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Non binary individuals come chat ❤️


#nonbinary #enby #gender #gendernonconforming

#friends #non #binary #hello #job #cats #unfortunately #age #baby #meet #home #mom #snap #ky #food #cat #family #thanks #fast #gender #office #holidays #snow #experience #couldn #3 #wanna #live #working #ok

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I could never do fast food. Some of my friends worked fast food and the sheer nightmare stories I’ve heard are insane. I used to work at a supermarket so I did have to deal with rude people daily but non constantly throughout the shift. And yeah many office jobs do require that kind of experience. I’m 20 as well but my mother would have my brother and I help her out at the office sometimes so I managed to get office experience that way. I have no idea how to get that without the internal connection though.
Thanks so much I’ve been dressing for over 15 years now and unfortunately don’t have many people to share it with thankfully my wife and friends are very understanding but being gender fluid some times it’s only boy mode such as my job. I’m full time audio engineer for a television network
It’s ok you didn’t fire me lol, yeah but I’m really trying to not go back to fast food people are so rude for no reason not to mention management, I’m lookin for an office or desk job but most of the jobs require a degree or experience which I have little of being 20
Hello all thought I’d introduce myself I’m sean. I’m non-binary and go by they/them/he pronouns. I’m a pagan witch and queer business owner.
Non binary cd here just exploring new apps I’ve been on Kik running cd and trans support groups but the perverts and boys get so annoying
Hey all, I’m Michelle and I’m 2 spirit. Living in SW VA. This is my first time joining this app. Hope to meet some potential good friends along the way!
The collar one (Margo the Destroyer) is 3, she was a Covid baby. The other (Pancake; the Silver Dollar Cat) is a little more than one. We knew if we didn’t adopt Pancake, then she would likely be put down by someone who ran out of patience with her IBD
Oh I’m so sorry I misread your message. It’s so strange how some places are hiring like crazy and others are all full. Have you tried using Indeed? They helped me get a summer job pretty quickly earlier this year.
Hey there! I’m Camryn it is a pleasure to meet you all!!✌🏻I am non binary, traveler, and super into the paranormal!
I haven't done fast food, but I did work a line once or twice. I know I don't have what it takes to keep pace. I literally couldn't do another kitchen job unless it was 100% logistics and/or expidition.
That’s awesome. I live in KY. You know what Mark Twain said about KY. Safest place to be at the end of the world because everything happens 20 years later here. lol
Thanks! My wife is the director of the county shelter, so I have lots of fosters and new kitty friends
I still identify as a cisgender guy but I know non-binary defines me and my husband more because we just don’t fit all of the normal binary characteristics/expectations. I think we both have always known but the term non-binary hasn’t become popular until more recently. I first heard of GNC back in 2014 and non binary probably in 2016.
Many cats do better in pairs or more. Something I never knew. When I saw shelters insisting that we couldn’t adopt only one cat if we didn’t already have one, I thought they were just scamming us trying to move inventory of adoptable cats. But now I know…. Solo cats are monsters 😅😅😅
I’m talking like subtle things. JUST for you. Like a keychain. Or a stress ball. Or wear a favorite article of clothing under what people deem appropriate. find better friends pal. These people aren’t it.
aww lol my mochi is 3 too, she was a covid baby as well :) im trying to move out soon and when i do im totally getting another cat
It’s wise for anybody. In our society either gender. So you know when you no longer have control and therefore charge of your safety. Unfortunately, the puritanical US doesn’t necessarily see it that way.
hello! ur cats are soo cute <3
I am currently body doubling for the 2nd person in 2 days so they, too, can get life back together post holiday mess.
I’m currently in a small town in KY. But I’m at an age and a stage where I can stand some crap. But also, for the most part people don’t give me any. It’s one of the hidden secrets of here.
Hello! Anyone want to add me on snap? 18/21+ only! I need some some adult friends.
I have come out as nonbinary but everyone around me doesn’t believe me or makes fun of me. They think I am something I’m not and lately I have just given up. I dress and act like they want me to because it’s just easier. I hate that I have to force myself everyday to be someone I’m not, but what choice do I have. It just eats away at you.. to know your not you..
It’s finally legal here in Missouri recreationally, but it’ll be at least a year before dispensaries can have recreational licenses. So we still have to have a medical card. But still. Big win. Especially in a state like Missouri
JessieMack I'm sorry about all the hardship you were forced to endure, especially at such a young age. I'm glad you persevered and have built a life around your true self, though! That's really inspiring 💙
Not a whole lot, I'm "working" from home and mostly playing with cats and doing personal projects lol.
It’s much easier to get snuggly kittens adopted than non-socialized ones
Just took my last day trip for awhile time for me to do the same I lost my job before the holidays so now I’ve got to get a new one but wanted to wait till the holidays were over to give me a small break
Working on getting my life back together after Christmas chaos lol. Catching up on some studying before classes next semester and general cleaning and organizing. Hbu?
I’m looking to do a full double mastectomy. Does anyone know how expensive this procedure is? My mom is a breast cancer survivor, but I’m doing it because I’ve never felt comfortable with breasts.
I want all the Non-binary friends I can get!

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