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We are Queer Insight Podcast! A podcast by queer folks, for queer folks. We talk about all sorts of topics about queer culture. Listen on any of your favorite podcast platforms! Stay queer friends, Cale and Avery


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What you can see in this Space

On this weeks episode, we will be discussing religion and instances of sexual abuse and assault. If you are not interested in hearing these things, please do not listen! We will be having a much lighter topic for next week! Until then, stay queer friends! We love all ya! ❤️
I am about to listen to your new episode now. Great topic of discussion! @OwlRare from the Queer Yoga space hosts a podcast called QTPOC that focuses on numerous LGBTQIA+ activism topics. Maybe you should do a collaborative episode! 💥
Haha! This episode was so much fun! I agree with you on the podcasts. When I’m listening to my true crime podcasts, it’s super nice to picture everyone in my head! And ya, that apartment fire was nuts. We had no idea what to do and no one told us what to do! Lol! Ruby also says hello although she has taken a Break from being a dick to sleep right now! How kind! I hope you have a lovely day and we love that you listen to the pod! 🥰
The pronoun episode was great! I appreciate how you were inclusive of how to be mindful of closeted queer folks. I think it’s important to set a precedent of stating pronouns as a way to demonstrate that pronouns will be respected in the space/group/meeting/etc., but it is especially important to remember that some people are not ready to identify their pronouns in public. And some people (like me) don’t care about pronouns at all. Pronouns aren’t important, respecting pronouns is what’s important.
Avery and I started this podcast for fun. But we wanted to create a safe space for all people to listen, learn, and laugh along side us. We LOVE doing the podcast. We love this group because it allows us to chat directly with our listeners and fans! I know that we are both so grateful for everyone here. We have talked about so so so many topics and have taken ideas directly from our listeners as well!
Thanks Cale! It’s nice to meet you. Looking forward to being a part of the queer insight podcast community 🤙
I definitely will listen in for such an important topic, and we all got to do so much better here. And I include myself. Hopefully as a diverse and accepting community, here on Spaces, we can break through these supposed “norms” of body shapes that we’re conditioned to. Has anyone here checked out the “bulk products” space? A wonderful community of queer people who celebrate each one of them for who they are
Hey guess what!?! Next week, we have a very special episode with Broadway’s Josh Lamon! Going to be so fun. We have some other guests coming on soon as well!
Aw thanks! It was truly an adventure. At one point the exact same van we were driving was in the ditch! Lol! But we made it!!! We have a super fun episode coming out tomorrow!!!
Welcome to our Space everyone! Exciting news! Collin and I will be starting a new Queer True Crime Podcast! Stay tuned for more info!
Yes! We care deeply about the topics and it’s not covered enough within the Queer Community. And tomorrow is another episode! Wahoo!
That’s a tough question because I’ve really enjoyed every single one! But I honestly think my favorite topics really are when we have guests come on. We get to hear their stories and thoughts on numerous topics! Our most recent one, we talk about the importance of pronouns with Avery’s coworker! I think it’s extremely educational and so important. I also just love the episodes where Avery and I just get to sit and chat and catch up and laugh! We both love to laugh.
Hi Kay! Welcome to Queer Insight! New episode is out today!
Next weeks episode is super fun and exciting! Whose ready?
I really enjoyed listening to this episode! I agree about needing so much more realistic representations of trans and non-binary people! I agree that Pose was so amazing, but it served a specific purpose; it was a dramatised story that gave the general public a better understanding of our black, trans history in New York. It needed to be told, but it’s not an accurate representation of how trans people live today! We need more trans-told stories to help people see us for the average-joe’s we are!
Oh, I joined right in time, this was an awesome episode!!! Maybe, it because it’s very ‘inside baseball’ for theatre people. There’s regally fun/interesting content whether you are a cast or crew theatre geek! Sean McManus is a delight! So charming and informative, a really generous guest!
That’s exciting news! I found myself chatting in another Space last week, about Toronto’s gaybourhood serial killer and the The Village: The Montreal Murders podcast. So, I joined a True Crime Space in this app, but it’s not very active.🥲 I’d like to hear you two chat about true crime. I bet it’ll be cute and funny!
Well I’m glad you appreciate it! I feel like a chicken with its head cut off running around nyc every day. But it’s good but stressful and I haven’t cried yet. So at least that’s good! We have another episode coming out tomorrow that’s just fun and silly which I love!
Cale and I are struggling to come up with topics for next week’s episode! Any ideas?
Who’s ready for a collab episode with us and my other podcast, Vers Crime??? Stay tuned for tomorrow!
TRIGGER WARNING! We wanted to take this time to let you, our listeners, know that this week we will be talking about consent, sexual assault, abuse, and situations that have happened to us and others. Please do not listen if this is a trigger for you. We love you all so much and we will catch you next week! 💕 Cale and Avery!
I just listened to your new episode!! Hilarious 😂 Love the pic of you guys btw. That's definitely one thing about podcasts that lacks for me... it's nice to contextualise the voices in my AirPods 😝 Holy SHIT that fire is insane. Thank god you're ok. "If the fire is not in your apartment stay inside..." #LOL!. "I'll sit out in the living room while the fire is blazing... you go back to sleep" 😂🤯 Ps. Hi Ruby🐶
That’s hard. I haven’t really thought about it. There’s so many topics pertinent to queer people and our community. I’m sure there are many things I haven’t ever even considered. I’d like to hear about queer Dating/lifestyle, culture, work life, social activities, school life, family life, friends, hobbies, and experiences. Im sorry I know that’s incredibly vague.
Hi Bryan! Welcome to Queer Insight Podcast! We are glad to have you
Welcome Shon! Welcome to Queer Insight Podcast! Happy to have you. 🥰
Hey guys! I listened to your latest episode while driving back from CT to Johannesburg today and loved it!! Made the trip fly by... so thanks!! 😘🌈 can't believe how scary your snowstorm drive escapade was!😵‍💫
Hi @theofficialiya! Welcome to Queer Insight Podcast!
Hey Robbie! Welcome to Queer Insight Podcast!
Welcome everyone to Queer Insight podcast! We are happy to have you here!
Thanks Allan, for this weeks topic! Gyms: Gay Heaven or Hell? Tune in tomorrow!!!!! It’s a fun one! Let us know what other topics you think of! We love you all!

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