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Welcome to the NYC Space. Share photos, stories about NYC. Tell everyone you favorite restaurant, coffee shops, hangout spot, bars and more. Bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated!


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I got mine 2 weeks ago. Getting an appointment was a mess because the website and it's API was timing out. That said, it gave me an advantage and I was able to book appointments for myself and 3 friends. Since then the process is a lot better and the website crashes less, but it also means the appointments go in minutes. If you text MONKEYPOX to 692-692 you'll get alerted when new appointments are available. I also wrote a couple of trackers to check for 2nd appointment slots when they come up.
la pride was definitely more fun like after the parade— parade was kinda tame lol, that sunday i went to the eagle it was suuuper packed lol
Hey everyone! If you haven’t already, check out the Featured Event we have on the Explore Page now. It’s an event happening this Sunday at Nowhere Bar, presented by the LGBTQ History Project (which as of this week now has its own Space on the app)! The event sounds like it’s gonna be great, with some fun entertainment and a really cool raffle! Hope some of you can make it!
Speaking of the Eagle, it’s actually one of my favorite gay bars in both LA and NYC! Anyone else here ever hit up the NYC Eagle??
My fave NYC activity is day drinking at the eagle on a Sunday.
Welcome everyone. Happy Pride. Share anything you want to share. Info about places to go in NYC. Share photos of your favorite hang out spots and more.
Did anyone in this space check out NYC Pride this year??
Hey, everyone! I’m gonna be in the city during the first week of November. I really wanna check out a museum or two while I’m in town. I know I could head to the Met and spend hoursssss there, but I’m wondering if anyone knows of any particularly cool exhibits currently in town??
I got mine last saturday. I got an appointment luckily when more appointments were given on the 22nd. It took me a while to get one booked because a time slot was gone in a second.
Mine are Eagle, Boiler Room and Nowhere Bar
I’m actually in the Hudson Valley, but nyc is nearbyish and has a much bigger population.
I like the Eagle. I use to go there all the time for Pup Night. Haven’t been in years though. Also love RockBar.
I’m in LA myself but make it out to New York at least once a year, and have a ton of friends out there.
Would def love to maybe hear more about everyone’s fave local restaurants. Always down for food recs, from cheap hole in the wall to really nice spots!
🙋🏽‍♂️i was at ny and la pride
Everyone, have a safe Pride and enjoy the ride of the evening/night.
My sister lives in NYC so I'm sending her there tonight!!!!
Or what are everyone’s fave NYC bars?
(And which LA Pride celebration did you attend? There were so many lol.)
What’s everyone doing for the 4th? I think we are going to hang out with friends. But to be honest, we aren’t really feeling proud to be an American right now. How about everyone else?
Maybe the eagle Saturday night
Avoiding dance parties due to Monkeypox so off to watch Roller Derby for the first time. And avoiding the heat by going to the movies :)
i have been to the eagle its nicee sucked a dick in there lol
I made a space for Hudson Valley peeps if anyone else is in the same boat as me.
i like rockbar, boiler room is cute & i havent been to nowhere
Fire island on Sunday with friends
Hi! I’m moving to NYC in January! Looking for a roomie
Looks like I’ll be in the city either right before or right after Halloween this year! Looking forward to it!
Has anyone gotten the Monkeypox vaccine yet? If so how was the process of getting the appointment?
I live in the Hudson valley too,What’s the name of the space?

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