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Gay Star Wars • Hosted by Pink Milk

Gay Star Wars • Hosted by Pink Milk

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Hello, I’m Bryan, the creator & one of the hosts of Pink Milk! I hope to create a SPACE where we can talk about Star Wars! Whether that’s our favorite movie, show or to talk about who we think the hottest character is or who we ship together. So, if you want to dig deep or just gush about something silly in Star Wars come join us. Let’s create a great Star Wars community for us queer folk & our friends! The Pink Milk Mantra: We are Star Wars Fans We Suport Each Other We Have Fun! We have a morning show podcast for those “Forced” to listen with husbands, Bryan and Tom. And, we have a late night livestream for deep-dives and thirst with Star Wars super fans: Bryan, Em, Mark and Chase! We’re an all LGBTQ+ podcast creating content for all! Whether you’ve been a Star Wars fan for forty years or for forty minutes come hang out and let’s talk some Star Wars! Find us on YouTube & where ever you listen to your podcasts!


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What you can see in this Space

One of my top 5 things in canon (that was released under Disney) to date. The other 4 being (no particular order): The two films: The Last Jedi & Rogue One Doctor Aphra The High Republic New Star Wars animation (Rebels/FOD/TCW S7/Resistance/Bad Batch)
So the new Obi Wan is getting pretty negative fan reviews. As bad as Book of Boba. I’m enjoying it as much as I did Boba. What are your thoughts? Star Wars fans can be brutal… I hope as pink milk fans we are less hostile.
I had to skip recording this week with Tom because we’re scheduled to discuss Kenobi … but I have to be honest. I’m not ready to talk about it again or watch it again. It really effected me emotionally. I absolutely loved the series but Star Wars has t ever hit me like this show did and I’m not really keen on revisiting this set of emotions at the moment.
Welcome to our Pink Milk space! We’re hear you talk Star Wars! What’s your favorite Star War and who’s your favorite character?
Hey fellow Star Wars buddys Question: which character in the franchise has the coolest swag? A) Poe Dameron B) O.G. Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams) C) New Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) D) Din Djarin (mando) E) Padmé D) Han Solo F) Jyn Erso G) Finn H) Princess Leia Organa I) Mace Windu J) BB-8 K) Boba Fett L) Other* ___________________ *I haven’t seen everything Star Wars so I’d love to learn any new ones
Very excited to get home watch my favorite movie before the S(tea)m Room tonight!! With some light Lego Star Wars of course
It’s Monday, but also a public holiday here in Australia. The only Star Wars thing on the agenda for today is to get back into my Clone Wars rewatch - I’ve taken a break over the last 2 weeks, so am very ready to dive back in! Other than that, going for a walk, cooking tasty food, reading my book… general holiday stuff! How about the rest of you?
Y’all! My mind isn’t able to handle this! Kenobi! Star Wars Celebration! Our Queer Meet-Up! Us on the Podcasting Stage!!!! It’s too much!!!! I feel like Jar Jar after he got his head stuck in those power cuplinks!
I’m reading Star Wars graphic novels, From A Certain Point Of View (Empire) and continuing my Clone Wars rewatch. Oh, and catching up on the last Pink Milk!
Star Wars Explained had a great video yesterday about “Does Obi-Wan retcon ANH?” Alex said something that stuck out to me and I think it’s so important for Star Wars. I don’t remember the exact quote, but it’s something like “Characters aren’t there to recite a perfect history.” They aren’t going to be 100% true and that’s okay.
Welcome, JESS!!! You may enjoy our Husband & Husband episodes. I have “Forced” my husband to talk Star Wars with me…he’s a casual fan but it’s always a great place for people who are just getting into SW. Our livestream is great fun but we def take deeper dives
Nice! That’s exciting Chris! Haven’t done much Star Wars-ing today but this weekend I finished Midnight Horizon. And apart from being an incredible story IMO, it might’ve given me a new favorite Jedi
Which Star Wars characters would throw the best Pride party? I think Bryan would say Maz. I also think Ziro or Sy Snootles would have a fun big gay party.
I’ll be at Star Wars celebration every day! I would love to meet up with the Pink Milk family any time. If anyone else is going I would love to hit up panels and walk around the floor with Pink Milk folks!
OK, just finished reading my 2nd High Republic book! Enjoying the ride so far, but am about to take a break to read a (shock horror) NON-Star Wars book! Normal service will be resumed in a couple of weeks…
I’ve just rewatched season 1 of Russian Doll in preparation for starting on season 2, and it’s made me really excited for The Acolyte! I’m so ready for some weird Star Wars live action content!
Hi sorry for the late reply guys thank you all for the welcome :) My favorite Star Wars media uhh that’s pretty hard but I do really like all of the original trilogy and The Mandalorian as basic as that may be haha
Also, as a birthday present to me, my family is watching the first 2-3 episodes of the Mandalorian with me. They only know the basics of Star Wars so I will be making visual aids to give a tiny bit of background so they aren’t completely lost.
That’s AMAZING! I’ve been around from the beginning and I’ve always LOVED Star Wars but TCW is still probably my favorite SW and it really redefined what SW could be! I love it and Ahsoka is everything!
Last year, I was talking to an old friend, and I noticed that her purse had the Rebellion logo on it. We have been official Star Wars buddies ever since! We even wrote each other huge essays about our relationships with Star Wars! That relationship and this community have changed my whole outlook on Star Wars, on community, on Fandom, and on myself!
I agree!!!! Star Wars is my favorite thing ever! Like beyond movies…it’s a life guide for me. If you listen to the podcast you probably know that though!
Bryan got me thinking, what’s everyone’s top 5 favorite Star Wars moments?
If you want additional mind blowing thoughts on Star Wars, you should check out Pink Milk’s After Dark podcast. Em shares some incredible analysis on those episodes.
Tomorrow night at 9p EST we will be on Star Wars Explained to talk Part 3 if any of y’all are fans of their channel! And I can’t wait to discuss it here with y’all and in the Steam Room on Friday night!
Totally random question, but did anyone else play (and love) Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? I always thought that game was 🔥🔥 and would have made an excellent adaptation. Or at least the characters would have.
QUESTION! Who’s everyone’s favorite character that came back from the “dead” in Star Wars?
Oh we’re you calling me out? Because it was a total joke. Do you actually think I care that much? I’m sorry we got off on the wrong foot but I was just trying to make light joking conversation. Obviously we are all different levels and types of Star Wars fans. I haven’t seen a single clone wars or comics so I’m sure you’re just on a whole different level. I’m just a typical Star Wars fan.
So sassy, but R2 is my favorite character from Star Wars. I’m rooting for the short kings who get things done 😂
I’m continuing on with my Clone Wars rewatch-along (just started season 2), and I’ve started my 3rd High Republic novel! How about you? Did you see them Star Wars shoes I posted here the other day?
Following a Star Wars chat with a friend this evening, I was inspired to make a series of those inspirational quotes posters you see on line, featuring the wisdom of everyone’s favourite pirate, Hondo! They turned out more like album covers, but I’m pretty pleased with them! Here are a couple:

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