identity can be anything, even if it does not make sense.
Yeah like. I understand that many if not most binary trans ppl are supportive, it’s just that I’ve had really bad encounters with binary trans people and even when I was in irl trans spaces, binary trans ppl were always the ones taking the most space. Which like, they are allowed to take up space obviously, but in doing so they left little to no room for non-binary people to talk about our issues. That’s why I’m always more comfortable in non-binary spaces over broader trans spaces
I can relate to sexuality and gender identity. I’m pansexual, non-binary and use they/them pronouns. My parents and brother don’t mind my sexuality, but they haven’t been supportive of my gender identity and correct pronouns.
@Simone It is a bit hard to say since the feels are something that only you really know. But you may identify with non-binary, gender fluid, or gender non-conforming (which is more broad). But in the end the label is only useful or good if it helps you. And you can always change what you identify with as you become more comfortable and find out more about yourself. Nothing is set in stone.
Ugh that’s just horrible. Not the first trans I’ve come across who doesn’t care about non-binary people. I’ve heard lots of lgbt people complain that enby people “ruined our progress with your stupid non-existent genders, now the whole world thinks we’re a bunch of pick-me snowflakes” and it was just like… damn. A transphobic trans person how bout that
Theres a sort of anxiety i have with labels. I tend to overthink these things. My expression is fluid tho leans toward masc when at home and more fem in public which is conflicting. However thats a reason non binary is also the absence of a defined label is something that comforts me better then gender fluid or agender. There is more room for me
High school was hell. Middle school was worse. It was 1985 I had no idea what non-binary or trans was and I got called out as a boy in the girls bathroom but it was my only choice.
And that logic is like. Cissexist because it implies that touching a vagina makes a gay man not gay when that’s so not true. There are cis gay men that date and have sexual intercourse with trans men and maybe even non-binary people with vaginas and that doesn’t make them any less gay
I’d like to do something like a pansexual symbol, non-binary gender symbol, pronouns, black midi band logo or any other band logo that I like.
If you're into podcasts, I highly recommend Gender Reveal. I think they're in their ninth season, and it's interviews almost entirely with binary and non-binary trans people. I almost guarantee you'll come across someone you find commonality with, but also it's really eye-opening to how diverse the community is.
Oh, no that’s what I meant too! Some straight people are boring lol. I’m a non-binary lesbian & I’m looking to make more LGBTQ+ friends.☺️
So I consider/label myself as a non-binary lesbian. I utilize all the pronouns, but prefer they/them & she/her (over he/him). However, when it comes to the terms, “ma’am” & “sir”, I prefer sir. Is this weird? Does it make sense? Am I valid? Lmao😅
So transmeds believe you need dysphoria to be trans, but a lot of the time they have other adjacent beliefs. One of them is that they don’t think non-binary people are valid. Another one is that yes, they think you need to medically transition to be trans. And then they also don’t like trans people that don’t want to pass, and gender non-conforming trans people, including non-binary people
Yeah that’s how I felt at first to. I was so torn on all the labels and how to explain myself until I came across “gender-neutral” and then it just clicked. I’m glad using an umbrella term like non-binary helps you
My mom did the same thing after accusing me of disrespecting my dad by cursing and correcting him about my gender identity and correct pronouns. She made it about how people had trouble adapting to her last name change and for people to call her this nickname instead of her real name or a nickname she didn’t like to be called. She said she knows what it’s like to go through what I’m going through.
She’s a trans woman that blames non-binary people for red states in the US banning gender affirming care
Hi I’ve been offline for quite a while but recently I’ve figure out I’m non binary I’ve wrote down my reasons and I’ve thought on it and it just feels right does anyone have any places they specifically like to get binders or tips that go with being non binary or even non binary names , I go by Gray right now and obviously my pronouns are they- them but I also neos anyways can anyone help me ?💛🤍💜🖤
@Jai-Jai There is also a book called "Beyond the Gender Binary" by Alok Vaid-Menon. It is very small and only 64 pages, but is great at explaining in clear straight forward terms. And half the book is answers to questions that are often asked of Enby people. I highly recommend it.
I have a question I don’t know where I fall on the bisexual spectrum, but I am non-binary I think may be pansexual I feel like I should know I’m 26 years now, but is it OK to just call myself gay for now until I figure things out
Like wrote about this whole rant saying we should not speak on trans issues because we “speak from the privilege of a cis body” (she thinks non-binary people don’t medically transition which is BS)
I'm really happy you got the space you needed to discover yourself! It does seem like even cis people are more cognizant of how nuances gender and sexuality are now. Not to sound like an old (even though I am 💀) but there was only one out gay person I knew of in high school, and the concept of transness wasn't even something I learned of until college. I wish I'd crossed paths with him more, might've helped me figure things out a bit earlier lol.
I want to move out of the US so bad. Another non-binary autistic friend of mine is in Scotland and it sounds fantastic
I’m also professionally socially awkward, but since I’m a high school teacher, gender is front and center for me. But yeah pronouns in signatures are common. I also wear a pronoun pin every day and have various Enby accessories I wear on occasion
Also keep in mind “opposite sex” may not apply to everyone. Cause sex doesn’t equal gender. And like, I’m non-binary so what even is my opposite gender you know? 🤔
Don’t forget projection politics. They feel threatened by the existence of non binary, because they are so fixated on not being the gender or sex assigned. They feel the need cling to the binary because they want to be perceived as their identity
Hello! I’m new here :) for me coming to terms my gender was really intertwined with my Christian faith. Seeing creation as something that continually creates and expands itself. I feel limitless, and also limited (not in a bad way, but in the way that creative restraints help to produce art). I think most days I feel agender, but lately genderqueer feels like a good place to land (or not land, actually)
Told my therapist I’m non-binary and she was completely respectful and even laughed at one of my gender jokes! (I wasn’t sure where she stood so this was a huge relief.)
So um I got back in contact with my mom and she’s a big time bible thumper and I decided to come out to her. Im nonbinary/ gender queer ig. I was afab and I go by they/them he/they pronouns. She refuses to use my chosen name and insists on calling me a childhood nickname that goes with my dead name and keeps telling me god made me perfect
Just from their impressive resume of instruments they play, it's clear that Jay has a strong passion for music and dedication to gain such a breadth of music knowledge. I also think they must be pretty pioneering and interested in progressing music forward, considering they enjoy groups like Black Midi and their music theory knowledge. I'd love to know what other artists they like and who they feel are currently pushing the boundaries in music!
What’s your favorite thing/idea/action you have or get to do about being non-binary y’all?? I’m Gabe, just came out sorta kinda lol I’m from Texas and I’m 29 and a libra

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