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The MCU Queer Multiverse

The MCU Queer Multiverse

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This is a space for all queer MCU fans to discuss theories, announcements and trailers for our favorite movies and TV series. And maybe share a rumor or two! 😎 Some rules for the Space: 1. We try to keep spoilers for brand-new projects out of this public Space for a few days, just to give everyone ample time to see it, though there are a few “sub-Spaces” for certain projects (listed below) where you can feel free to discuss in real-time! 2. This Space is open to ALL queer people, which means I won’t tolerate any language that’s offensive to our LGBTQ+ siblings. Keep it cute, please. 3. No NSFW content or chats in this Space, please, and try to stay on-topic. We’re here to discuss the MCU! 4. Let’s try to keep random chit-chat to a minimum in the main Space just to avoid clutter, but feel free to create threads where you can have 1-on-1 discussions! 5. Have fun! (Yes, I’m a big dork.)


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What you can see in this Space

Serious MCU questions though…. 1. Do you think WandaVision should have been a movie? Imagine we all saw Wanda become the Scarlet Witch on the big screen! 2. Do you think Eternals should have been like a 6-8 episode series? It was good but the story is so grand spanning so much history and characters it could have stood strong as a tv show imo.
Hi I’m Baryon. Huge super hero nerd, and I love anything mcu. Wanda vision has been one of my favorite things they’ve done, and I’m loving ms. marvel so far. Cannot wait until they finally start doing X-men stuff….there needs to be an X-men Disney+ show
It was a great arc in the comics (and the X-men animated series). I’ve talked with friends about the idea of bringing in Rogue as CM’s nemesis, and we were wondering: is the CM of the MCU too powerful for that comics storyline to work? Maybe not, but I do kinda feel like when they made her Captain Marvel and bypassed the whole “Ms Marvel” backstory they’ve made her more powerful than she was when rogue zapped her.
Here’s a question for the group (well, two questions): One, do we think we want a separate space for Ms Marvel?? (For those who weren’t around when we created the separate Doctor Strange space, we do that to have a space where people can talk openly with spoilers for the show, say, right after watching a new ep). Lemme know your vote below. And two, does anyone think we may be meeting some MCU characters for the first time in Ms Marvel? And who??
So I would have loved the X-men to be introduced into the MCU one of several ways Black Panther 2 with Storm and the obvious marriage. Highly unlikely now Captain Marvel 2 with Rogue and Mystique and the obvious power absorptions I’m curious to see anyone else’s fantasy introduction for the X-men
Nah Spider-Man the character belongs to Marvel but his movie rights are owned by Sony Marvel back in the 90s sold the movie and licensing rights to their most popular characters where spidey was bought by Sony - they have the rights to his movies which is why spidey movies aren’t on Disney+ The deal made with Marvel Studios for spidey was so he can be in the mcu
I haven’t started the series yet. Honestly I’m a DC fan (comics, movies, etc) but familiar enough with the characters in the MCU (movies). I like horror and suspense … huge fan of Marvel Zombies. Would you compare Moonlight or even Dr. Strange 2 to this sub-genre?
Breakdown goes like this Phase 1 - Iron Man - The Avengers (6) Phase 2 - Iron Man 3 - Ant-Man (6) Phase 3 - Captain America: Civil War - Spider-Man: Far From Home (11) Phase 4 - WandaVision - Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (15) Phase 5 - Ant-Man & The Wasp: Quantumania - The Thunderbolts (12) Phase 6 - Fantastic Four - Avengers Secret Wars (10)
Recording the next episode of my MCU monthly rewatch podcast tonight (covering Moon Knight, MoM, Ms Marvel, & Thor 4). Anything ya’ll would like me to bring up on the pod?
Updated MCU TV Rankings: WandaVision Loki Ms. Marvel Hawkeye Werewolf By Night She-Hulk The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Moon Knight (What If isn’t part of the MCU proper it’s their animation division, so I’m not including it anymore)
Damn, that would have been awesome. But I would argue that after Loki, every Marvel movie / tv show ever made would be part of the MCU multiverse.
I’m a big fan of the Scarlet Witch. But in terms of the Disney MCU, I really enjoyed the Ms Marvel series. Thought it was really well done
There’s an unannounced film, likely Deadpool 3, coming in September 2024. As that falls in between The Thunderbolts (which was confirmed as the Phase 5 finale) and Fantastic Four (which was confirmed as the start of Phase 6) it’s unclear which phase it’ll end up getting added to or if (because it’s Deadpool) it will be his intro to the MCU but technically not included in either phase.
Yes to all of that! One of my big questions is whether I’d prefer the x-team’s intro into the MCU to be as teens/students (a la the comics and the later x-films) or as adults (a la the first batch of films). At the end of the day, though, I trust Kevin Feige wholeheartedly. The man can do no wrong in my eyes lol
Love that, and welcome in! If you’re a fan of the X-men comics, definitely check out the X-men space on here too! It’s major. Who has some MCU-watching plans this weekend?
I agree it could have been an amazing series but I think that nails why many didn’t vibe with the movie. It was an attempt to achieve an origin film with 10 characters when most of the fan base is used to the characters as individuals being either built into the larger MCU or being given their own stand alone films
I can’t see avengers vs X-men until at least phase 9, in my opinion. We only just heard the word mutant. Let phase 6 end with introducing the mutants and then use phase 7-8 to bring them to the fore front. And phase 9 would be about the fight between the 2. But even that sounds rushed to me.
I have zero doubt that if Feige is at the helm, it’ll be MUCH better than what we previously got. I dooooooooo wonder whether the MCU is biting off more than it can chew, though?? I mean, can the MCU really pull off all these Avengers characters + Eternals + FF + X-men + Inhumans ??? It just seems like a lot.
Yep, just one big group chat. Everyone should feel free to chime in, pose a question or theory or topic to the group! And occasionally we’ll conduct a group-wide poll. This space has become more about general MCU news, trailers & announcements, I’d say, with separate spaces having been created for individual film and tv projects. (You can find those in the description for this space above, as well as occasionally featured on the Explore page!)
Ok, everyone! I just edited this space’s description (click above ⬆️ to check it out) and listed all of our MCU sub-Spaces, including a new one for Ms Marvel!
Hey everyone! I just set up a new space where we can discuss MCU stuff with spoilers, including Thor, Ms Marvel, etc. Let’s see how it works having one “spoilers” space. Feedback welcome!!
And ya I think at this point it’s clear that Mutants are going to keep getting casually sprinkled in the background (like how they have been in Ms Marvel, Dr Strange 2, and She-Hulk) but outside of Deadpool 3, we won’t be getting actual proper mutant content until after Secret Wars
It’s a video from a Disney cruise line featuring a ton of MCU heroes, including Ant-Man, wasp, Captain America (Sam), Ms marvel and Captain Marvel
I am enjoying this era of MCU because it’s not all SUPER connected. There are connecting threads and themes, but they’re not giant puzzle pieces completing a larger picture. It feels more like a tapestry. I also like that I don’t know the end goal. It feels less predictable. Phases 1-3 we all had some idea of what was at the end. I honestly don’t know anything about Kang outside of Young Avengers.
And it would be queerest! I’m hoping they manage to pull Billy and Tommy over, and that they introduce Teddy in the Captain Marvel movie since she’s off dealing with kree/skrull stuff, I believe. Perfect area to set him up. I’m going to be very upset if they don’t bring in the Wiccan/Hulkling couple into the MCU!
Welcome in to all our newbies! Feel free to chime in and tell us about your favorite MCU project or character, or which upcoming film or series you’re most excited for! 🌈😎
1) Spider-Man: NWH 2) Shang-Chi 3) Thor: Love and Thunder 4) Multiverse of Madness 5) Eternals 6) Black Widow
I enjoined most of the show the cast overall* is pretty good but Iman is a definite standout being a fan of the character the power change still felt a bit unnecessary imo and i heard they took inspiration from Armor (X-Men character) so i’m more curious if they ever have her show up even though they use their powers differently it’s more or less quite similar
I mean, if someone said there were going to be marvel zombies in the MCU, I don’t think anyone would have believed them. Also, kinda related, I didn’t realize there’s the “full trailer” and also a “Super Bowl tv spot” that has different shots in it, including a shot of “zombie Dr strange”
I’m excited to hear this! I’m also really looking forward to Strange! I’m excited to see the MCU pushing in new directions. Bring me the weird with X-Men, please!!!

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