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A place where you can post and talk about your art (any style or medium) with a group of welcoming peers!

Notes from the Spaces team

Art remains one of the freest and most open-ended forms of expression in contemporary society. That’s good news for queer people, and queer art gives us all the chance to express ourselves freely. Queer art has an affect on queer society. A visual image or an outrageous dance performance can speak volumes about the gay experience. Gay people have always felt at home in the arts. While gay artists have been considered outside the mainstream in decades past, things are beginning to change. The art world has opened its arms to talented gay artists, whose work has moved mountains and sparked new valuable conversations, specifically when the gay community was still reeling from the AIDS crisis. From inventive Instagram posts to public funding for the arts, underground zines featuring naked men to exclusive exhibits inside a techno dance club, take a look at the gay art that catches our eye. Queer art refers to art that is created by and for the LGBTQ+ community, and often explores themes related to queer identity, sexuality, and culture. Queer art can take many forms, including visual art, performance art, music, literature, and film. Queer artists have used their work to challenge societal norms and expectations around gender and sexuality, and to celebrate the diversity and richness of queer experience. Many queer artists have also used their art to advocate for social and political change, and to raise awareness about issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community. Some well-known queer artists include Keith Haring, Frida Kahlo, David Hockney, Nan Goldin, and Andy Warhol, among many others. These artists have made significant contributions to the fields of art and culture, and have helped to elevate the visibility and representation of queer people in society. Today, there are many LGBTQ+ artists and creatives who continue to explore and express queer identity through their art. Queer art is an important part of LGBTQ+ culture and history, and continues to serve as a powerful tool for self-expression, community building, and social change.


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What you can see in this Space

What’s funny is that I am the LEAST patient person you’ll ever meet. 😂😂😂 But it is a very calming, meditative process, for sure. This crossstitch piece is pretty large, probably 1,000 hours total. And I’m halfway through a different (very large) piece that has about a year’s worth of work in it now. I actually created a space called Queer Thread Art where I’ve got a few more pics of my crossstitch and embroidery stuff.
Thanks Abby! I started with a pencil sketch, which I then pulled into Adobe Illustrator to redraw digitally. I then had the art professionally printed using the gicleé method - it offers such amazing colour and detail quality. Really vivid and dense, perfect for art printing 😊 I also really like the black edge version! I think this is my favourite too, but I’ll let him pick first and keep the other for myself 😋
Damn those all look awesome!! I think your figures and poses are great too and add to the emotion you’re going for. I especially love the shape you used for your album cover to show the picture. It’s reminiscent of like an eye as if your “third eye” is open. Shows vulnerability and an openness which is what sharing art and music is.
Aw thanks 😊 I agree! I do my best to come up with little lessons every other week and show the kids cool art and artists. The kids keep it fun
I prefer traditional mediums like pencil and charcoal, but I’m trying to get more into digital art. I recently got an iPad and have been using the program, Procreate, to do these drawings
Just got my first tattoo (of many, I already know what I want the second one to be) and I love it! I think tattoos are becoming more of a presence in the art world but still aren’t treated quite as highly because of society’s old school history, but I’m glad to see that has not kept the art form down. Do you guys have any tattoos? Plan on getting any?
Welcome all the new people!! So excited to see the space expanding so much! Reminder to all, please feel free to share any and all art work you do or see. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced artist, anyone can inspire anyone so I’d love to see what y’all are working on or what you’re looking at and interested in
Okay okay, I’m gonna plug art fight ONE last time because it starts tomorrow and I’m ecstatic 🤩 if you have original characters and want to join a fun month-long art-trading “competition”, be my guest
Basically there’s gonna be 20-22 players and art challenges throughout the competition and players will be eliminated. The voting is up for the public and will be posted on Instagram stories and it’s going to be very fun
Loving this influx of art! Glad to see everyone is keeping busy! Great work everyone. And love to see this space expanding. Reminder to everyone and all newbies, feel free to share any of your own art or any art/artists you’ve seen and been inspired by recently
I’m not a teacher at a school, but I am a drawing instructor at a little studio where kids, teens, and adults can sign up for all types of art classes. It’s pretty fun
Hey guys I’m planning on starting an art show on Instagram and I was wondering if anyone would be interested. I’m looking for 20-22 players
Yes!! Love how you started some spooky season art! This is awesome. Your background is amazing. I also love the detail in the rips in the jeans.
Whoa Stephan, this is insanely cool! I can imagine how relaxing and meditative it must be to create art in this medium. Do you have a go-to thing you like to put on in the background while you stitch? Like a favourite show or podcast?
Hey guys we got 3 spots left in my art competition please join!
Does anyone on here sell art?? And if so where do you guys sell most of your art? I share all mine on Facebook, insta, and Twitter, and posted a bit on Reddit but haven’t gotten much interest.
Welcome to all the newcomers! Can’t wait to see your art! Also feel free to share other artists or other works that have inspired you. Love to see what gets peoples creative juices flowing
Yes I’ve been working on it for a couple of years now. It’s my favorite art media. I’m in the process of trying to get an Etsy shop up!
Nice! That’s not actually my group, but I’m in it! Though I do host a space called Queer Thread Art if you’re so inclined 🥹
These are awesome! I always was interested in 3D art. What program do you use?
Hey everyone! I’d really appreciate it if anyone on here would go and follow my art page on insta. I’m trying to get my art out there and make some money on the side! Thanks!
I just went straight to wood when I started. I had an art teacher who started letting me use the wood burner because I couldn’t paint lol. I’ll definitely drop the link when it’s set up!
Oh my goodness, welcome all these new members!! So nice to see so many newcomers. Feel free to share any of your art, any art you’ve seen that you liked or have been inspired by, and also share any artists you know who deserve some more recognition
No worries, art comes in many forms. I’ve recently gotten into tarot too. It’s so beautiful and great way to work through things
Thanks! I love line art tattoos, that’s what I want
that is really awesome! I love the line art.
I love using procreate. I never had the time or energy to learn the bigger tools but procreate I use a lot in my thread art designs.
You guys should totally join my art show
Guys we have 6 spots left in my art competition if anyone is interested
What type of art is allowed is it drawings painting digital etc.

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