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For lesbians, bi and pan women, wlw, etc. Inclusive of all trans and nonbinary people who feel they belong here, inclusive of stone and ace identities, etc.


#lesbian #bi #bisexual #pan #pansexual #butch #fem #femme #wlw #sapphic #homoromantic #biromantic #panromantic #tribads #queer #dyke #transbian

#queer #group #community #friends #live #hawaii # #next #interested #done #talk #last #pride #local #date #run #grateful #clarksville #single #blood #parents #join #families #move #late #especially #summer #wants #making #life

What you can see in this Space

What part of the world do you live? I found a local queer group on FB and once I met people there it led to a bunch of close connections.
Any trans sisters looking to join a Snapchat group for us to bond over, feel free to hmu. There are already me and a couple members in it, we'd ideally like to increase this thing to a nice sized community of active members
I just spent the last hour chatting with someone on HER and she’s local. And obviously didn’t read my profile because when I stated some info that was in my profile to make sure they understood they unmatched with me 🤬
I run Hawaii Queers and Hawaii Queer Parents and I’m a member of Hawaii Queer Womxn
This will be the first time I march in Honolulu Pride. My Queer Parent Group will be in it 😁
Yeah… it’s really conservative here 😬😬😬 & I recently… finally, came out but and Boise Pride is next weekend so I’m excited to see if I can make friends!
But my last girlfriend and my wife became friends and we would have dinner together sometimes
I feel that 100% I recently just came out to those around me. Not my parents but friends, coworkers, social media platforms. I feels good being myself!!
Hey and sorry i went right to bed after i joined the group last night
I live in Idaho and all my queer friends live in California. I feel really lonely sometimes..
I was lucky enough to find a place at a queer run business. I know that’s not possible for everyone though
I got outed to my mom… but everyone else in my life knows now. I’m actually waiting until Boise Pride to come out on social media.
Sry your both having a tough time. Treat yourselves lovelies 🙏💕 Honor yourself with some self~care; take a nap, enjoy your fav drink, make some art…idk…whatever floats your boat 🤪🙌 You deserve it!!
It looks like the low next week will be 67. That’s cold for us. But I’ll be in Palm Springs and Disneyland for the week
While I don’t play or are interested in sports there are a lot of queer sport leagues out there. Hangout at those is a good way to meet people
On HER. A while. I know a lot of the people in the community so it’s hard to find people I’m not already friends with
I also want to start a late bloomer group. Can we do it together? I have friends to invite to join
Yes they showed up about an hour later. Thank goodness for the phlebotomist lead who sat at the front desk for me so I could register all the labs. A saving grace truly
I run and am also a member of several queer Facebook groups too
My biggest thing was I felt like I shouldn’t be the one making them. I’d only been out for less than a year and felt like I didn’t have enough experience to actually do it. But everyone comes out when they come out and that doesn’t dictate your worth in the community.
☀️🌧 autumn rain & coffee…don’t get me wrong, I’ve been vibing with summer, but I’d love some cooler days…and I can wear layers 💕
Now we just need more local queer friends! Lol
Nah I like it free and easy and sweaty lol. Just wear a swimsuit as clothes so you’re ready to swim whenever.
My first pride! I was too scared to go all my life… I knew it would be end game and I’d have to accept that I’m not straight. But we’re here now and loving being me!!
Especially as a member of the community
I’ve lived in California, Kansas, Texas, and Hawaii
I couldn’t find anything for parents and families so I made it. It was slow growing and for a while it only had three families but I kept doing meetups and more families started showing up
Is Honolulu pretty LGBT friendly? I know almost nothing about Hawaii
I totally feel that! I want to start a group here for late blooming le$beans! But I have major impostor syndrome!
I would just be honest that you understand it’s tough making schedules work, but if there’s any other reason to not meet up it’s best to just come out with it and move on

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