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Queer Sci-Fi Film & TV

Queer Sci-Fi Film & TV

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All things Sci-Fi - Movies & TV Fav Movies & TV… recommendations… movie reviews… and general chat 🥰 All welcome! Please come and join us in the Sci-Fi zone ❤️

Notes from the Spaces team

Queer sci-fi film and TV refer to movies and television shows that explore queer themes within the sci-fi genre. This could include stories about LGBTQ+ characters, relationships, and identities, or it could explore queer themes more broadly, such as gender and sexuality. Some examples of queer sci-fi films and TV shows include "Star Trek: Discovery," which features a same-sex couple, "Sense8," which features a diverse range of LGBTQ+ characters, and "Doctor Who," which has featured queer characters and explored themes of gender identity. Other examples include "Black Mirror," which has explored gender and sexual identity in several episodes, "The Handmaid's Tale," which explores themes of sexuality and gender oppression, and "Orphan Black," which features a queer main character and explores themes of identity and genetic engineering. Queer sci-fi can provide a platform for exploring social and political issues surrounding gender and sexuality, and can also serve as a way to highlight and celebrate LGBTQ+ representation in media.


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Awesome 😁 I’m halfway through the last season of walking dead and I’m at S7 of Fear the walking dead. I love Morgan - why I accelerated my watching of it ❤️‍🔥 I also started the walking dead world beyond… i guess that’s the one you mean that’s filmed near you… nice to find a few of the spots👌🏻 I recently found out there are stand alone character episodes in a short series called Tales of the walking dead ❤️ Sooo much my mind is gona 🤯
Some class movies there 🥰 In your list I’m a particular fan of the fifth element and 2001… I love the later version of Solaris and I love its sound track… I haven’t watched a Russian version - will look to find it… What do you think of the 2006 South Korean monster movie - The Host…? And also although not sci-fi the 80’s Das boot with Jurgen Prochnow..? Also love him for his part in Dune 😁
Hardcore binging! 28 odd hrs!! S4 is the finale season and it looks like Netflix will allow the writers to finish a sci-fi story arc for once!! 😜
Merry Christmas and/ or Seasons Greetings Sci-Fi lovers 😁❤️🎄
Thank you moderators I love international movies as well as Hollywood originals. No remakes or MCU. From Drama to comedy and Sci-Fi. Favorites: The Fifth Element 2001 Space Odyssey Solaris Russian original I’ll Postino;(Italian) The Godfather Some like it Hot Women on the verge if a nervous breakdown Kika The sea inside I also love documentaries
Not without paying for it one way or another. We dropped cable entirely and only have basic internet with some streaming services. I know all of walking dead regular/original is on Netflix, except season 11 which I assume will be coming. If the others end up on Netflix or something else I have, then great, otherwise I may never see them all. I feel like I’m missing so much of the story! 😆
Ooh battle star galactic and zombie stuff right up there too. Yeah I like the blend of noir into the genre of sci-fi (blade runner). I enjoy a thriller elements, genre bending, and cerebral. I like Star Wars too. I’m not picky as long as it catches my interest.
I’m a big fan or the classics: anything aliens or Star Trek or blade runner but on the flip side The Immaculate room is a decent cerebral sci-fi and Kirsten Stewart’s Underwater kept me entertained.
The Magicians - Netflix - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Elliot is a gay icon and this show has bisexual, pansexual love interest and stories
At least season 11 is coming to Netflix 😁❤️😁 woo hoo 🥳🥳
I think I liked the governor story line the least, but it has still been good re-watching it. Oh, and I literally just saw tonight season 11 is coming soon to Netflix, so I’ll catch up to it by re-watching it all and then starting the final season. Won’t be able to do much of the others, it’s not yet all available to me on my platforms.
The three I’ve seen all yes - but some good performances and interesting sci-fi stories to balance the buddy horror. The one I saw today had Peter Weller (original robocop also cool) and was pretty interesting… if not for the buddy horror at the end.
Over here I bought some of the early series and then switched to watching the later ones on Amazon prime and Disney plus. Hope Netflix gets 11 soon for you Dustin 😁👌🏻
Great to have you here 🥰 Pull up a chair/ have a look around/ fancy sharing your fab sci-fi film or series… the choice is yours 😉
So your focus is sci-fi and fantasy with a strong queer character presence…? or a queer sci-fi plot..?
Yeh - we are spoiled with the amount of sci-fi being produced at the moment… will always be dross but so much good stuff… that said a lot of remakes or expanded universe stuff
Yeh enjoyed them v cool In fact I showed Rakka to my friend Yesterday before we watched the Thing ☺️🤣
How about a sci-fi or fantasy plot that just as a strong queer protagonist
I have just been rewatching things that I’ve seen before lol that’s why I was asking what everyone has been watching. I think the last “new” show I watched was Wednesday on Netflix.
I’ve watched 3 episodes out of order 🤦🏼‍♀️ but luckily I know so little what I saw hopefully won’t spoil anything 🤣
Three further spinoffs have been announced: The Walking Dead: Dead City featuring Maggie and Negan, The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon featuring the titular character and an untitled series featuring Rick and Michonne.
Blade Runner and it’s sequel 2049 - are the greatest movies imo 😎 The cinematography and sound score in 2049 are breathtaking ❤️
My roommates and I are trying to find some new films to watch. Does anyone have any good recommendations for comedic sci-fi movies?
I can’t think of that much but I’m no expert… The Umbrella Academy springs to mind (on Netflix in UK) as it has a variety of LGBTQ+ characters and actors in it… 3 series out… hopefully a 4th to tie everything up… S4 still TBC as far as I know… 👍🏻
Yeah we need more queer sci Fi and fantasy all around
I always felt like the reavers in Firefly were the sci-fi equivalent to zombies
Agree 💯 The exceptions being (imo): Empire strikes back, The dark night, Aliens and T2… ❤️ I probably missed something else massive…
Oooh nice. I write sci-fi and fantasy so I like to watch everything.
Oohhh comedic sci-fi Deliberately comedic or accidental comedic…?
Yeh is too much really I have Disney +, Amazon prime and Netflix and my broadband TV gives me Sky stuff & other miscellaneous channels… I even bought something the other day that was on Paramount I think - Halo - and to be fair enjoying it 😁

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