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Welcome to Spaces 💜

Welcome to Spaces 💜

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Welcome all!!! 🌈 This is a Space for all our newest Spaces users to start exploring the app. Feel free to introduce yourself, ask questions and share ideas.💡 The Spaces team will also be using this Space to make announcements about updates and upcoming feature releases. 📢 📣


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What you can see in this Space

Hey, all! Stephan from the SPACES Team here! I just created a new Space called “SPACES Casting Call” (link right above) for any current users who may be willing to help us create fun, interesting assets — quotes, short vids, social posts, etc — to get the word out about the amazing communities we’re building on here! Join if that sounds of interest. We really want to help promote the users and hosts who are creating cool things on this app, so think of it like a mutually beneficial opportunity! 😉💜🌈
I’ve been using it since June. I downloaded it as a Pride gift to myself! I’ve been staying home and staying safe for the people in my life I need to protect; so I’m looking for some social interaction and conversations with other queer people. So far, I’ve had great experiences. Funny, interesting people, and the staff are actively keeping the space safe and positive! A couple podcast listen to have Spaces here, that gives people some common ground or a jumping off point for conversation.
For anyone interested: I used Pages, setting the document size to match the height & width of the labels I planned to use. I colour matched the background with the trans flag. I used QR Creator (because it was free) and the text is customisable. I Google image searched “Queer Spaces logo” and cropped screenshots to get the Spaces logo, the ‘find your space’ box and the copyright with social icons. DM if you have any questions for me!
Hey! You can begin by creating a Space and sharing your Invite link across all your existing networks and contacts to bring people into your Space. And then of course people can also join it organically if they are interested in what your Space has to offer! It's all about being engaging and developing connections around your chosen topic/interest. Why don't you take a look at the Explore page to check out some Spaces you'd potentially like to join and get an idea of how people engage. 😊😊
Good question! It’s part of the app’s latest release, and we’ll be doing some more thorough communication on how it works in the coming days! Basically, space connection is a way for a host to link their own spaces to each other (maybe they’re related in subject matter or audience) or to another host’s space (though that requires both parties to agree to the “connection”). Once spaces are “connected” they will appear on each other’s Space Profile page.
Welcome in, newbies! If you have any questions about navigating the app, or questions about starting your own space (or have questions about whether a space for an interest of yours already exists), ask away! Those of us in here who are part of Team Spaces are here to help! ❤️🌈😎
To those who aren't clear on how to use the app, it's very simple! It's all about creating Spaces which act as micro-communities in order to connect with other queer people who share your interests! 🌈🌈🌈 Create a Space and start connecting and chatting! 😊
Hey Landen! Go check out the Explore page to see if you find any Spaces that spark your interest. It's updated every day with new topics and fresh new Spaces. But if you don't find anything you want to join, why not create your own Space? 🤩
Here’s a question for allllll the people here in the “Welcome to SPACES” Space … What is a queer community that doesn’t exist here in the app that you would most love to see?? It can be as broad or as specific as you want. 🤔
I have suspected this with a couple other Spaces I’ve since left. If a host leaves the platform, would there be a way for all their created Spaces to push notifications to the people in the Space? Perhaps one of those folks would want to pick it up or start a new Space along the same line? Just a thought. Would Spaces be able to scan for abandoned spaces for clean up purposes?
Yay! Welcome! Everyone, I highly recommend you check out and join this Space. August runs a really important org called The LGBTQ History Project, and we’re super stoked to have him on SPACES! 💜
Hey y’all! Looks like we got a few new bots on the app, which I guess means the word is getting out about all the fun we’re having on SPACES! 🤪 Just a reminder that if you see a profile or a comment that doesn’t seem like it belongs on here, it’s super easy to report it, and it’s a great way to ensure we keep this platform SAFE for our community. ❤️💜
In my experience, you get responses by engaging. I’m pretty sure there’s other kpop fan Spaces here. Maybe try joining one of them and invite those members to your new Space. This app is about chatting with people you have similar interests to.
Good question. AFAIK there isn’t a definite plan to change them in the near future, or what a change might look like. Feel free to reply in a thread, though, and offer up your thoughts for what you’d like to see! We’re all ears! EDIT: Regarding the in-space notifications for new member joins, I just heard from the product team that clustering multiple new joins is indeed part of our product roadmap for the near future. 😎 (So I misspoke earlier!)
If you find a Space that hasn't had much action in a while but still aligns with your interests, you can also invite your own network to join it and start up the conversation again. Just because you aren't the official Host of the Space, doesn't stop you from 'reigniting' it ☺️
I created this space because after I started coming out, I realized that I had so much homeschooling and church baggage to work through that wasn’t even specifically anti-queer, but still very damaging. If you grew up in a similar environment (or would like to learn more about people from this sort of background) please join!
TBH, I wouldn’t be so concerned with “followers” on here. If you’re a space host, you obviously want to increase your space’s membership, but unlike most social apps where you’re focused on creating content and serving it up to others, here the name of the game is just engaging conversation! And, more specifically, conversations with other queer people about the things YOU care about.
Hey everyone! Don't forget to check out the Explore page to find some local Spaces near you. And if it doesn't exist yet, create one and invite people in your hood to join. #network ❤️
Hi, I’m having a small issue with notification preference settings* that I wanted to report. I tried using the help link but I’m being prompted to log in to Hornet to see a help topics database, which isn’t ideal because I don’t have a login to that platform. I thought about sending a DM to Abby, but … if everyone did that I think it would be annoying so my question is: what the best/preferred way to report an issue to the Spaces team?
If there are any queer MCU fans who aren’t in my MCU space already, come join us! We like to chat about the latest and upcoming movies and tv series, and share breaking news and trailers! (Link in the thread below!)
Search at the top for gaming spaces, I know there’s a retro space (I host it) and a board game space as well
Another space that y’all may be interested in is my Space called “Hookup Horror Stories!” It’s a place where queer people can share their dating and hookup stories, whether scary, funny or absolutely horrifying lol. We’ve all got ‘em!! (Link in thread)
Furries have been a topic of discussion in the Gayish podcast space and I’m surprised there isn’t any furry centric spaces that I’m aware of
Hey! Go check out the explore page. There you’ll find a TON of spaces, and you can join whichever ones you like! (Private spaces require the host to let you in, but public spaces you can join immediately.) And the explore page changes every day, so feel free to head back to it and see what other spaces are being featured!
Just choose spaces with which you’d feel you vibe and if you want, you can even create your own space
Thanks to the whole Spaces Team for working so hard to create safe places for our communities online!
That’s actually part of the work my team is doing. We are hesitant to “take over” a space entirely due to space abandonment, but have done that in some cases! And regarding your question about notifications, if a user switches their space settings to Smart Notifications on, they will continue to receive important notifications despite the host having disappeared.
Welcome, All! I am so thrilled with the population and growth here. I worried it would be yet another great space whose audience missed it. Not at all. Spaces is great.
Hi, all! My name is Cherry (pronounced like the fruit) and I actually found out about this app from a TikTok ad. It seems cool, so I’ll definitely stick around and try and make friends. I’m non-binary and pansexual/polyamorous/greyromantic(?) and I’m trying my best to navigate life as a queer adult. I look forward to finding some friends to chat with and maybe game with as well! ♡
Hi! Spaces is a group chat-based platform for queer people to connect over topics you are passionate about!😊🌈

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