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Hi hi! I love being high! Talk about whatever the hell you want, this is just for fun. 18+ space for weed enthusiasts


#weed #stoner #mushrooms #bong #smoke #pipe #marijuana

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Oo ok a heartbreak. I’d say we need a combo treatment here. Sativa based strains through out the day so you feel silly and goofy and don’t think about the heartbreak. And do an indica based strain at night for peaceful sleeping. My fav indica is blue widow or granddaddy purple. Uhhh I don’t have a fav satvia
We are having some fun tomorrow 🍄🍄🍄 always enjoy these little ‘natural treasure treats’ Always been intrigued by the benefits of micro dosing. I am terrible at any form of routine when it comes dosing in general. So I have tried the micro dosing but I didn’t even notice until later that my older sister had taken my batch. Macro dosing - big fan🤣😂🤣
Dating is...ughh! Ok! I could get into a Sativa/Indica combo. Near me, I have: Sativa: - Super Lemon Haze OR - Strawberry Blonde Indica: - DMO OR - Ice Cream Cake
Cheech & Chong Love Machine Preroll. Sativa. 22% THC. I give it 3.5/5 joints. Smooth, effective, no row-boating, but the $??? Please. The Modern Man Must Hustle. 😒🙄 🚬🚬🚬
Hey yes it is. It’s the Pax Era Pro. You can use it by itself or use the app to control the settings. Plus with the pro there’s more little features that make it fun to use. It’s a cute small battery and vape. I enjoy all the Pax Pods. The battery is charged by USB-C which is nice. You can get 250 puffs from it.
90% of bud available is actually hybrid because there is so much cross pollination and mods being done that now days you need to focus on the terpenes and the Cannabinoids breakdown to know what you’re truly smoking and find a bud that works for you. The names are also getting super out there and creative which is great and fun.
I just tried a strain called ice cream cake. It’s a very smooth indica. Very good smelling too!
A question to experts here :)) i’m a newbie, and i absolutely hate to smoke joints ☘️ I just cough a lot. However, i love edibles, cookies 🍪 etc. Usually someone cooks them and i get to have some. I’d love to start making my own :D Does anyone have a recipe? Or tips? Is the activation process difficult?
I got some ice cream cake (I think that’s the name) and wow. It’s an indica alright lol. It’s a gelato and wedding cake cross strain I believe?
However it’s the “Apple” of batteries. So you have to by the Pods made for it and that’s it. Nobody else makes pods for it. Plus, because you are paying for the brand, it’s slightly more expensive than regular 510 cartridges. However, I bought it as a birthday present. I get 510 cartridges most of the time. This is more for special occasions or when I travel and I want something small.
Jack Herrer: 20.4% THC - tastes good. Creative high. Zero couch lock. 🚬🚬🚬🚬 4/5 joints.
I use almost exclusively indica. I use it to ease anxiety and social awkwardness. It’s basically autism medication for me lol. Sativa tends to not have the calming effect I need
Depends on the kinda mood you need. If you’re in a “Screw them! I’m partying the pain away” I’d say Mango Kush to chill with. If you kinda just wanna relax and feel peace then I always advocate gorilla glue lol
That makes sense bc Indica calms; where as, Sativa uplifts.
I’m out of sour diesel rn 😔 I have a gorilla glue cart I’m hitting with the last of my bud loooool
For carts I like mango kush, sour diesel, gorilla glue, and granddaddy purp
Just got home from comp training in jiu jitsu about to smoke some sour diesel and chill
Pretty damn high. It’s a sour diesel and edible kind of Monday night.
I start with Sativa and switch to Indica makes for a great dreamy sleep.
Here’s a question - Sativa or Indica?
I guess its only 4 o’clock somewhere always but not our month 😔 (am high if you couldn’t tell so no clue if this is coherent but I hope yall get the point lol)
I finally bought a one hitter for just small smoke sesh’s and I gotta say, I underestimated them. I enjoy it far more than I thought
That’s so funny bc I literally am smoking my penis bong rn
Earthy fruity citrus yum. Love these terpenes 19% thc and a lovely sativa Dom😉
Edibles are medibles today. 250mg Derived Gummies 25mg per x 2 = good times. Flavor is too sweet. 3 Joints.
Gorilla Glue it is! If it was still Pride month I'd be INTO a party high tho!!!
Trapstar 30%, $10/gram, happy floaty fun times. 5/5 joints.
Spent the day walking along the boardwalk at Asbury Park, NJ. Smelling the salt in the air, heading the crash of the waves all while smoking up. It was a good day.
Indica if you want a chill/sleepy feeling.
Thanks 🥹 I thought I was fine but now I'm crying so it might take me a minute. Maybe, I need a full on Sativa blast.

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