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A place for 🏳️‍⚧️ (☂️) people to gather & talk! Remember be respectful! Please ask questions, don’t make assumptions about members, we all have individual experience, diverse & intersectional personal identities! Be Advised: This is NOT about finding dates & hookups or a DM buffet! This is a Space for people to meet & talk! —————————————————— 🏳️‍⚧️Why do people join this Space?…🏳️‍⚧️ ~ to talk to, meet & make friends with a diverse group of Trans (☂️) & questioning people! Please feel welcome to introduce yourself! ~ a safe & supportive Space for people with binary & non-binary genders (or who are questioning) to ask questions, vent their feelings with people who get it, share resources, show support, offer other perspectives or advice! ~ to read & learn from what trans people say about themselves, their experiences & what we say to show love & support to each other! ~ a safe & supportive Space for the friends, family & loved ones of 🏳️‍⚧️ people to meet, make friends and learn from a diverse community of Trans (☂️) people! ~ a community of primarily Trans (☂️) people to communicate with directly, if you work in a profession which serves to benefit 🏳️‍⚧️ people & the 🏳️‍⚧️ community! —————————————————— Optional Theme Days: The door to discussion is always open on any day! Please talk to us any day you need or want to! But if you’re looking for an open door to walk through… SUNDAYS - Positivity day! Sundays are about the things that bring us joy & laughter or comfort! FRIDAYS - Something on your mind? Need to lift the weight off your shoulders? Got questions you don’t know how to ask? —————————————————— Please be mindful of the public Space & the diversity of personal experience of your Spacemates! This is an open chat for people of all ages & the aromantic/asexual spectrum. If you think what you are going to say might be triggering or if someone in the chat has expressed that they are being triggered by any content in the main chat, please make a post with the trigger warning, (then press hold the post until you see the option to ‘Start a Thread’) post what you have to say or ask a question you don’t know how to ask respectfully or post a series of photos in the Thread on your post, rather than in the main chat! Moderation Tools Trans Space is a safe & supportive Space for people to be uninformed, make mistakes & learn from them, have differing & diverse experience & opinions. ~ Do not question another member’s right to be in the public, main chat. ~ Questions are encouraged. Misinformation will be challenged and / or deleted. ~ Posting or sending DMs to members with; insults, bigotry, discrimination, harassment, explicit content or being unnecessarily vulgar / antagonistic towards another member may result in removal from the Space. ~ Please contact @JaeFox with any concerns you may have about someone’s words or something that’s happening in the Space! —————————————————— Original Space Description from Ray @megamind_fan : A place for transgender people to gather and talk! Remember be respectful! Any overt bigotry will be deleted. (Fridays will have a focus on vents and questions while Sundays will have a focus on positivity ((pictures of pets, happy stories, things that you enjoy, etc.)). Other topics may also be discussed on these days of course. The purpose of this is to allow a space for people to feel like they aren’t being a burden if they want to open up! So feel free to speak your mind! Discussion is greatly appreciated!)

Notes from the Spaces team

The transgender community is composed of individuals who have a gender identity or gender expression different from the sex they were assigned at birth. It also includes people who are not exclusively masculine or feminine, such as those are who genderqueer or nonbinary. As sexual orientation is independent from gender, trans people may identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, and pansexual. Historically, the community has faced discrimination and violence, and it disproportionately affects trans women of color. The community is often deprived of access to housing, employment, healthcare, and other vital services due to a combination of racism, sexism and transphobia. Transgender issues have been in the spotlight lately thanks to famous transgender figures such as Chelsea Manning, Laverne Cox, Caitlyn Jenner, and Janet Mock, as well as several recent U.S. laws — laws that both take away and grant rights to transgender people. One of the most notable was North Carolina’s HB2, which forbade transgender individuals from using public restrooms matching their gender identity. When it comes to knowledge and attitudes about the community and transgender rights, progress has been made, but there is still a great deal of work that needs to be done.


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What you can see in this Space

Trans and a trans perspective is something most of us have in common. But the topics of conversation change day to day and with the needs of the members. Sometimes we need to vent about access or our relationships, healthcare or ask advice about affirming apparel or how to deal with self-centring cis people. We talk about HRT and talking to our parents and families or how we deal with dysphoria. Sometimes all we’re talking about is what we’re cooking for dinner!
The cis/heteronormative community like to dehumanise our community by reducing human experience to minimalist terms. Humans feel a lot of different ways about their body. People who are GNC use things like binders for all kinds of reasons. You can always get a binder in a different size or get a binder made by members of the non-binary community. GC2B serves a wide community with a focus on the needs of the transmasc and trans men community. Maybe check out and see if another style of binder works for you.
Ok so I've been kinda waiting to find a trans group to ask this question. I'm 23 and I came out as trans when I was 15. Every now and then I have this passing thought of self doubt when it comes to my identity as trans. Has anyone else experienced this? It's less about detransitioning and more so in regards to how different my life is and really just how much I've had to let go in pursuit of what I know in my heart to be right.
I remember when we were introduced to the idea of Two Spirit in the ‘90s, I felt such a strong mix of emotions! At the time it was popular to understand trans to mean binary trans. Heard someone mention people whose “gender and identity existed outside western ideas of sexuality and gender norms” it clicked for me in that moment. I was like, this label isn’t for me, but of course my existence is natural; I just don’t fit western norms and because that’s the culture born into, it makes me feel like I’m different.
Some people understand their gender and know they’re trans or transgender from an early age. Some people learn their trans gradually through their life experiences. Some people identify as trans or non-binary because they know they’re not cis. What kinds of experiences helped you discover or demonstrated that you knew you were trans?
One of my most supportive friend groups is mostly cis women who are lesbian, pan, or bi. Sometimes it’s hard for me, not because they are treating me different but because I am treating me different. That’s one of the biggest challenges in my life. Realizing that others see me as part of the group but in my head I think, “but I’m trans so I’m not”
I was actually thinking about the line between body dysphoria and body dysmorphia. Trans girls, trans guys and trans, non-binary people have struggles individual to their bodies and their sense of gender. And yet, we can relate to each other and to cis people because symptoms of body dysmorphia are so common to the human condition.
Hello everyone! Sorry I’ve been so inactive I just finished reading all the messages I missed and WOW! You all are absolutely wonderful!Also your pets are all adorable, I especially love the ferret! I’m on vacation so I won’t be able to respond to things until next week. Anyway I just want to say thank you for joining and an extra thanks to the people who are answering questions and giving advice! Ok bye for now everyone, have a great day/night!
I’m so glad to hear that! Blood family are often fearful that the trans/queer person will “change” they don’t understand that it’s just a different expression of who we’ve always been. We’re so many things, and gender is just one of them. I had a cousin who always took me at my word about who I was. Just that unfazed, “whatever, I love you like a cousin” meant so much when I needed it! I’m glad you got a good cousin, who just loves you as you are!
This is the second trans specific space I’ve joined. In the first one, I was the first person to join besides the host, who had evidently abandoned their account. So, I didn’t even have anyone to talk to until people stared joining. I noticed that in other Spaces, I was at least the most talkative trans person. And since I joined this app to get hear other trans/queer voices (not my own), I’m here because I sought out trans spaces to get out of my echo chamber! Thanks for responding!
I agree. I think the cis people tend to think that transitioning is a linear process and for some it is but for many trans people getting access to medication and quality healthcare is not accessible and that also needs to be addressed. Also not every trans person‘s journey is going to be the same I know plenty of trans people who identify as trans they are trans and they will never have top surgery or they will never have a bottom surgery or whatever other surgeries because of various reasons some of it may even be religious reasons
Trans-fam innately understand /relate to things cis people don’t get. Even though I can talk to members of my family, I can’t get the empathy and solidarity from them that I can get from talking to trans people.
Hiya, please call me jae. Sorry to jump right in, but I’m kinda new to the app and I had an experience that left me feeling like I needed to be around some trans voices. I’m a non-binary trans person and sometimes, even in LGBTQ2SIA+ spaces I feel like a minority.
Thanks so much for hosting this space! Exactly what I was looking for! I love listening/talking with trans people because there’s so much diversity in our perspectives and experiences, but I find it so much more relatable than the cis/heteronorms! Thanks for the welcome!
Exactly, well said! Actually, I use that as a verbal prompt. If I use a gender neutral pronoun in front of a person it matters too, they recognise it as my invitation to tell me how I can best respect you. That goes for cis and trans people. Pronouns don’t function differently for trans people, no matter what cis people say; you can’t tell by looking!
Absolutely! They talk so openly about parenting struggles, complications of having a dog, being out at work, supporting trans friends and older family members, all kinds of relatable things!
After changing my name, I became more comfortable and confident in ways I never could have predicted! I strongly believe that it’s important not to let the cis/heteronorms medicalise our existence or box us in with definitions of “transition”. In my experience talking to trans people, the words we use mean something different for all of us. Words should help us communicate with ourselves and each other.
TransTape is awesome, the company and the products. Be careful using TransTape at the same time as a binder, because the friction will irritate the skin. TransTape also had skin care kits. TransTape is what’s called “open-binding” or “non-compression binding”. There are videos and you can get video consultations to get advise and support on how to use it for your unique body. TransTape can be worn for days, you can sleep, shower and swim in it! If you’re using TransTape, make sure your soap isn’t too moisturising or the Tape won’t stick!
I honestly wish I knew more trans family when I started I did it alone, kinda but couldn’t talk to another girl for advice
Best way to go is binders made by trans people for trans people! Underworks and GC2B are the most well known. It can depend on what you’re looking for(binary trans /enby) if you’re looking for something made by/for the non-binary community, I’d like to suggest “Them” founded by Chloe Freeman. They make customised binders that are fit-tested on all body types.
Thanks so much! Loving the solidarity in this Space! I really appreciate feedback from people in my community about my feelings on pronouns and such. Truth be told, I could not care less about cis people’s feelings if I tried.
Because I live with my brother and his fam has been supportive since I came out as les but my parents still don’t know I’m les and there super homophobic and imagine if I came out as trans they’ll literally die but I don’t care about there opinions I’m just scared to commit like I wanna be free and be me but at the same time I’m really scared
Yeah, of course. And I agree that obviously what cis people have to say about the trans experience is definitely lower on the totem pole than the trans community speaking for itself. But omg when Jon Stewart calls out that hair-too-tight right-winger about her statistic being *fully made up*, I howled with delight lol
I was just reading the chat, totally relatable!!! My voice is something I have always had dysphoria about. Thanks to those who talk about voice changes on T! Please be careful looking up exercises to affect the voice! If voice is something important to you, it might be worth a consultation or few appointments with a voice/speech therapist. There’s a lot of armchair advice on YouTube etc., but it’s easy to pickup unhealthy habits can do damage to your vocal chords.
Oh, so she picks and chooses for you what you can or can’t be an adult about? That is exactly the kind of hypocrisy that blood family often struggles with. They don’t want to think they’re hypocrites or in the wrong. The biggest problem prejudice people have with trans/queer people is that; we challenge them to re-examine their own unreasonableness. You can’t take that personally. It’s their own work and you can’t do it for them.
So I guess what started all this was about “passing” and I think we should be focusing on what makes us comfortable. If that means downplaying being trans that’s the individual choice. But for me I will not hide that I’m trans. On dating apps I come out every time when I messaging women. I don’t know if they know or not from looking at my pictures but I don’t care.
I absolutely love the conversations happening! I made this account because I noticed there wasn’t yet a hub for trans people and I know just how helpful a place like this can be! Please everyone don’t be scared to speak up! If you need help, have any questions, or just need to vent please feel free to do so here! Have a great day/ night everyone!
I had another question, do you guys have any advice about what to do to make sure like nothing happens to my chest after using my binder. I’ve just heard if you do it wrong it prevents you from getting top surgery wasn’t sure if like you did something to massage it? I also wanted to ask if you guys had any recommendations of where to get masculine swimsuits, or ones known for being non-binary like?
Hi all, wanted to share something I’m really happy about. I was able to find a primary care doctor that also does gender affirming care! The doctor is non binary and trans and they are taking new patients..I was able to get an appointment! Although it’s not until April I’m so excited.
The best way to avoid damage and especially damage which prevents future surgeries is to stick to binders ‘made by trans people for trans people’. Limit the number of hours you wear it (think about which situations you need it for and when you can give your body a break) When you take your binder off, cough and do some deep breathing. This will help your lungs recover from the compression.

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