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Post, share, LOL and disseminate some of the dumbest (and queerest) content on the interwebs. Keep in mind, though, that this is more of an “all ages” meme space, so nothing too raunchy or sexual, please. Those are better for the private meme space you’ll see connected below! 😈

Notes from the Spaces team

Queer memes are a form of internet humor that use images or text to comment on or make light of LGBTQ+ experiences, culture, and issues. They are created and shared within online LGBTQ+ communities and can be used to share jokes, provide commentary, and bring visibility to LGBTQ+ experiences and issues. Some queer memes use humor to tackle serious issues such as discrimination, while others are more lighthearted and focus on the joys and quirks of LGBTQ+ culture. Queer memes often feature popular LGBTQ+ characters or celebrities, use iconic pop culture references, or incorporate in-jokes that are specific to LGBTQ+ communities. Queer memes can be a source of empowerment, community, and humor for LGBTQ+ individuals, and they can help to bring visibility to LGBTQ+ experiences and issues in a way that is accessible and relatable. However, like any form of humor, queer memes can also be used to spread hate or reinforce negative stereotypes, so it's important to use them responsibly and critically. It's also worth noting that humor and satire can be a powerful tool for social and political commentary, but they can also perpetuate harmful stereotypes and reinforce negative prejudices. When engaging with LGBTQ memes, it's important to be mindful of the impact that they may have and to approach them with respect and sensitivity.


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What you can see in this Space

This is a public space, so please keep the memes on the clean side in here. Thanks, all! ❤️
This is so true!!! Having been in an outbound call center, many many moons ago, I can testify to this. Oh those few tense seconds praying to your God “please don’t pick up , please don’t pick up!” And the sheer unadulterated joy when it went to answering machine.
Oh, Oblivious Mike is oblivious. That scene was so gruesome to watch if you experienced the not so fun and supressive 80s when it came to „opposing“ the hetero-normative way. Noah deserves an award for portraying Will this way - especially in this scene. Really hit home. Apart from that: I know it‘s not popular, but I do like that haircut.
Hey, everyone, just a heads up that I’ve created a second meme space for those memes that are rude and crude. 😎
Btw, I kind of assumed that NSFW memes are ok Is it? Should I send an nsfw with them?
Yep! So true! Me telling all the newbies my depth of knowledge and rolling my eyes at their questions!
Yeah, I think nsfw is fine. It’s a public space, so no porn or nudity or otherwise “adult content”, but nsfw is cool
I saw a post for fat bear week on Instagram and tbh, my mind didn’t immediately jump to literal bears. I was kinda disappointed once I found out what it actually was.
So true! A flight attendant once asked my husband and I if we were brothers. I said “ewwwwwww that’s gross!” And he replied “don’t judge till you have tried it”. 😂🤣😂
That last one really hit home. ❤️
And I LOVE seeing more people sharing goofy shit in this space! Keep it up! ❤️
Welcome to our newbies! Feel free to share anything fun and funny you find!
That last one (the Kleenex review) had me in stitches. So damn funny!!
Welcome in, newbies! Feel free to share any funny stuff you come across! 🤪
Guess I’m not gay either 🤷🏼‍♂️
Welcome in to all our newbies!! ❤️🌈
Hey newcomers!!! Here's to sharing many virtual laughs together 😂❤️
You’re in luck! Most places are more friendly and inclusive than Twitter, so we have a good chance ❤️
yea all my memes are corny im gonna delete my folder
Nothing is more true than that last one! Haha
Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey! the blasphemy!! 🤣🤣🤣 no matter how many times I have said that phrase I have never once thought of it in a literal way! It’s hilarious!
Not sure if it‘s only my phone, but ghe text did not end with „Apart from that: I know it‘s not“, it seems to miss the rest:. Apart from that: I know it‘s not popular, but I do like that haircut.
Omg I love this. It’s kinda sorta exactly what this app is here for! Haha ❤️🌈
It’s hot everywhere so here’s some heat memes
Wow…and this is from 50 years ago. We need a medic, mechanic, and an engineer to fix this mess.
Aw shucks ☺️ thanks!
Funny because it’s true 😃
Yaaasssss!! #Brunch - unrelated - We desperately need a brunch zoom 'round here. I would die! Not literally. Also, mimosas. Also, did I hear themed???
I still have night terrors of not attending some random class even though I graduated 7 years ago.
So Stranger Things takes their licensing rights from Dead By Daylight….but they will give it away to fleshlight??? They need to rethink their priorities

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