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San Francisco Queer Trail Runners

San Francisco Queer Trail Runners

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Let’s go for a trail run!


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Today we had the difficult trade off between being queer and being a trail runner…. So we decided to spend half the day in SF for Pride Run and Pink Party, but then headed out to Auburn to see the finish line of Western States. We were on the finish line exactly at the course record time set by Jim Walmsley (14:09), but no runner was close yet (He is not running this year, and it’s also very hot, ~100F)
Hi everyone sorry for the late reply!! I’m here in barcelona and a regular trail runner and mountain biker. Lots of great mountains here to run on with the Pyrenees just a couple of hours away. And every year I do a 2-day mountain marathon in the UK called the OMM which is gruelling - running with tent sleeping bag food for 2 days and full wet-weather gear. But it’s incredible.
So the SF FrontRunners is doing the Crosstown Trail again on Sun Nov 13. Christof or others: any interest in doing it (again?) for those that haven’t run it, it’s a 16.5 mile run that’s about half road, half trail, from Candlestick Point to Ocean Beach.
Is it? Well… I am a virgin when it comes to that subject in particular, and I am very interested in getting into it. As an aging marathon runner, it is becoming imperative for me to start entertaining alternative physical activities. Living in this beautiful area, trail running seems to be the obvious answer. In other words, I am interested and I have no trail running experience yet!
Hi K. Welcome here. We should also create a non-local trail running or general running space. What’s your preferred surface / distance / elevation / pace?
Hi Dan, welcome here! Please introduce yourself! Where r u based, what’s your favorite trail running distance, elevation, routes?
Hi guys, Ross at the SFFR has suggested to do the SF crosstown trail, a 16 mile walk/run this Sunday. Who is in?
Hi Phillip and Alex! Great to have you join here. Let us all know your trail running preferences and hopefully we can meet up to organize some runs in the Bay Area
Hi Richard, welcome here! Tell us a bout yourself and your trail running ambitions! Are you based in the SF Bay Area?
For the more hardcore runners… a group of us is doing Rose Peak on Sunday, on the Ohlone Wilderness Trail starting from the Della Valle Lake south of Livermore. It’s a 26 Miler with at least 5000ft climbing. We start pretty early at sunrise around 7am. DM me if interested.
Welcome here, new trail runners! Let us know your favorite distances, elevation gains, and times you like to run
I’m not a pro. But my fave run would be from Glen Park to Laguna Honda Trail. I don’t really count distance etc. and I just wear my basic Reebok.
I will be traveling the next 2 months though (doing a 100K ultra trail race in South Africa, among other things), then doing the AIDS/Lifecycle but back on the trails here on SF in mid June!
Hi Chris! I’m new to this app so learning a bit how to navigate here :) I love hiking but haven’t done much trail running to be honest. Hoping to meet people to either hike with or get into a new habit!
Hi everyone - anybody up for a trail run Sunday? Planning 11-15mi in the Headlands, thinking of starting 10am ish, but flexible on time.
Awesome. That’s what we’re here for! Let’s plan on a hike for social, and I schedule some trail running with various distances (out and back style).
Hi guys, let’s get the conversation going! I make a poll… let’s talk: trail running shoes!
Hello. We don’t have the event scheduling function released but soon we can start scheduling trail runs with queer SF runners here
Well, let’s organize one! More narrowly this group is for trail runners. Feel free to create your own Space for SF pool potluck Parties!?
Hi Dana, welcome here! And welcome to running! Western States x3!! Wow!! Let’s run East Bay or else!
I know this is a group for trail runners, but anyone ran any of the SF Marathon events this past weekend? Any other races signed up for?
I guess I need to get trail running shoes soon.
Welcome to the queer trail runner community in San Francisco Bay Area
Queer trail running is a whole different level! 🌈
So much fun!! We did it! SF cross town trail, 16.5 miles
Hi Chris! Welcome here! Tell us about your trail running
Hi Damian! I guess you’re new to trail running 😂
Hi Iane, welcome here. What’s your trail running story?
Hi Duncs! Welcome here. Tell us about your trail running!
Hi all! Actually more of a road runner (mostly marathons) than a trail runner… but open to exploring trails.

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