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Lights… Camera… Rainbows! Q2Q is a space where queer people of any gender or orientation can discuss movies, television shows, or any other visual mediums. We’re looking forward to talking about that experimental indie film nobody watched. We’re here to support the filmmakers who can’t get money for their next project. That said, go big if you’re a size Queen. You will not be shamed for talking about the next Star Wars movie. Any defaming in regards to what media someone wants to discuss is not allowed and may be grounds for dismissal. Ooooo, I’m feeling so daddy! Here’s a good rule of thumb: is it important to you? Do you get excited telling people about how brilliant it is? Does it turn you on to tune people in to that great show you love? That’s what you should talk about, and don’t judge yourself because that thing you love is about walking carpets in space. We recommend discussions over stories that feature or were made by queer people, and feel free to share your work in the space. Our main focus is film, but we’re open-minded. Any visual medium is acceptable. We’ll work on structuring things down the road so you can get a “fast-forward” to the subjects you prefer. For now, keep those hearts happy and behaviors respectful. By visual mediums, here is some of what that could look like: -movies -TV shows -theatre -drag -dance -TikTok -YouTube -Only Fans By respect, here is what we mean: -Do not use hate speech or slurs or any defamation to inflict harm upon someone for any reason. -Do not judge someone or call them names. We are here to critique film, not each other. -Be an ally always. We are a diverse bunch, and everyone from our family has a place here. -We’re fine with nudez, just not with rudez. This is an 18+ space, so feel free to rock that sailor dialogue, just don’t direct it at any member of the space. -Stay conscious that a creator you may want to insult may be someone else’s cinematic hero. Here’s a breakdown of our regular, weekly morning conversation teasers: On “Manzez monday,” we will highlight the work of any identifying queer man in a visual medium… On “Totally Trans Tuesday,” we will highlight the work of any identifying trans person in a visual medium… (Please note that some of the people from this category may appear in other categories. Some of these people also may not identify as queer.) On “We are Women Wednesday,” we will highlight the work of any identifying queer woman in a visual medium… On “They/Them Thursday,” we will highlight the work of any identifying non-binary person in a visual medium… (Please note that some of these people may not identify as queer.) On “Fabulously Freaky Friday,” we will highlight a subculture, work, or genre that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves from the general public… On “Screenplay Synth Saturday,” our host, Collin Miller, will come post a writing prompt that should give good creative headspace. Members are encouraged to block out some writing time and discuss their projects in our thread. On “Screenplay Share Sunday,” we will host a free, one-hour Zoom space where members will watch and discuss a short film or scene from a film or tv show, and then workshop the scripts they wrote on Saturday. (This will be first cum, first slay, but we will remain conscientious of who has not gotten to share.) Here’s the recurring Zoom link for Screenplay Share Sunday: Every Sunday at 12pm Central Meeting ID: 847 3881 4876 If you have any questions at all, then feel free to DM host Collin Miller at any point. See you onscreen!


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What you can see in this Space

I had to buy a digital copy because I love the movie so much. It’s available to rent or and or buy on Amazon video. Older queer films from the 90s and early naughts are harder to find streaming. I was literally trying to find a place to watch “To Wong Fu, Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar” recently and had to resort to bootleg.
Queer film feature: “As You Are,” a 2016 mystery set in the early 1990’s starring that cute stoner from “Stranger Things,” Charlie Heaton. What struck me about the film is how it allowed it’s depiction of sexuality to be so fluid. It’s not about labels for these people, and they’re truly just trying to lean into what feels right. Directed by Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, the movie is currently streaming on Amazon for around 4 dollars.
Well, I’ve done everything from writing to directing to ASMing, to acting, to set design and prop design etc etc. I was hypolyta and PeasBlossom in a mid summer night’s dream. I’ve directed “by any other name” a trans play about a trans man who recently came out to his wife. I write queer wholesome plays and I recently premiered one of my plays via zoom last year it’s called “TRANSitions” about a young trans girl who comes out to her parents over zoom
I don’t give out my full name online so y’all get to settle for Kittie. As for my location I don’t give that info either. My pronouns are Meow/mew. They’re on Google. No film gets to my “core” what does that even mean? But my favorite queer film definitely has to be “Trick” it’s about two gay men who try to have a one night stand but things keep getting in the way and they fall in love in the process. It also has my very favorite drag queen Coco Peru.
I’ll stick to Trick for the answer. For me personally I don’t really get impacted by film. Theatre often does that to me though. Trick is my favorite queer film of all time because it is one of the first gay films to be about gay life and not be about aids or sad shit happening etc. it was literally just about gays living their every day life and the things that pop up. Coco’s monologue in it was amazing.
Ethan Hawke is a psychotic queer villain, but the movie does a wonderful job of focusing its attention where it needs to be. This isn’t an anti-gay protest. The director isn’t saying that queers are coming for their children. It’s a deep call to recognize that the (as Sammy J would say) the tyranny of evil men is still (and has always) preyed on our children and loved ones.
J C is just MADE for the screen. I absolutely had to recommend some of her films here. Please check out our regal and radiant rose here: “The Last Emperor” (HBO Max) “Lust, Caution” (On Prime for like four dollars) “Sheep Without a Shepherd” (free on Tubi) “Wild Side” (possibly just for DVD order on Amazon?) “Tai-Pan” (idk where it is) and of course… YOU GOTTA BINGE TWIN PEAKS ON PARAMOUNT PLUS OR AMAZON PRIME!
My favorite queer movie right now is Tom Ford’s “A Single Man,” mostly because it hit me at my closeted emotional climax. It was my breaking point, and the last queer movie I watched before I came out.
Hi y’all! I’m ash! My pronouns are they/them. I joined this group so I could maybe learn some more queer films. My favorite queer “film“ is a filmed stage production of a del shores play called Southern Baptist sissies. It’s all about growing up queer in a religious background. Leslie Jordan and Willam are both in it. It’s beautifully written and very well acted. As I said I would love to learn about more queer films so please let me know what some of y’all‘s favorites are!
It’s not that the movie is about lesbians. It just has a decidedly non-male gaze. There’s a tension between the women (rather like in “Jaws”) that feel quintessentially queer. Honestly it’s been so long since I’ve seen this one. I rented it once back in the day. I remember it being something I said I was watching “for hot girls.” Truthfully, I needed the girl power. And this film totally has that!
Here are some things you can check out this queer actor in: “Julia” (2022) - on HBO Max “The Perfect Host” (2010) - on Prime to rent for like four dollars “A Bug’s Life” (1998) - on Disney Plus “Down With Love” (2003) - on HBO Max
The “Deep Blue Sea” actress has been in the following shows and movies: “The Bank Job” (HBO Max) “Troy” (Netflix) “The Loss of Sexual Innocence” (1999, not sure where it is streaming) “Tempted” (Amazon Prime, and this one is actually a nice little neo-noir. It’s a sweaty favorite of mine to watch.)
Weird Peter Jackson joint that I LOVE! Check out “The Frighteners” on Hulu today! Jeffrey Combs is just everything here. This is a not so gay movie that is definitely SUPER FUCKING GAY! I love queer horror.
There’s also some queer subtext to the intimacy our lead character feels with a friend of his at school. There’s no queer baiting here, but I just wanted everyone to know that the movie is not anti-intimacy between cis men.
My senior show was going to be Shakespeare in drag but the pancake happened and I decided to transfer to a cheaper college other shit happened and now I’m doing online school through a cheaper school and I can’t do theatre as a major anymore because they don’t offer that in their online program… so I’m doing ministry leadership instead because on top of all of this I feel called to ministry. An openly trans queer panromantic polyamorous theatre geek minister what a combo.
I enjoyed this movie, but I thought the story needed tweaking. This was a case (for me) where an editing job could’ve improved things exponentially. Was still very happy one of my favorite queer coded characters of all time was getting the royal revival treatment.
I watched “Another Gay Movie” once upon an early college night back when I was going to UNT. It was something I bonded with my then-friend over. He wanted me to experience campier gay shit (he also introduced me to “Rocky Horror”). One thing I like about “Another Gay Movie” is how hard it goes. No entendre intended. It just refuses to shy away from taking the jokes to the extreme.
As a proud gay, I love a witty bitch who slays the room. Her fashions were actually my favorite, even though the story favored Cruella’s. There’s such a connection between queer designers and fans when it comes to costumes in movies. Not only that, but depictions of high fashion onscreen. Why do we think it is?
Not a movie, but I have heard great things about “Uncoupled.” It was described to me as “Sex and the City” with more queer representation and gay-centric storylines. It is also on Netflix.
Hiya, back! Chris Harris, he/him/his, originally from Virginia but living my best LA life in West Hollywood. One of my favorite queer movies of all time is Were The World Mine.
Here’s where to watch J D G: “It” 2017 - (currently on Netflix) “We Are Who We Are” 2020 - (HBO Max. I haven’t watched it, but I plan to make my first series highlight in July, as I understand it’s very queer. So everyone watch along!) “Luca” 2021 - (Disney Plus) “Shazam” 2019 - (HBO Max)
Great double-feature idea (and a double dose of Moore, an actress I always want Moore of). “Far From Heaven” is another movie with queer characters playing out their closeted narratives beneath the suppression of bigoted ideals in a different time.
One week from yesterday is my 12th tranniversary and I’m throwing a party. We’re gonna watch queer movies. One of my guests is bringing her kid. She says my picks are fine but I’m wondering if anybody has some good kid friendly obviously queer movie recommendations?
I’ve seen them do “Baby Jane” stuff on Drag Race, but I’ve never seen the full on parody. Fuck I’d love it I’m sure. That movie is queer bitchiness perfected
Hi hi! I’m Mercy Mayim, i’m from zanesville ohio, i use she/they/it/bird, and it isn’t a movie but my favorite queer media is doctor who! i grew up on it, and it seeded my appreciation of things that are out of the ordinary, eye catching and beautiful:)
The movie it’s expanded from, “Love, Simon,” gives John Hughes realness, and it’s available on Amazon for free. This is a great “initiation” gay film if you want to watch something lgbtq with a family member you have conflicted feelings about.
7. “Luca” streaming on Disney + Two “sea monsters” who don’t realize they’re the same at first grow more intimate over time. I got a very “oh, this is going to inform their relationships as they mature” vibes. This is more where the seeds of queerness begin to grow, as opposed to it being about queer identity itself. At least in my opinion. Write a review if this when it first came out. Can I find it? Nope.
The normal heart is on hbomax, it’s about the aids epidemic I’m the 80s and the LGBTQ+-lead crisis hotline and how they formed and the behind the scenes that are often overlooked in the history of aids. Bridegroom I believe it free on Plato or tubi, it’s a doc about a queer couple and the struggle of what happens in terms of medical treatment when queer marriages are not legal, the lack of rights for the partner, the lack of authority, it’s definitely a slow tearjerker but 100% worth it
3. “Splash” (Disney +) There’s something very queer about this 80’s classic. First of all, Daryl Hannah is an icon, and her hair in this movie inspired so many drag wigs.
The framework of the piece is that we see three different women play out their lives in three different, single-day periods. We get to know their secrets and the relationships they have that are truth, sheltered from truth, or confounded by the hypocrisy of their timeline. In a way, we see the agency of these women taken away by the cultures they were born into, and it puts in perspective what can happen to a person when repressed queer feelings meet with unresolved, or even unaddressed, mental health issues.

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