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Hey there! Im Tyler & im pretty obsessed with plants. I started collecting in 2018 but Covid plants really took over so now I’m here and love to make planty content or give any advice I can so feel free to always message me or ask the space because no question is dumb no matter how simple it may be. We’re all here to grow after all 🌱 This is a safe space for us to share our plants & gardening, ask for advice, & just talk about stuff in general. Everyone is welcome especially beginners or people looking to start with plants or gardening as we all start somewhere ✨🌱 Personal IG: 🐻 Plant IG: 🪴

Notes from the Spaces team

"Plant gays" is a term that has emerged in recent years to describe a growing community of queer individuals who share a love of plants and gardening. This community has found a space to connect and express themselves through their shared passion for plants, creating a unique intersection between queer culture and the natural world. For many "plant gays," gardening and plant care have become more than just hobbies - they are a form of self-care and a way to connect with nature. Gardening can be a therapeutic activity, providing a sense of calm and a way to connect with the earth. It can also be a creative outlet, allowing individuals to express themselves through their plant choices and garden designs. In addition to the personal benefits of gardening, the "plant gay" community has also become a hub for advocacy and activism. Many "plant gays" have used their love of plants to promote environmental causes, such as sustainable agriculture and conservation efforts. They have also used their platform to raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues and promote acceptance and visibility. Overall, the "plant gay" community is a unique intersection of queer culture and the natural world. Through their shared passion for plants and gardening, individuals have found a space to connect, express themselves, and promote important causes. The community represents a growing trend of queer individuals finding new ways to express themselves and connect with the world around them. Queer plant and gardening people are individuals who identify as LGBTQ+ and have a passion for plants and gardening. These individuals may enjoy growing and caring for plants in their own homes, or may work in the horticulture industry as landscapers, gardeners, or farmers. Being part of the queer community and having an interest in plants and gardening can intersect in a variety of ways. For some individuals, gardening may be a therapeutic and calming activity that provides an outlet for stress and anxiety. For others, it may be a way to connect with nature and the earth, and to engage in environmental activism. In recent years, there has been an increasing visibility of queer plant and gardening people, with online communities and social media groups dedicated to sharing gardening tips, plant care advice, and showcasing their own personal gardens. Some individuals may also use their interest in plants and gardening as a way to connect with other members of the queer community, by participating in community gardens or attending LGBTQ+ gardening events. Overall, being a queer plant and gardening person can offer a unique perspective on the natural world, and a way to connect with others who share similar interests and passions.


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They are very rewarding as they are easy to grow and beautiful plants. I have cuttings in my aquarium. They keep on getting bigger and are great in taking nitrates out of the water, which is good for my fish. You’ll also find them creating long roots searching for something to grab onto. Awesome plant ❤️
Basically grow lights or like a couple very low light plants are your options if you have no natural light. No plant will thrive in that environment I think. Try a ZZ or Chinese evergreen and if those don’t work pretty SOL unless you get supplemental lights
I’ve never tried bug clear myself but I have used Gardensafe 3 and that didn’t help as well as neem oil but neem oil is pretty useless unless you use it to clean your leafs and water your plants with them then it makes any pest that eats on the plant die so it can be a good preventative product but Captain Jacks will always be what I recommend for pests
Cody where’s your climate , potting plants that go through winter (real) winter die do to the freezing and drying of wind and sun exposure. Also going into winter dry roots dry out and die. I have even seen boxwood that is planted in ground. Move them in winter, or cover . I always plant in ground in October and water well .
Could it be root rot? How often are you watering it? Plants won’t usually drop leaves from the middle or top of the plant unless there’s a rot or pest issue from what I’ve experienced
Thumbs turn green from paying close attention to plants. They basically tell us what they need and want in their own sign language. Like reddening of leaves is too much sun, drooping can be a couple things but generally needs water. The more you watch them the more signs are revealed, (my 2 cents)
I have 2 others, a Hoya Carnosa Krimson Queen and a Hindu rope. I really like starting off with starter plants from this really great seller on Etsy. I like watching them grow and when a new leaf or vine sprouts you feel so excited and proud you did something to make it happy
I let the covid house plant craze take me from 10 plants to 260 at one point and now I’m back down to about 100 and trying to get more into gardening and succulents for this California heat
I think it depends on your collection size. If you have something smaller a diluted alcohol/water/dish soap mix would would but Captain Jacks tends to get the job done pretty fast as it’s been my go to since 2019. Also like I mentioned above do this in a well air circulated area that’s not to bright so plants don’t burn. I’d do like two cap fulls of alcohol, the rest mostly water, and one drop of dawn dish soap
Hello everyone! I’m pretty new to plants, and my boyfriend and I are trying to learn as much as possible. Yesterday he brought over this plant and we don’t know what it is exactly…
And I’m over here terrified to plant fruit trees but honestly houseplants are outside plants so not too big of a difference especially once you get down their watering schedules and fertilizing.
I’m so happy to see over 200 of you here now. I’ve taken a large hiatus from plants due to personal life but slowly making my way back to making plant content so I appreciate you guys being here! 🌱
Little tip for Hoya, they take in nutrients through their leafs so the Miracle Gro orchid spray actually helps them grow a little fast since little starter plants can take a bit longer to grow but do it at night when you turn your grow lights off
Setting up a bioactive snake enclosure and was looking up non toxic plants. Did not realize most Hoyas, in addition to being easy af to grow, are non toxic to pets or people? Ordered three fairly expensive ones to grow for cuttings for my snake cage
Hi! I recently moved to my own place and I want a plant or two, but I don’t think I have a green thumb so what are some cool low maintenance plants you’d suggest?
We should start a “Plant Of The Day” and post our favorite plant that day. I always find myself talking about the same 10 plants when I have well over 100 so I think it would be fun to highlight different plants from our collections 🌱
Omg I love hearing how people become plant lovers this makes me so happy lol It definitely is such a fulfilling and therapeutic thing learning to take care of a plant to get it to grow and thrive like it can be a roller coaster sometimes but the outcome is always the best! Recently got the hang I’ve strong of Pearls (variegated kind) but took me at least 3 years and 20+ pots to get it down finally… I think lmao
I also in house plants. Unfortunately I don’t have my own land yet) so I grow everething in balcony 😊 this winter I put heater there and now it is my “green island” in stone jungles. Love it)) prefer to grow myself from seeds then buy adult plants 😊
I understand the basics but I need to learn which plants help support others since I know it can be important to plant certain plants together
Has anyone ever had mold grow on the soil of their plants??? It has happened to 1 (monstera) out of our 5 plants. No idea how or why.
Yeah, I try to grow plants that do well in my growing zone8, sage , thyme, and rosemary does well for most but something like lavender is nearly impossible to grow where I live. It’s too hot and humid here 🫤
What are you guys mainly into? House Plants, Gardening, Bonsai, or something else possibly? Would love to know more about y’all I’m personally a houseplant collector. I would love to get into gardening but we have wild cats everywhere and they sadly destroy any plants I put outside so a garden just wouldn’t make it lol
Still trying to fill the empty spaces in this area but I think I need some grow lights for the lower plants to keep them alive
The new shallow pond from above, after about 1 year. Still a lot of room for plants around to grow.
Black orchids are super cool too. Other than that I think there is a million dark and broody alocasias and colocasia. Stuff like colocasia aloha and black sapphire or alocasia black velvet or coal miner. I wouldn’t count any of those as easy though. Maybe a philo micans? My fav of my personal dark broody plants is my syngonium llano carti road
Hi, I’m new to… plants in general. Does anyone have any tips for taking care of thyme? I try to mist the leaves every now and then, and it spends its mornings in direct sunlight
Hoya are one of my favorites to grow. Definitely going to be those plants I’ll have until I die
Drain holes in pots until advanced and even then I would rather all pots came with holes and a plate although I get that some people bottom water and stuff. Don’t sweat too much if plants die. Everyone that grows stuff kills stuff
If so, you can trim off the bottom 4 pairs of leaves and root them in water to start a new plant, and hopefully the old stems will put out some new growth.
This is my monstera that is about 4ft x 4ft and the second pic is of the air roots that Everette mentioned.. it was a plant left behind by an old neighbor about 3 yrs ago.. it was half the size when I rescued it. I need to make a moss poll for its air roots to grab onto… she’s a beast!

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