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The Cartoons That Made Us Gay

The Cartoons That Made Us Gay

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What cartoons from back in the day seem pretty damn gay all these years later?

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Okay, so casting a wide net today: If we were going to to another classic cartoon for Cartoons That Made Us Gay, what show should we do? And which episode?
Ooh good question. I mean, I think I’d have to go with He-Man. It’s just so unintentionally queer. There’s a character named Fisto, for gods sake! I was a die-hard he-man / she-ra fan growing up, but the show that officially solidified my queerdom was Jem, without a doubt. To this day my all-time fave cartoon.
Most of the video game cartoons were attached to major franchises probably due to built in audiences? Or a least that is my thinking with their creation. So Darkstalkers getting a cartoon is intriguing. I think Battletoads and Earthworm Jim in addition to what has been mentioned are also notable cartoons based on video games. No one has mentioned the Zelda and Mario cartoons, but I am thinking most people know about them/they were a little before my time. I also never knew there was a Darkstalkers cartoon! Was it any good? 😁
Okay, big discussion question that I’m posting here and on the Gayest Episode Ever space: What is the first thing (book, comic, TV show, toy line) that you remember latching onto and thinking “okay, this is my thing now.”
Different topic, sorry: did the Dominos Noid have his own TV show? I remember the video game Yo Noid, which I loved, but did Noid *also* have a cartoon??
A question for the day: What is your pick for the queerest cartoon (episode or series) that wasn’t intended to be queer but totally read that way to you back in the day?
Cartoons that made us gay is our Patreon podcast, but there are a few episodes available on the Gayest Episode Ever feed
I mean, every episode has a sequence where a God analogy (The User) forces the characters to portray themselves as something they aren’t, under threat of being destroyed if they don’t fake it well enough… sounds like my gay experience… 😀
A little different, but as a kid I really enjoyed the Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat cartoons on USA (both video game franchises) but without the movies, the cartoons would not have been possible. The Street Fighter cartoon being different from the anime.
To be honest, we tried with season two of Great North and the first few episodes did not make me laugh. So I stopped. I resumed recently because I’ve been painting my house and needed background noise. There are some decent jokes, but I don’t think anything worked as well for us as that one gay episode we covered.
There’s actually this cartoon that I keep remembering watching as a kid, but I can’t remember the name of it, or if I just made it up in my head. All I remember about it was that it was a sci-fi action show that was one of those ‘everybody in cars!’ shows, where the aliens and their cars were all plants
Now the real question to complete my mashup theme tattoo, is there a gay episode of pete&pete?!?!
We really need to find an episode of Real Ghostbusters to do for Cartoons that made us gay
Planet of the Apes, though the characters were different from the movie and live action series (from which I recall as a baby gay crushing on James Naughton).
Question for you all: what is one cartoon character you always read as queer, even if they’re not explicitly that way? Like… Velma or Peppermint Patty or Snagglepuss, but from any era?
I need my Rogue to have big hair. I LOVE Evolution Rogue, though, and the second season episode where she loses control and abuses everyone’s powers at once was fifty times better than any episode of the 90s series.
Did they do a “they’re not gay” episode. I’m ran four single men living in a firehouse….
There’s a really cool music and collectibles shop in Palm Springs that sells a TON of cartoon cels. Lots of He-Man and some random other series.
Not gay enough. BUT strong female characters and buff shirtless monster villains… so kind of gay. Siegfried and Roy don’t kiss.
Riddler is canonically gay in the new Harley Quinn show
Who grew up watching Knights of the Zodiac / Saint Seiya and MY GOD it is wild how gay they made the character Andromeda
Not a fighting game but that Mega Man cartoon needs to be buried deep in the ocean
It’s a spin-off podcast to our man podcast, Gayest Episode Ever. Is currently a Patreon exclusive, but it’s going to be made available on Spaces
Those of us at a certain age knew we were gay because of this show.
Also an early one about a very gay episode of Dungeons and Dragons.
So here’s a topic that hasn’t come up in this Space often enough: Jen & The Holograms. It’s a show that held a special appeal for little kids who grew up to be all different kids of queer
Was there ever a Micro Machines cartoon? That’s a toy line that seems like it coulda made sense as a show.
I actually even played the Pac Man World remaster and was confused by ms pac man looking different but I just assumed it was a weird design based on the original game
4.03 What’s Love Got To Do With It? ~ It covers the origins of several characters including the revelation that Megabyte and Hexadecimal are two halves of the same being: Gigabyte. Bob is back after being missing for a big chunk of Season 3. Only downside is that grownup Enzo isn’t a big part of the episode.
Man I can’t wait for the “Pirates of Dark Water” table read special episode.

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